My End Game

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Chapter Four


I take pride in the modest office building I’ve managed to put up in a span of two years. Nothing about what’s in here shows femininity and I absolutely love that fact. Its industrial design and laid back masculine ambiance make anyone believe that the CEO/owner is anything but a simple looking woman and it surprises the hell out of them when they do meet me. I am a geek and a gamer by heart. Anything about playing games, game development, and game consoles excite me as this is what I’m truly magnificent at.

People who work for me are all creative, punctual, and hard-working individuals. They know well enough that in order to play hard, they have to work harder. We work as a unit, as a team, as a family. We inspire, support, and listen to each other. More importantly, we treat each other with respect and humility. This is probably why we’re becoming more and more reliable, efficient, and maybe better than any of our competitors out there. We’re hopeful that we’ll be bigger than Nintendo, Sega, Sony, or EA in the next couple of months.

So, today is a big deal for all of us and any moment now the biggest clients we can hopefully sign a contract with will be walking through the doors and everything that happens from here on out could either make us or break us. I’ve never met them personally. My second in command or the COO Jake Taylor who also happens to be my guy best friend was the one who spearheaded this project proposal. I was swamped with closing three more deals and keeping track of all our progress while making sure we’re hitting our deadlines for the past two months that by the time a query was sent to our office, I didn’t have enough hands and brain capacity on me to follow through with this proposal.

Hence, this is the first time I’ll be meeting them and I feel a bit nervous knowing nothing more than what Jake told me a few minutes ago. Yeah, yeah... sounds like I’m making a lot of excuses, but in my defense, I had a lot on my plate and had to attend a stupid bachelorette party followed by a wedding so I really didn’t have the energy to do a little more research.

All I know is that they’re a team of managers and promoters working for Real Madrid and they came with two of their superstars namely Micah and Elijah Tresantos who happen to be brothers. One is a forward and the other a midfielder. They want to create a game highlighting Elijah as one of their plans to promote his come back after a year-long hiatus. Why is there a need for them to do so, you ask? - Absolutely beats me.

I don’t know anything about football or soccer as they call it here in the US, so I’m just elated that Jake is such a fan and that he knows the ins and outs of the sport. Honestly speaking, I’m only here to support Jake and his team and to introduce myself for formality’s sake. Other than that, I’ll be working on the sidelines signing approvals for the design, programming, and gameplay options both parties agree on for the next two months if and that is a big if the clients do decide to sign with us.

I was nervously tapping on my lap like some lunatic who was air drumming to an imaginary beat when the door to the conference room opened. Lucia, my personal assistant ushered them in. Jake, his head designer Matt Fowler, head programmer Ingrid Smith, and I stood to welcome each of them with small introductions, business handshakes, and small pleasantries before offering them a seat. I felt my heart jump out of my chest when recognition kicked in as soon as my eyes met the last two men who entered.

It’s them! The guys from the club two nights ago. Why do I feel like I’m being punked right now? And what in the actual fuck, they're the famous football players?!

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