My End Game

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Chapter Twenty One


Fast forward to two weeks and I’ve only gotten about three phone calls and several messages from Elijah. We’re both busy doing our own thing that we don’t have enough time to catch up. It clearly has nothing to do with the nine-hour time difference, but it’s more of not being able to find a suitable moment to just talk. I wasn’t supposed to be feeling sad about it because there’s just not enough things to define what we have other than our constant hookups when he was still here in Seattle. Acting like a lovesick girlfriend is not something that I maybe want to welcome at this point and time, but if I’m being honest here, I do miss him a lot, and several phone calls don’t necessarily help ease the feeling. Nobody knows how much I long for him every day. God forbid, I slowly morph into an annoying possessive bitch.

And you know what else is torture? The promoters and managers of Real Madrid have broken the news that they’ve chosen EA about two hours ago. There’s no particular surprise there. I get their logic and reasons, but it’s still a strong blow to take. Hearing it sucked big time, but I’m thankful that everyone’s still in high spirits. Everyone was still reminded that the company is doing great, we still have incoming contracts, and we’re still rising up the ranks. It would just have been the icing on the cake if we did bag the contract though.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted and right about now, this girl is ready for a warm bath and a good night’s rest. I poured myself a glass of wine and headed straight to my bathroom as soon as I got home. I was in the middle of daydreaming with my eyes closed when I heard my phone. I panicked a bit as soon as I realized who was face timing me and instead of rejecting it, I accepted. “Hello, angel.” Elijah’s handsome face came to focus. “Umm hey!” I answered in a breathy way that surely gave away my embarrassed state. I was desperately trying to angle the phone better but failed miserably when I accidentally flashed him my boobs. Shit! “I didn’t think you’d take face timing me naked seriously, but I’m not complaining.” He roared into laughter. Thank fuck he was alone and in his room.

We talked about trivial things for the first part of it all. I told him about the news and he kept apologizing as if he was the reason why it happened. I assured him that it was fine and that I wouldn’t have wanted him to use his status to convince anyone to choose us. I was vehement in expressing how I feel about him helping out. That it wasn’t pride but more on me being uncomfortable using someone’s status to give me a push. I want to do things on my own, work for things on my own no matter how hard they are and I was grateful that he understood where I was coming from.

This is what I’ve learned to do at a young age. Jumping from one foster care to another, I’ve learned how to take care of myself and not to rely on other people to save me especially when these people force you to give something in return. So, it was instilled in me that it was better for me to help other people than for them to help me. That way, they won’t have a hold on me or they’d never get the chance to demand something from me.

When I got out of the bathtub he insisted that I stay naked while we talk. I rolled my eyes at his idea and argued that I might catch a cold, but he took his clothes off as well and told me that we can both catch a cold together. We were both lying on our beds staring at each other on the screen. “I miss you so much, Ireland,” he said softly. He must have thought that it bothered me how sincere and serious it sounded because he then told me that he misses my perfect tits, round ass, and tight pussy too just to lighten the mood. I snorted trying to hide the fact that everything he’s just said made my clit pulse. “I miss you too,” I sighed. He gave me a heart-stopping smile and I just melted.

I was no longer hiding the truth that he could mean more than someone I fucked for days. If he didn’t mean anything more than that then I wouldn’t have accepted his proposal to try in the first place. I would’ve just walked away period. We were quiet for a while, imprinting each other’s facial features in our memories. “What are you thinking?” I asked smiling like a goof. “Everything about you. More like how much I want to be inside you right now.”

There are a lot of things Elijah is, and being a sex fiend is one of them. Never in my life have I tried phone sex, sexting, or video sex until I met him. For some reason, he was able to coax me into the whole thing. Okay, I thought it was hot. Embarrassing at first, but when I saw the hunger and lust in his eyes, I caved in.

I watched him watch me rub my entire body and tease myself. My lust was fueled when he slowly jacked himself off matching the pace of how I massaged my clit. We were both panting and moaning. Encouraging each other to go on. I slid two fingers in me, slowly moving them in and out of my very soaked pussy while I twist my nipples with my other hand. “Fuck angel! You look so hot doing that. Faster mi amor faster!” His voice was gruff and harsh as he moved his hands up and down his beautiful massive cock faster and harder. “Spread your legs farther, I want to see everything.” I spread my legs farther writhing as I fucked myself giving him an eyeful of my throbbing pussy.

I closed my eyes tight, feeling the pleasure building up. I’m close, so so close. “Elijah...I’m about to come...” I gasped. “Do it, angel. Give it to me!” I opened my eyes as waves of pleasure took hold. I stared right into his eyes screaming his name as I rode an earth-shattering orgasm. He groaned saying my name through gritted teeth as he reached his, splurting come all over his sheets. He was sexy as hell looking spent, eyes hooded with satisfaction and lust. After that, we kept each other company until one of us fell asleep.

What we did was so intense that it made me realize how bad I had it for him. I wanted to see him face to face and be with him physically, but right now, it wasn’t an option.

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