Touch like drugs, words like poison

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(toxic relationship warning) Lilly stared across the room at Maya. her eyes narrowed as she watched the other girl dance with some guy.

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Chapter 1

Lilly stared across the room at Maya. her eyes narrowed as she watched the other girl dance with some guy.

“dude, you okay?” Lilly was nudged by her friend Jessie

“fine,” she said getting up and walking onto the makeshift dance floor. her loose brown hair swaying as she walked.

she could feel the music pulsing through her feet as she started dancing to the song. she could feel eyes on her and knew exactly who it was as she started dancing with some girl whose name she didn't know.

it didn't matter who the girl was cause Lilly was tired of chasing after a girl who would never love her. she let her mind drift for a moment longer before she felt a hand tighten around her arm. she felt a smirk slide on her face

“tired of dancing with your boy toy” Lilly mumbled as the girl from earlier moved away at the sight of Maya. she was spun around to face the subject of her frustration.

the sight of the girl made something in her twist, she was mad. but hey if she could dance and forget about everything they had why couldn't Lilly?

“what do you think you're doing?” the taller girl growled out as Lilly looked at her with a lazy grin the words pouring over the smaller girl like a drug as she felt her skin tingle at the touch.

“dancing, having a good time. that's why you wanted to come here right?” she answered before finally taking her arm away before it became too much

“why were you with her?” she asked and Lilly laughed

“why were you dancing with boy toy?” she shot back but turned and walked off before she could get an answer

“I don't give a fuck about you anyways” she heard as she walked away. the words stabbing her as she mumbled back

“whoever said I gave a shit about you”


Downing the rest of the cheap beer Lilly threw the cup in the trash. she glanced around the room to see Maya on the couch with her newest boy toy.

she felt her chest tighten at the sight of her on his lap making out. it was getting hard to breathe and she decided she had enough of this party. walking out of the back door texting one of her friends that she was going home.

blinking back tears as she walked, memories flashing through her mind

laughter rang through the room as the two girls danced with a bottle of vodka and a packet of cigarettes stood on the nightstand

the taller of the girls pulled her into a kiss and Lilly could feel a smile against her lips before kissing back. the moonlight shining on them both.

Lilly heard her ringtone and looked at it to see Maya was calling. hitting decline she ran up the steps to her front door.


“want to tell me why you’ve been ignoring my calls? and why I had to find out you left from Jessie of all fucking people?” a voice said from the open window before the sound on feet landing on the floor was heard. Lilly didn't open her eyes till she felt Maya get on the bed and hover over her.

“I’m tired of our game” was what Lilly said after a few moments of silence. getting off the bed cause she felt sick laying under the girl that broke her over and over again

“I’m tired of always chasing after you you know I give a fuck about you every day but you still play this stupid ass game with me” she yelled turning around the face the taller girl who just stared

“do you ever shut up?” was asked before the taller girl was standing up and kissing her.

she hated herself for it but Lilly kissed back almost instantly.


it felt like her skin lit on fire where ever the taller girl's mouth touched as she went lower. before Maya was pulled up and into a kiss.


“I hate you” was whispered as she pulled away breathless

" you're a bitch”

there weren't any more words exchanged for a while as both girls tried to catch their breath

“I’ll be better. as long as I don't lose you”

Lilly rolled over and faced the girl that spoke. she knew the words held no meaning but couldn't help but say:

“You won't lose me”

the words were like a slow killing poison but as the other girl kissed her again all she felt was a high she couldn't describe

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