My End Game

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I woke up with a start at 5 in the morning at the shrieking sound coming from the bathroom. What the fuck?! I hopped out of bed quickly worried that Ireland might've hurt herself. "Angel, are you okay in there?" I asked knocking quietly, but ready to bust the door if she doesn't answer right away. The door flung open so suddenly revealing my wife whose beaming at me like a madwoman. "What's happening?" I asked clearly confused. She held a stick out to my face and said, "look!" I raised a brow at her. "Amor, I'm looking alright, but what am I exactly supposed to find?"

She threw her hands up in the air, clearly disappointed that I'm clueless about what this stick is supposed to mean. "Oh my god, babe. Are you serious about not knowing what this is?" She shook the stick in front of me again. "It says positive!" I shook my head to let her know I still don't get it. She rolled her eyes this time, huffing for good measure. In my defense, I just woke up, so I'm still brain dead. "I'm pregnant!" She exclaimed, hopping like a cute bunny in excitement.

All the nerves in my body tingled with pleasure and joy. I can't believe this is really happening. I lifted her up and spun around, elated with the news. "I'm going to be a father!" I excitedly shouted before kissing her in the way I always do. Wild and hot. "Te amo." she said. "Te amo, mi amor," was my reply. We kissed once more before I carried her to our bed.

After two years of trying, we're finally becoming parents. Life's been good, but we're just getting started. There's no one in this world I want to experience my highs and lows with than the one whom my heart beats for every single day. Ireland; my angel, my best friend, my wife, my end game.

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