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"Ughhh" I scream inwardly as I pull up in our drive way. What the fuck was I thinking leaving the house in my dumb Mickey mouse pyjamas?! " Oh let me quickly get out and come back and no one might see me?!" With my luck? Hell yeah. Fucking Cameron it must have been so fun seeing me in this.

Oh Lord why me ?! Next time I go to the supermarket, I'm putting on my best clothes with a full makeover! ugh I'm still cringing just thinking about it. What if mum didn't tell me to wash my mask off?! It would have been hell! What was I thinking?!

As soon as i enter the house, slammed the door dropped all the groceries on the counter, and ran to my room to shower and dress up. Never again Mickey.

I jumped on my bed as I pick my phone to call Camilla.

"Bitch!!" Yeah look who's happy this early

"How are you even this excited in the morning, God!?"

"I got a good morning message from killian and it kinda made my day. But of course my best friend can't relate, ugh we need to get your dumbass a boyfriend" she rants

"Shut up God, where did I get you?! Anyways I have something to tell you. Something I've been hiding from you for a week now" I brace myself for what's coming next

"What??? You're hiding what, spill nowww"

"Chill the fuck out that's what I'm about to do. Okay you remember the night we played never have i ever?" I pause to her her reply

"Uhm yeah I would never forget that night, oh killian was...." she was about to start spilling details I wasn't ready to listen to

"Shut up, TMI!" I say " Okay so after y'all went to killian's room. Cameron asked me why I haven't made out with anyone yet and it kinda felt like a great idea talking to someone that isn't Rhoda, you know? So I told him everything "

"Everything? Like the kidnap and all? K, I'm so proud of you. That's a very big step." She says

"That's not all. Erm you know how I get when I open up. And then hekissedmeandikissedhimback!!" I say all at once.

"Kehlani I don't understand your rambling"

"He kissed me and I kissed him back" I close my eyes getting ready for her answer

"OMGGGGG!!!!! Are you serious?!! Oh my!" She starts screaming

"If you don't calm down you are going to lose your voice. Yes we kissed and I've kinda been avoiding him all week so today I went to shop for groceries and I saw him at the supermarket and he was apologizing and I chickened out again and then he said he was going to drop by in the evening and now I don't know what to do!" I start blabbing like a child.

"K, calm down. He's coming over for what?"

"Says he wants to continue the conversation in a private place or so. What do I do?!"

"You're confused over a guy that's new! He definitely likes you. I mean he wants to talk about it and probably make sure you're okay." She says

"You think he likes me?"

"Yes Lani, and from the way you sound, you might like him too."

"I'll call you later cam. I have to process this." I didn't even wait for her reply. I hung up and burried my face on my pillow.

Do I like him? Why am I confused?!

Okay a double update to make up for ghosting yesterday.

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