Dream or Life {BOOK 1}

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Chapter 3: Life as King Cameron

In Musical, Prussia, I been king for six years. Ever since my parents been assassinated for wealth and power, but I became in to power because my older brother, Carlos, was so stupid and child-like. He lost the crown, because of that he ran off. I'm on the other hand, I'm living in luxury. I can get anything I want and when ever I want. The weirdest thing is that the only reason my family get into power is because I was walking in the street to get to get a ball for some five olds. But when I got into the street, five cars from both sides come behind and in front of me. I ducked down to brace for impacted. When the cars hit each other everyone was injured except me. I crawled under the cars while holding the ball in my hand. When I got out, I'd dust the dirt off me and gave the five years olds their ball back. They run back and started to play somewhere else. But when I'd turned around, all the adults were staring at me. Finally one of them asked who were my parents, I told them that my parents were very poor people called Martez. Then they asked what was my name, I've told them that my name was Cameron Lee Martez. They started to whisper to each other. That's when one of them went to the phone booth, I couldn't make out, but their face says that they were talking to someone very important. After they got off the phone booth, three government cars came to the side of the street. I started to walk away. When the government cars opened, six men with dark grey suits came out. One of the men said, "Where is the boy?" All of the adults pointed at me. With that all six men came crowded around me, one said, "You have to come with us." I said, "No, I'm not going with you," I turned around to try to find a place out. One of the men tried to bribe me with a sucker. I said, "What do you take me for. I'm not sort of kid that will go with anyone that would me give me something." He puts the sucker back into his pocket. Then one of them said, "You are giving us much of a choice." Two men behind me got a hold of my wrists and started to drag me one of the three cars. "Let go of me! You won't get away for this!" They threw me in the back seat in one of the three cars and shut the door. "Let me out! You won't make me shut up," I said. As I said that they threw the sucker, that they tried to give me, and said, "Your not in trouble, but can you please be quiet," with a stern voice. I was trying to gather my thoughts. When we stop at the government building outside of town. The two men came out of the car and opened the car door, "Are we going to drag you or you coming peacefully." I had the sucker in my mouth, "Sure, why not. Like you said I'm not in trouble." I got out of the car. I put my hands in my pockets an started to walking to the white government building that made of stone with two-sets of staircase. As I walked up to the government building. When we got to the double doors, the door opened automatically. I can't believe there are doors still like that. I walked in, everyone was staring at me. As I was walking I was wondering: If I'm not in trouble, then why are these people staring at me like I was an alien. The government men lead me into a room that looked that a king was living here. I looked at them, "Am I going to see someone famous or something?" One of the men said, "It's the total opposite." I looked at him like he was crazy. That's when he says, "Go in, make yourself comfortable. We will bring someone to get some food for you." The rest of the government men got out of the room. The one that always talks to me was the last one to leave the room. I said, "Wait," he stops.

"What is it?"

"I never got your name."

"My name ?"


he smiles, "My name is Lee Haris." There was silence. Then he says, "Is there anything else that you need?"


"Then I'll take my leave."

He shuts the door behind him. I was in the room all by myself. The room had a kitchen, a dinning room am two other rooms. You aspects that the kitchen have food but it doesn't. I haven't eaten seen yesterday, "My parents are going to be home soon." So I went to the door, it was locked. "They knew I was going to try to leave, and......... there are..... no windows. They're smart." I went to the dinning table, grabbed a chair and sat down. When I sat down, There was a knock at the door, "Come in." The door opens, in the doorway, with a tray full of food, was a yellowed skinned boy, that looked about twelve years old. He say, "I brought you food," with a soft voice. He closed the door behind him and set the tray down on the dinning table. There was silence between us. He is so quiet: I thought, I looked at him. He looks like of the government men's son because he wears the same suit as they do. The only thing different was that he wears a blue tie. I finally said, "What's your name?" He blushes for no reason, "My name is Simon Hamilton, sir," he looks to the ground while he says that.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

"You didn't offend me."

"Sorry, sorry."

I finally got up and went to him. I put my hand on his shoulder,"Simon, calm down. It's not something to worry over." He looks up, he had tears in his eyes.

"Simon, why are you crying?"

"Sorry, your the only one that hasn't made fun of my yellowed skin."

"Well, I think it's kinda cool to have different skin than everyone else."

He laughs and I with him. You know the only thing why I was here and I didn't get hurt with the reck was because something was different about me, but they wouldn't tell me what it was.

That was the weirdest day, but I guess that I couldn't do much of anything. But I did find one of my best friends that day. I'm in my dressing room by myself. It was white, all the clothes were the finest and perfectly fitted for me. I am at the window of the Grand Palace, wearing a white suit with two shoulder branes on each shoulder with a golden sash. Sighs, "I wish I could see Bess again." With that the door opens, the maid comes into the room, "My king, your audience a waits you." I turned around, the maid was trembling and looking to the ground. Not daring to look at my gaze. "Alright, tell them I will be there in a minute." The maid leaves. I sighs, "The only thing I want to do is to see her again." With that, I'd walked out of the room.

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