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I'm so nervous, what do I even say to her, should I see killian first? Maybe we would know where to start. Standing at her door like a dummy. Running my hands through my hair for the one billionth time.

I decided to knock on the door, as if on cue Camilla pulled up in her parking lot. And I've never been more grateful of her presence. I prolly look like a stalker standing at Kehlani's porch, I've never been this confused, she's had a very rough past and I'm a little bit worried she won't want to leave her comfort zone. Ugh!!

"Hey Cam what's popping?!" She said like she knew why I was standing here like a dumb fuck.

" Erm, nothing much. Just chilling."

"Chilling? At your neighbours doorstep?! Try again. Why are you standing are, really?" She says like a smart ass.

"Ugh, okay. What do you think about the idea of K and I being like you know...a thing? I don't want to seem desperate but do you think I have a chance?" I say as i rest on the wall beside the door. I'm sure she must think I'm whipped or something but who cares?

"Oh my God, I've never seen you so unsure of anything before. Are you fr? Well I definitely ship whatever y'all bring but I'm in no position to tell you if she likes you or not. But calm down, you'd be fine. And when she turns you down, I'll be there to laugh." She says as she walks in freely like she owns the place.

"Well, that was uplifting. Thanks." I say giving her a hint of sacarsm

"You're always welcome. Brother in law" she says while laughing. I should have just kept my big mouth shut. I would have avoided this.

I saw killian in the kitchen. He smiles instantly as he sees Camilla, I couldn't even bother him with my own issues right now. I greet him with our usual handshake and went straight upstairs. I did come here for a reason tho. Knocking twice on her door before I entered but not without permission I'm sure she already knows it's me. I open the door and she's on her bed, her hair is in a pony tail, she has a pen behind her ear and a novel on her laps. If this isn't a perfect view, then I don't know what is!

I must have been staring for a long time because she cleared her throat and laughed slightly.

"Sorry I didn't mean to stare that long, it's just so nice to see you. What book is that" I ask trying to wave off the tension.

"Nah, it's fine. Take a seat" she says pointing towards the couch But I sit on the bed instead. "Just a book i took from the library, you remember when you saw me, the midnight and we played video games?" I nodded " Yeah that was when I picked it up. I never got the chance to read it."

"Oh alright then. So what's up with you. Are you going to tell me why you didn't talk to me the whole week? Or why you've been avoiding me?" She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

"Cameron, I think I like you. And this is new, for me. So I thought pushing you away might work, but it turns out I was 100% wrong. I mean... reading was my favourite thing to do. But now I can't even read without thinking about the kiss. And it's scary, and weird. Is it weird for you?" She says and i have never been so happy so hear anyone speak in my life.

"Yeah, most definitely, I am scared too. And yeah this is different for me too, I can't stop thinking about you too. If that helps you feel better. I'm sure what you feel is mutual"

"So.....What do you mean, that you like me too?"

"K, for a smart person you're pretty slow. Hell yeah, I like you too" she laughs and hits me with her legs.

"So what's happening now?" She asks innocently. Fuck she's so cute and beautiful.

"And now we kiss" I say as I pull her face closer to meet mine. It feels so different from the first kiss we shared. Like She wasn't scared anymore, she felt like an open book at that moment.

I don't know how long we kissed for but we didn't break up until we heard someone clear their throat. I turn around to see Camilla smiling ear to ear and killian fuming like he was about to rip my head head off.

"Dude, what the fuck is happening here?!"

So this was what could come up with.

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