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The Cafe

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Abigale Harrison she works at a small grocery market in the big city of Los Angeles. She’s outgoing and thoughtful when it comes to others but she ends up in a car accident, she knew death was heading her way until a soft voice kept her awake. Do you hear voices too?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: David Chalamet

I’m clubbing like this is my last night on Earth, but I think that’s just the way my mind avoids thinking about the hangover to come. The music moves me like I’m a puppet on strings, my head mashing so hard my brain is in shut down mode. There’s so much sweat on my skin and not all of it’s mine. The strobe masks so many movements, every clap of my hands like it’s on pause at different moments. In the crowd I was dancing with a girl with straight black hair, we were moving with the music together. A grin was upon my face as I stared at the girl as she looked up at me dancing to the music.

“You dance very well”David said looking over the girl as she stopped dancing.

“Huh?...what did you say it’s pretty loud in here”She said loudly looking at him as he gave off a soft laugh.

“I said your a very good dancer...I’m gonna go outside I’ll be back”He said loudly as he started moving through the crowd of people heading to the back door as he took in the fresh air leaning on the wall. His breathing slowed down as he looked up at the sky, he then looked around as his eyes laid upon the girl smoking on the bench. David smirked getting up from the wall as he walked over to the girl, he was a bit drowsy from all the dancing and drinking but he took his chances.

“You must be a star because you look beautiful from a distance”He smiled looking at the girl as she turned to him rolling her eyes giving off a slight chuckle.

“Wow that was pretty corny”She continued to smoke the cigarette. David looked her over shaking his head in disappointment as he looked up at the sky.

“It’s pretty cold out here....how come your not inside”He said.

“It’s not that cold, I just needed a breather”she said pulling her hair behind her ear.

“Did you come here with anyone”he said looking over at her giving a blank expression. As she shakes her head looking up at him.

“Why are you interested or something”.

“No I was just asking cause your out here alone by yourself”.

“Im actually here with a friend....I’m not really into clubs like that”she said dropping her cigarette on the floor stomping on it. In the distance they heard loud voice as they turned looking back. David’s eyes widen as he looked down trying to avoid the girl that was coming over.

“Abby!....you should get back in there” She yelled as she came over looking at the both of us.

I didn’t know what was happening, did these two know each other. Oh fuck and I just flirted with both of them this is kinda a bad situation I’m in. But I’m interested in this girl.

“Yeah I think I’m gonna head home sappy, it’s getting pretty late anyway”She said getting up from the bench.

“Wait you guys know each other”David said looking at both of them confused.

“Yeah this is my best friend sapphire”she stared looking at her smiling. I looked at sapphire as she smirked looking at me.

“I see what’s going on here”.she stated grinning at the both of us as I looked at her. As she turned her gaze to the guy walking to the door her eyes widen. “Well you guys have fun, I’m gonna go get me a piece of that guy, Abby call me when you make it home”. She started to run off as I sighed, thank goodness she didn’t say anything. I looked over at Abby as she started walking down the street as I run after her.

“Your just gonna leave”I said walking beside her as she nodded looking at me.

“You should let me take you out, I know a cafe not to far from here”I suggested looking at her up and down as she looked me over.

“I hardly even know you”.

“You can get to know me, if you let me take you out”I said grinning at her rushing my hands through my hair.

“So like a date basically”.

“uhhh...yeah or just to hang you know”.

“Sure why not, lead the way pick up line master” She laughed looking at me as we crossed the street heading down the other block.

“Your not gonna let that go huh?”I looked at her. As we turned down other street I opened the door letting her walk in as I took a breath ,smelling the fresh bread that was coming from the back. “I’ll pay”she said looking at the menu as I stood beside her looking at the menu as well. ”I honestly don’t know what to get right now”,.I said thinking as she turned to me. ”how about the green tea, i usually get that when I go to other cafes”.

“I never tried that, sounds good then”.As she finished ordering we walked over to a small booth in the back sitting down. I looked up at her as we sat in silence.She coughed looking out the window as she then looked at me.

“Next time let me pay”I said looking at her as she gave off a slight smile looking me over as I bite my lip a bit.

“Who said there will be a next time”.

“Right, I just thought we could get to know each other”.

“I didn’t catch your name”she ushered me as I gave out a nervous laugh.

“I’m David”I said looking at her as the waiter passed us our drinks as I took a sip nodding my head.”this is really good”I said taking other sip.

“So David where are you from”.

“I’m from actually from Hawaii my dad is actually from there, but I’m interested in you tell me a bit about yourself”.

“Well as you heard from my drunk friend, she calls me Abby but names actually Abby-gale ”.

“Okay Abby, whats your nationality”I look at her taking a sip of my drink.

“I’m Puerto rican”.

“I’m not really talking to any girls right now”I blurted out as she raised her eyebrow at me.

“Let me guess your a virgin huh?”Abby stated looking over at me as I nod my head looking at her as she laughs shaking her head.

“Yep kinda surprising since I’m a nice guy”I smile softly looking at her. As she Smiled back which gave me a sign of relief.

“Your very sweet, maybe you can take me out sometime”she smiled slightly as we continued to talk for a few more hours,we then got up from the booth I walked her outside as we waited for her Uber to come. As her Uber finally arrived I opened the door, letting her in as she smiled.Closing the door the car drove off into the distance. Something came over me a pulling force that made my body turn looking at the car as it speed down the street. My body froze a light touch brushed against my face. I quickly ran down the street.

I looked out the window seeing the cars pass by. I looked down at my phone seeing the text messages from Sappy. Before I could react I could hear the driver scream from the top of his lungs at the last second, I jumped my body hit the hood of the car and I screamed. The moment the car hit the other, I assumed I was dead. Then I kept waking and waking. I liked to be unconscious rather than awake. Because when I was awake I could taste the blood in my mouth. I sucked in cramped air, feeling my lungs caving in on themselves. I saw the spots in the corners of my vision, making my head feel like the only thing inside of it was static. I heard a noise filling my ears it repeated in a soft voice ”your safe now, you’ve always been safe with me.” Something embraced me as the sirens went off in my ears. It was soft warm, I never been that safe in my entire life. Then my eyes shut and darkness surrounded me.

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