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After school Camilla and I decided to shop (on Monday) I know my best friend is crazy. I just sat down alone in the ice-cream court enjoying myself because I literally had most of the things in the store already....yeah my dad is a big car dealer and my mum is a dope ass model!! Yeah you heard me, a model. So because of the position of my parents in the state and beyond, I'm automatically popular and so is Killian.

After I was done with my ice-cream, I paid the dude and left to find Camilla. She literally spent more than an hour looking for a dress just to impress Killian wtf?!

"do you think this one is too red? "she asked

"bitch I don't know....don't ask me when you probably won't listen to me"

"Ouchhhhhh" she whined "that hurt"

"okay millz.....lets get your punk ass a dress"

After two hours of shopping, I decided to get myself new jeans...i could call myself so tomboy Tbh but sometimes I dress according to the occasion. So I dropped Camilla off and went home. I jumped on my bed, set up an alarm for 6:30 and I slept off, completely forgetting about my "boyfriend"


After my alarm went off the following morning....i did my morning duties but I didn't go out for a jog instead I did sit ups I'm my room. I gave Camilla a call to get ready and I'll be at her place in 30 minutes. I picked out a black ripped jean I bought from the mall yesterday and a black top, belt and glasses to match I also took a jacket incase it got cold.

I told Killian to hurry up as I got breakfast (ice-cream and gummy bears) my favorite. I finished up and sent a quick text to Jace apologizing for not calling or texting him yesterday as I waited for him to reply me I inhaled a sharp cologne and I knew it instantly that Killian was dressed to murder today 😂😂

"Dayyyuuuuummmm bro.... Someone is dressed to kill today" I said "are you sure you're going to school and not somewhere else?"

"Shut up and let's go" he laughed

We got to Camilla's house and she was already waiting for us outside. I looked at her dressing and noticed we were all wearing vans. I smiled within me...then it occurred to me...maybe Killian and Camilla have a date after school. Oh my God!!!!! This is sooo cute

"Heyyyy Bess!!!!" she greeted happily and I let her sit in the front not wanting to be the third wheel.

"Heyyy...well someone is in a good mood today" I said teasing her playfully.

We got to school and I saw Jace. I knew he was mad I just needed to look for a way to apologize. He's been asking me for sex since a week after we started dating. Of course I refused so he thinks I'm not dedicated to this "relationship". I approached him and I saw him turn around to leave.

"Jace!!! Wait up!!" I yelled. He waited and I said that he was angry

"why are you mad at me"

"nothing. Can I go to class now?" he said harshly

"Errmm.... Okay let's walk together"


"Look I'm sorry okay. Camilla had something to do and I had to assist her"

"yeah sure no problem" he brushed me off and went for class

I really don't know what to do to make him forgive me now

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