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*mature content* Read at your own risk Kehlani never let herself love or be loved because of her dark past. Would she let her guard down around Cameron, a transfer student and her new neighbour?! *sneak peak* "Don't do that to me again, k. Please." "Do what?" I innocently asked "Do not tease me when you know I have little self control when it comes to you. Please I can hardly control myself around you." He says looking like he is trying so hard to hold himself. "Or what Cam?" "Or what happened in the kitchen would happen again, and this time we won't have any interruption. I promise you that."

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My alarm clock started making noise as usual by 6:30am. I groaned and shut it off. After getting up to do my morning rituals, I went downstairs to take two bananas and and a bottle of water and went out for a jog.

After jogging for about an hour and half, I decided to go back home to get ready for school. I hopped into the shower shaved, shampooed and left.

As soon as I entered my room I met my annoying brother Killian.

"What the fuck do you want this morning" I asked

"Heyyyy good morning to you too Lil sister"

"Bitch don't call me that!!we're technically 5 mins apart" I snapped "now what do you want?"

"Okay okay sorry"...."why are you being so rude this morning...everything good with you?"

"yeah yeah sure.... I'm just tired"

"Oh yeah it's a Monday I totally forgot" he said "I just want to know if Camilla is riding with us this morning"

"yeah sure she is....now get out lover boy"

He just groaned and left....okay so Camilla is my best friend...we've been bestfriends since we were 7. And since then Camilla had a little crush on my brother and I'm certain Killian likes her too. He just likes to pick on her every chance he gets (stupid yes I know) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


As soon as I got to my locker I met my boyfriend Jace... Let's be straight, I do not love him but I care about him and that's all that matters, I guess

"Hey babe...how was your weekend? Why didn't you come for the party? I missed you." he says all at once

"Hey one by one please...i was tired on Friday after school and I decided to rest at home with Camilla so it was kinda like a girls night. I missed you too"

As we were talking I heard millz shut her locker and turned to us

"Hey Jace" she said and forced a smile...i almost laughed at her reaction.

"Hey Camilla" Jace said

It's sooooooooo obvious they hate each other but they put up with themselves because of me.

The bell went off and we headed to our first class for the day..

Monday please be good. I said to myself

Okay this is the first chapter I hope you guys love it


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