My End Game

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Chapter Seven


It’s been three days since the meeting. The week rolled by quickly and I’m thrilled that it’s already Saturday. I’ve also just learned that we have to prolong the agony for a month until they finally decide which company they’re going to sign a contract with. Okay, fair enough.

This is a huge deal and we’re talking about a huge amount of money here, so I understand that they need to make sure that they’re going to end up where they’ll be completely satisfied. In the meantime, we have other deadlines to meet and more clients to please so all is good and now I can do whatever I want for the day.

I’m in no mood to cook for myself, so I put on my favorite yellow hoodie, denim shorts, and black chucks. Slinging my messenger bag over my shoulder, I excitedly headed out to pay my favorite pub restaurant a visit.

Since McGilvra's opens at 10 in the morning on Saturdays, I decided to take my precious time. A little stroll and sightseeing won’t hurt, I thought to myself. I haven’t been able to enjoy the simple things for quite some time now, so this is the perfect opportunity to breathe and regroup.

I don’t know what it is about today, but I noticed how positive I feel and how there’s a skip in my step. It’s just one of those days where you think you’re going to get lucky you know? One of those days where you feel like no one’s going to rain on your parade. Like people will start a flash mob at some point and I get to join in singing and dancing with everyone like those cool Bollywood movies. Okay, okay. I’m exaggerating here, but I just feel great that’s all.

There were not a lot of people yet by the time I got to McGilvra's, so I took a seat at my favorite booth before ordering my Cubano sandwich with salad. Once my order has been taken, I busied myself with my phone scrolling through my e-book app to get my mind off of how hungry I realized I was. Well, that and because I just really love reading.

15 minutes and 20 pages later, my food had finally arrived. I took what probably was the biggest bite I could manage from my Cubano sandwich when I was startled by a voice behind me. “Hi, Ireland, fancy meeting you here.” Oh my God! Please tell me I’m imagining things right now.

I slowly turned my head hoping it was someone else and not the last person I want to be alone with right now, but lo and behold Elijah was standing there looking all fresh and handsome as always. He wasn’t even dressed to impress. I mean who the hell can look so good wearing a plain white fitted shirt, black jogger pants, and black sneakers? No one! I repeat no one except Elijah Tresantos and the intricate tattoos covering his neck and arms? Sinfully hot.

I wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared for this. The sight of him almost made me choke on my sandwich “Oh, hi!” I managed to say with a squeaky voice I didn’t even recognize as my own. Damn it! I sounded like an excited school girl and I need to calm down a bit here.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked while gesturing to the empty seat in front of me. “Umm, no. Please, go ahead.” I replied. What was I supposed to do? Kick him out and be bitchy? He wasn’t even being impolite.

He slid gracefully into the booth and picked the menu up before looking at me. “So, do you happen to know what’s their best seller here?” He asked. “Umm, well, I love everything they have, so I guess umm... It depends what you’re in the mood for?” I stated with a non-committal shrug. When he didn’t say anything else, I placed my sandwich down on my plate and continued, “Do you feel like having something heavy or light?”

Without breaking eye contact, he reached over to my sandwich and slowly took a bite. “Mmmm, so good,” he enunciated with a low almost like growl to his voice before licking his lips ever so slowly. I swear to God, witnessing whatever show that was made me feel like I was about to combust. “I think I’ll be having that as well.” He finally said.

We continued to eat in somewhat in between awkward and comfortable silence, stealing glances at each other for a few minutes before he broke the silence. “So, do you have any plans after this?”

“Umm, no. I guess not.” I answered. “Good. Can you be my date for the day?” He suddenly asked. Shock must have registered on my face so he made the effort to lessen the awkwardness by saying, “You see, I don’t really know anyone or have many friends here though I’ve been here for about eight months now. I guess you can say that I don’t go out much and well there are other reasons, so I was hoping I can enjoy a whole day with someone.”

Something about his confession tug at my heartstrings that I wasn’t sure if I felt sorry for him or if I secretly wanted to spend more time with him, so I decided to accept. “Oh, well okay. What do you feel like doing?” A boyish smile crept across his face and it made me swoon.

I, Ireland St. James is so done for.

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