My End Game

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Chapter Twenty Three


It was about 1 PM when Jake burst into my office and turned the TV on. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Didn’t you know that Elijah’s having a press conference as in right now?” I shook my head in response and joined him on the couch. Aside from Samantha, Jake is the only other person who knows about my “let’s see how this goes” relationship with Elijah. The whole three months have been shitty in that department and so I needed level headed people to tell me if I’m being an idiot and how I should go about the whole situation. Surprisingly, both of my best friends are all for it. They’ve been overly encouraging and supportive that I sometimes feel like they’re already secretly planning for my wedding. Like that will ever happen.

Apparently, they’re also both more updated on what’s happening with Elijah’s life, case and point; this conference he’s doing. There must have been a reason why he didn’t tell me about this or maybe he just forgot. Either way, I’m glad jake told me about it. Eyes trained on the TV, I waited for Elijah to appear on the screen. A few moments later, there he was. The man I’m insanely missing and slowly falling for.

He sat in the middle behind the long table along with four other men in suits. Though he looked absolutely handsome, his smile didn’t exactly reach his eyes the way it always does when he’s with me. It was a polite kind of smile, a little tense, but it still made him look good.

Elijah: Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing good. I’m ready to start when you are.

A flurry of activity rose as soon as Elijah nodded to the reporters. All of them raised their hands and called out to him hoping they’ll have the chance to ask something. It was insane and I could just imagine how hard it is for him to be in this particular fish tank.

Reporter: How does it feel being back after a year?

Elijah: To be honest, It’s tough but it also feels great. I’ve missed being around the team and practicing from sunrise to sundown.

His answers were always brief and precise and when he’s done with one, he points to another reporter for another question. I’m simply in awe of how he’s able to keep his cool like that answering a series of rapid questions about his life and trivial stuff both in Spanish and English.

Reporter: Are there any truths regarding rumors circulating about a mystery woman you’re secretly dating in Seattle?

I gasped in horror at the question. Holy shit! How do they get those kinds of information? Jake reached over and took my hand in his drawing reassuring circles with every stroke of his thumb over my knuckles.

Elijah: If you seemingly know where she’s from then it’s no longer a mystery now is it? She’s more than just a rumor to me and if by dating you mean having profound feelings for her and she’s the only one I’m seeing, then the answer to that is yes, there’s some truth to that.

He turned his head directly at the camera and smiled softly causing my heart to skip beats. Oh my, If that wasn’t a declaration, then I don’t know what is. I can’t believe he just admitted that we’re dating.

Reporter: How is your relationship with your coach Derek and your ex-fiance?

I gaped at the screen. Did he just say ex-fiance? I looked at Jake silently asking if he knew about this and he answered by squeezing my hand. Of course, he does. Everyone knows except me, obviously.

Elijah gave the reporter a stern look, his jaw clenching.

Elijah: My relationship with Derek is that of a coach and a coachee. As for Maliyah, we don’t have any type of relationship.

Reporter: Looking back is there anything you wish you didn’t do when you found out about your ex-fiance and coach’s affair?

Seriously, I can’t believe how ruthless people can get for a piece of information. The kind of information that is too personal and obviously too uncomfortable for anyone. I can sense how agitated Elijah’s getting and he’s trying his best to stay calm. What’s surprising is, no one’s stopping these questions from being asked.

Elijah: Yeah, I wish I didn’t trust her at all. I wish I realized sooner that the child she’s carrying wasn’t mine then I could have avoided being engaged to her. I was painfully betrayed and humiliated by people I trusted and I sent my coach to the ER because I handled my embarrassment and anger poorly. My actions are unjustifiable, but if I'm being honest, I wouldn't change a thing. Otherwise, I'd be living with more regrets.

His voice was ice-cold and threatening. He shot a warning look to the man next to him and that prompted the guy to state that they’re done for the day and no longer accepting questions. Elijah thanked everyone and headed off stage as quickly as he can.

I sat there blinking at the screen, processing the information I just learned. Shit! This news is hitting me like a freight train. I’m confused about the whole thing and I never would have guessed that Elijah was capable of sending someone to the hospital. So this is why he came to Seattle and now he's back in Spain and the worst part of it all is that he needs to continue working with the very same coach who had an affair with his ex-fiance. I'm shocked and dejected at the thought that he's enduring this kind of torture every single day.

I stood abruptly and paced back and forth in front of Jake. "You alright?" he asked. I shook my head and sat back down. "I need to see him," I told my best friend. His lips broke into a wide grin. "Then go see him. I'll take care of everything here I promise." I kissed him on the cheek, gathered my stuff, and headed home. I tried calling Elijah several times, but none of my calls had gone through. Fuck! I sent him a message asking him to call me as soon as he can then I called Jake to ask if he possibly has Micah's number. Thank God he has it on file.

Ireland: Hello? Micah? This is Ireland St. James from Beta Genius. Do you remember me?

Micah: I know who you are, Ireland. What's up?

Ireland: Oh! Umm, I need to ask a favor.

Micah: Okay?

Ireland: I'm on my way to the airport to fly out to see Elijah and I don't exactly know where to go, can you point me in the right direction? I've been calling him, but I couldn't get to him.

Micah: I'll do one even better. I'm sending you the details now so just let me know what time your flight is and I'll be the one to pick you up from the airport.

Ireland: Thank you so much, but are you sure? I don't want to bother you any more than I already am. You don't need to pick me up.

Micah: It's all good trust me. Did you tell him you're coming?

Ireland: No, but I asked him to call me when he can.

Micah: Cool, so don't tell him. I kinda want to surprise him okay?

Ireland: Okay... But, do you happen to know if he's okay?

Micah: He's a little pissed, but he'll get over it. He's not going to get in trouble so don't worry I got him, so see you soon.

Ireland: See you soon. And Micah? Thank you for this really.

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