My End Game

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Chapter Fifteen


I woke up with a start to bright lights streaming in. Eyes still closed, I stretched out my hand reaching for the side table in search of my phone but instead, my hand lands on someone's muscular chest. Panicking, I quickly sat up and looked around a bit disoriented and saw Elijah peacefully sleeping beside me. Oh, that's right. This is his house, his room, and his bed.

Oh, and yeah! We fucked like energizer bunnies last night. Shit, shit, shit! To make matters worse, I wasn't even drunk when it all happened so I can't pull the "I was so drunk, I can't remember what happened" card. I screwed my eyes shut and slapped my hands over my face trying to think about what's going to happen from here on out. Strong arms suddenly enveloped me and pulled me back down.

My eyes flew open in shock and were now staring at sleepy yet sexy green eyes. "Hi," he greeted. "Umm hi?" I answered back sounding like it was a question rather than a greeting. He gave me a peck on the lips before lying back down beside me. With a heavy sigh, he said, "You're overthinking this. I can feel it, I'm telling you please don't." How did he know that I was overthinking right now? "I, I wasn't..." I trailed off. "Uhuh... Breakfast?" He asked, before standing up to get dressed and leave without waiting for my reply.

As soon as I was done freshening up and getting dressed, I went out of the room in search of the sex god that is Elijah Tresantos. He was just about to place the last pancake on the plate when I entered the kitchen. "Hey!" he exclaimed with a bright smile plastered on his face gesturing for me to take a seat at the kitchen island. I smiled at him and sat myself down across from him. He slid the plate between us and handed me a fork which I took before thanking him.

We didn't speak until after the plate was completely empty. "I have to go home to change and head to the office." I calmly stated. He stared into my eyes for a few seconds as if he's searching for something, before saying, "let me go grab my keys and I'll bring you home" and sauntering out of the kitchen. "You don't have to do that!" I yelled after him, but he ignored me and led me to his car as soon as he got what he needed in hand.

We were in complete silence all the way back to my place. Honestly, I don't even know what's supposed to happen after last night. Was this a one-time thing? Are we friends with benefits? Is he my boyfriend now because that's not supposed to happen. I can't. We can't, right? Right? I was struggling within and I was just unable to think straight.

I didn't realize that we were already in front of my apartment until I heard him call out my name, "Ireland?" I turned to look at him not knowing what to say or do. I just sat there, eyes wide looking so lost. He gave me a tender smile and with a brush of his fingers down my arm, all the internal wars have ceased. "Can I come by later?" he softly asked. I simply nodded to answer his question and then he leaned in to give me the sweetest kiss and I let him.

I busied myself for the rest of the day and thankfully everything went by without a hitch. I powered on and avoided thinking about what happened last night and I avoided Elijah for the rest of the day. He sent me a few text messages and I replied once telling him that I was really busy and that I'll just see him later. I was about ready to head out when I got a text.

Elijah: Would you mind if I went straight up and waited for you there? I guess I came too early, sorry.

Ireland: That's okay. Go on straight up and make yourself at home. I'll be there in a few.

I placed my phone in my bag after replying to him, gathered my stuff, and drove home. It's time to face the music, I guess.

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