Dream or Life {BOOK 1}

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Chapter 2: Before Crazy

1000 years after so many years all the countries around the world were fighting each other over and over again. Since then we had 10 World Wars, and everything is mostly ruble than anything else. After those years we have lost most of our languages and religions. We find little pieces of our old world before the wars, but very little. So most part we have given up to try to find about the world before the wars. We found a language, but no one knows what it's called. We made a new order of this world, we put our children in school or to work. That was my family, we were the laborers. We had to fight to find our place in this world. My family is mostly a gang of people that gamble, steal, and winning fights to get their way to the top. So my family is pretty famous on the streets but to other places we're the unknown. Sometimes that's a good thing because you can never get caught of stealing if no one knows you. That was my life at night, in the day was a total different story. Most of my family are construction workers trying to make our city greater than it was. They get payed but they have to spend their money to get supplies for the work their assigned, well, the low class does. So they get little pay. Me, I'm a janitor at a high school. I'm finally at age to work for myself, sixteen. A lot of the students, at the high school, looks at me weird, I guess because I'm so young. Most of the boy students make weird comments like, nice bod or, "Are you hot?" Of course I say, "No." Then they say, "Well I'm sweating because of you." That's when they wink at me and go on their way to class.
Sighs, "I don't get boys." I put my mop in the bucket and ringed it out and onto the floor. When I was mopping the floor, someone grabbed me by the hips and forced me to turn towards him. I drop the mop and he started to kiss me. I push away, landing on the floor coughing. He starts walking down the hall to the main office without a word. All of the girl students gazed at him in a dazed, even the teachers think he is great person just because he gives so much money to the school and all the factuality except me. I always get left out of the parties and special attention, but I'm not complaining as long as I get paid, I'm fine. As I'm doing this awful job, the only thing I keep this job is my family. We might be bad or good , but we always stick together. Ever since I got this job, I been having these weird dreams with one man that sticks to me. He will say sweet things to me, and do things that I don't let any man do. Why do I let him do that? They're my dreams, so why don't I change them? But in the end, I don't let anything about it. The weirdest thing is that one of the things that the man does in my dreams come true, but the awful thing is that man that comes to the school and does it to me and I'm sick of it! Finally it's quitting time, I keep walking to my office or the janitor's closet. When I get there, there was something on the door. My name was written on the front, Bess. I took the envelope off the door and opened it and it says:

Dear Bess,
I know it's been a while we have seen each other. I always thought of you with everything I do and now on. Meet me i the middle of Mill Street and Bakers Highway around eight, I will be there waiting for you. I hope that we have dinner together, so I can answer all your questions.


Cameron?...... I can't believe for all of these years he is finally here and he wants to meet me. I remember when we were kids, he was 13 and I was 10. Cameron said, "I'm glad I met you, it's sad that I will be moving to Musical tomorrow." I said, "Yeah, I'm going to miss you around." Silence was between us. Then he spoke, "You know, I will never find anyone to replace you," that was when he stares at my face. I began to blush, "I bet you will get more friends just like me," I looked the opposite direction, so I see the sunset. Is he laughing? He then says, "Are you really that clueless."

"What are you talking about I'm not clueless."

"Really, what do you think when I meant by never find anyone to replaced you then?"

"Umm........ Well, you won't find anyone that will be so nice, strong willed, and does crazy things with you even if it is crazy."

Out of no where he puts his hand on my cheek and he kisses me. My face turns so red, I put my hand on his chest. I could feel every moment that he makes. I thought if this continues my heart will pop out of my chest. He finally stops and smiles, "Looks liked you enjoyed it." That's when I punched him on the shoulder and I turned away from him so he can't see my face, "You caught me off guard, stop messing with me like that." He suddenly get on top of me, "Get off of me Cameron, this isn't funny."

"You think I was playing around with you, Bess. I will never kiss another girl, your the only one I love."

I looked at him, his were so serious, but yet so gentle. That's when he kisses me again this time I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. He stops, "I will come back to get you, will you wait for me?" I said, "Yes, I will wait for you." Then we continue the kiss.

But that was so long ago, I don't think he will remember that. If I told him that I still remembered the promise we made with each other, He will just laugh at me. If he only knew that I waited for him all this time, never dating anyone even when the boys were cute. I could only think of him. I put my equipment up and get my clothes out of my bag that I have hid behind the rotted bucket that no other janitor goes near. I walked in the girls bathroom and change clothes. While I was in there, I could hear someone talking outside the bathroom, "She got the note, be ready for this evening, make sure that nothing goes wrong." At first I was surprised, but then it came to me, that maybe Cameron. So, I changed clothes quickly so I could see who it was, but when I came out, there was no one in sight. So I just went on my was to the bus stop. When the bus arrived it was packed as usually, I stand holding to the rail. The traffic was bad, but I had plenty of time. When the bus stopped at Littleton Street, I started to walk to Mills Street. That was three blocks down Bakers Highway. As I was walking, I remembered when I broke my arm because I was trying to get Cameron away from two rabid dogs that were coming at him. I pulled him away from them and over a fence. That it was at least eight feet tall. When we got to the top, Cameron quickly jumped off the fence. Just like a cat, he landed on his feet and kept on running. For me, I just dropped down off the fence and started to run. When I was running, a metal bar from a torn down building of the cement floor was up. I tripped over and fell flat on the cement floor, arm first. I hear a crack, but I got up and caught up to Cameron. He stops. We were both panting. Well, I was out of breath, so I leaned up against the wall. We walked down in the middle of Mills Street, where our fort was built from scarp melt and wood. It was not much, but it was everything to us. When we got to the fort and I went in, it started to rain as Cameron shuts the door. I went to the benched and sat down and I leaned on the metal wall of our fort. When Cameron turned around and looked at me, he had this face that says that's somethings wrong. With that he rushed over to my side, "What happen," he jerks my arm beside him.

"Hey, that hurts."

"Shut up."

"I'm fine, really, just some scraps and some bruises"

"Well there is a little more than scraps and bruises"

With that I looked at my injured arm, it was swollen. I couldn't say anything. He looks at me like I was crazy. I looked away. Cameron was trying to think of something to help. There was silence in the room. Finally he say, "What the heck. Why do you always get hurt but not me." With that he takes his white sleeveless shirt, that was covered with three day oil stain that hasn't come out of the wash, and makes a sling. He comes over with his sling, and puts it on me. With that he puts my injured arm in the sling, "There, now don't mess with it, or it won't heal." There was this long silence between us. I didn't finally looked at Cameron. He was muscular with a sweat against his skin. He was still not looking at me, when he says, "What are you staring at?" I blushed and turned away, "Sorry, I was thinking got something."

"Like what?"

"I don't know like when is the rain going to stop or how long do I have to keep this sling. So I can give you, your shirt back."

He walks over and sits beside me, "What's the rush? Why are you so much of a hurry to give me back my shirt?" I still didn't say a word to him, but my face got even redder. He laughs, and leans back against the wall. Still staring at me I say, "Now why are you staring?"

"Thinking of how I'm going to explain this to your mom something else."

"Like what?"

He laughs. Cameron was really mature at that age, but still can be a pain in the ass. As I walked I finally reached to Mills Street. I could see our fort that hasn't been touched in years, but this time there was a man with black hair with a red t-shirt with blue jeans. He turned around, he must have me coming. He smiled, "Bess, sorry for the long walk." At first I was confused then I saw that he had those very dark purple eyes as I walked towards him, "Carlos, is that you?"

"The one and only."

"Your the same as always."

"Hey, what about you? Your as sassier than ever. And I see that you kept that bracelet that I gave you six years ago."

"Stop being a creep, your twenty-two years old, get over it."

He laughs, "So I hear that you got my note." I was shocked, "That was you? I thought that note was note from Cameron."

"That was the only way that I will get you here."

"I would have come either way."

"Yeah, sure you will. Anyway, I wanted to give you something."

"And that is?"

He walks to me, grabs my hand and put a ring on my index finger. I tried to yank my hand away, but it was too late. It was already on my finger and it quickly tightens, "What is this, a sort of trick?"

"You will soon forget the moments and remember something else."

I fell to the ground and blackout.

"Ah my head, "I was in a hotel room in bed that had silk sheets. I was under the covers with only in my undergarments. I got up and went towards a mirror. While I was at the mirror,it looks like red kiss marks all over my neck and stomach. I heard someone coming from the other room. I rushed into the bed and covers myself up with the covers. The door opens and a man comes into the bed and gets under the covers. He smiles as he puts his hand on my waist. I thought I was going be in deep trouble. He comes closer that my back is on his chest, he whispers, "I see that you awake, so I'm going to kiss your body." As he says that, he pulls the covers off me and starts to kiss my body. "Ah, please," I said as I look at him, he had deep purple eyes. I smiled and started to laugh. He looks up, "What's so funny?"

"It's just I thought you were some stranger, Carlos."

"Well, we been in bed most of the night and you been asleep for five hours, so I didn't do anything else to you than you were awake."

"You've been that good."

"Yes and I will like to go back kissing your body."

Carlos goes back what he was doing, while I put my hands in his hands in his hair. He starts to get rough, "Hey be easy," I said.

"Sorry I just want more."

"It's alright, just be a little easier ok?"


He got easier to the touch, I sigh. There was silence between us, the only noise was the bed creaking. He finally looks up an moves up on top of me to my neck. He smiles, "I love you," as he moves some my hair away of my face and my neck.

"I love you too."

I smiled as he kisses my neck, thinking nothing can be better than this.
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