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On thursday morning, I went out for a jog. Jace hasn't still spoken to me and sincerely I felt bad because I was losing a friend. I know he probably knows I don't love him but he just thinks he could change that but I guess he's already realizing that now.

I put all the thoughts behind and increased my pace. After jogging for 2 hours I decided to head back home

I noticed I saw a truck and three guys off loading their things from the truck. I tried to move closer but I saw a guy, I was shocked....he looked at me with so much intensity that I started to feel uncomfortable at the moment. So I just ran inside to dress up for school.

Today Killian said he wanted to ride alone. So I took my car and when to school. As I entered the school gates with my mini skirt and a black stripped white long sleeve.

As I got to school I saw Jace with Camilla talking beside my locker. Perfect timing to talk to him. He saw me coming and he was about to leave.

"Jace! Seriously? It's been 3 days already. Why are you giving me the silent treatment?"

"Kehlani...not now please. I have to go now. See you later".

I turned to Camilla and I saw her looking at me with sadness in her eyes

" hey stop please. You'd make me feel bad" I said

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't want you to feel bad even if you don't love him. He's still your friend."

"yeah I know right. BTW I think we might have a new neighbor. And he's hot something about him is just strange. I guess"

"seriously? Then I have to see him. Speaking of new....there's a new transfer student. I heard he's hot too"

"Wow how many cute guys do I have to see in a day?"


It's a Friday night and there's a party. I told Jace I wasn't going because I know he just wanted to make out with me and call it "settling" out fight. But Camilla got invited by Killian and she begged me to accompany her. So I technically had no other choice.



We decided to dress alike. After taking lots of pictures we left for the party. I just had the feeling that something bad was going to happen. I told millz and she said I should wave it off. It's nothing.

We got to the party and lot of people were drunk as hell, pucking everywhere and all sorts. As soon as Killian spots us, he yells for us to come and sit with him. When we got there he introduced us to his friends but there was one that caught my attention. Our new neighbor!!!!! Oh my God.

Camilla, Killian and the rest of his friends went to dance while I just say there pressing my phone. Only for me to look up to my neighbor staring at me intently. It was so awkward. But someone spoke and that person was me.

"You have a name?" I asked

He just looked at me sharply and smiled a little. "rude" he said.

"Okay, Rude, how are you and why did you move?"I said trying to ease tension.

"My mom died and we decided to move. And I'm fine I guess. And you?" he smiled at me

"Oh my God. I'm sooo sorry about that. And I guess I'm fine too."

He was about to reply me before Camilla interrupted him.

"Oh my God Lani, you need to see this!!"

"Millz are you drun....."

"shut up and follow me" she cut me off. So I had to follow her but not before looking back to give "Rude" a quick wave.

Camilla pull me all the way upstairs but before she opened the door she looked at me carefully. I was already hearing moaning on the other side of the door.

"Ohhhh..... Fuckkkkkk.... Yeahhh....right there" I heard a girl say

"Camilla, who is in the room?" I asked. She couldn't answer me. But she opened the door for me to see.

I saw a bitch riding my boyfriend's dick!!!!! I screamed as loud as I could and ran outside. I couldn't take it anymore I ran until I got to outside.

Sooooo "rude" Huh?

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