My End Game

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Chapter Five


Beta Genius, read the sign above the glass doors of the building we’re supposed to be having a meeting in. I’m not really a fan of video or computer games and I’m not sold on the idea of creating one just so I can have a “more successful” come back after the incident a year ago. I’m the best forward the team has ever had and I’m certain that they’ve been struggling a bit since I took a break. I know I sound very arrogant right now, but I’m really just stating facts.

I think this whole situation is a waste of time and effort. I don’t need stupid promotions because none of these things will help me become a better athlete than I already am. They're not going to teach me how to kick the ball into the goal better. And it certainly, won't help me run faster. However, since I’m tied to a 15 million EUR contract, I have no other choice but to go along with it.

We’re now on our what fifth or sixth pick? And I’ve heard that it’s one of the fastest-growing gaming companies and it’s already part of the top 20 list of the year. It's fairly new, but to gain that kind of recognition in such a short amount of time is pretty impressive. I also have to admit that the design and aesthetics of their office building are both edgy and appealing. Hanging exposed bulbs from the ceiling, metal office furniture combined with wood and glass elements, brick walls, and exposed utilities are showcased everywhere to complete the industrial and modern look. Simple, but absolutely unique.

We were ushered towards the third floor where the conference room is located and I didn’t pay any more attention to what was happening around us once we got off from the elevator. All I want to do is to get this done and over with so that I can continue training. I have become impatient and Micah wasn't helping with all his non-sense yapping, so I took longer strides in an effort to ditch my stupid brother. Looking ahead, I saw that our promotional managers were led inside a room with an open wooden-framed glass door so that’s exactly where I went.

And just like that! My eyes connected with Ireland’s very own eyes as soon as I got there and I was completely mesmerized. I didn’t realize how beautiful she actually was until I was just about three feet away from her. She had innocent grey eyes, long thick lashes, a cute pointy nose, luscious pink lips, and wavy brown hair. She probably has a height of about 5 foot 4 and her curves are sexy as hell. I usually go for one of those model looking blonds, but she’s my exception. She’s absolute perfection bare-faced like that and she doesn’t even know it.

A slow unnerving smile crept across her face and I swear, I was completely immobilized for a minute. “Good morning! It's a pleasure to finally meet you. My name’s Ireland St. James and I’m the CEO of Beta Genius.” She confidently said, extending her hand out for me to take. Did I hear her right, did she just say CEO? I took her hand in mine and gave it a firm shake before answering: “The pleasure's all mine, Ireland. I’m Elijah Tresantos but you can just call me Eli.” It took a bit of time before I finally released her hand. Sorry not sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

Once the introductions were dealt with, she took a seat at the farthest corner of the table and me being me took the opportunity to sit down on the empty chair beside her. I didn't want to let her know that I was very much into her, so I acted like I always do. Indifferent and unfazed. She seldom turned my way the entire presentation, she only pays attention to me when I'm participating in the question and answer parts and that bothered the shit out of me.

I want all of her attention. I don't care how or how long it takes. I swear I'll do whatever I can for her to notice me.

I. want. her.

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