My End Game

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Chapter Two


I was both amused and surprised that a woman was capable of turning my brother down. Micah was always the lady's man between the two of us. He may be two years younger at the age of 25, but his experience with women exceeds any experience a middle-aged man has ever accumulated. He has an unending list of women literally and figuratively falling on their knees to worship the ground he walks on. I'm more of the unfriendly mysterious football forward hotshot that doesn't give a damn about how hot some random girl is.

So what just happened? Perhaps she's married? Possibly into women? A man-hater? Did she not know who he was or who we were? I mean she didn't exactly look like she was there looking for a hookup. She also doesn't strike me as a pushover. Honestly speaking, she looks like she can bite someone's head off if she wanted to. Whatever the reason is, she has managed to pique my curiosity for being oblivious to my younger brother's charms.

"Ireland, un hermoso nombre para una chica hermosa" (a beautiful name for a beautiful girl) the statement escaping my mouth as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror smiling at my own reflection. I can't seem to shake off the image of the way she held my gaze and the way she smiled last night. Like a distraught but mesmerizing angel. Too bad I know nothing about her other than her name because someone didn't have the witts to approach her and ask for her number. What a dumb ass!

A few minutes later, I was out and about running at full speed across my neighborhood in Madison Park, Seattle. This is how I usually spend early mornings especially when I've got things in mind. Surprisingly, doing this today didn't help much in eliminating any thoughts of her. This is completely way off from my character. I don't pay attention to women this way, don't get me wrong though, I've had my fair share of one night stands, but none of them mattered more than a simple fuck. So what is it about her? My need and want to see her again was becoming unbelievably annoying.

Whatever! I guess it's time to head home and get this out of my system fast because this is some bat shit voodoo stuff and it's driving me insane. I don't need this right now and I'm sure as hell that there's little to no chance that I'll end up seeing her again.

"Welcome home, honey!" Micah exclaimed as soon as I entered my kitchen. He was sitting on one of the bar stools eating a bowl of cereals. I went straight to the fridge and chugged a bottle of cold water before asking, "what brings you to this side of the neighborhood, little mutt? Don't tell me you're hiding from your latest conquest again?"

"Hilarious!" He shot back with an eye roll. "I'm here because you weren't answering my calls and I've got important news regarding the gaming company you wanted to check out for your big come back plan." Well shit, that's a first. I don't ever forget my phone at home. I pinned him with an I'm not in the mood for any shit today glare before asking, "And?" With a huff, he continued, "the meeting is going forward tomorrow morning at 9. Apparently, they're ready with their proposal."

Ready huh? I like the sound of that. "So, now that that's out of the way, you're now free to brood much about nothing for the rest of the day." He declared while placing the now empty bowl in the sink and before turning to leave he adds, "One more thing, I sent their proposal and presentation via email and I think you're going to like this one very much."

Right... We'll just have to wait and see how well they present themselves tomorrow until then, I'm heading off to train.

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