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After I ran out on Friday, millz tried to follow me outside. I told her to stay back so she could enjoy the party and gave her my keys to come home when it's over. So I decided to take a walk down the block but not without my pepper spray.

I wasn't mad that my boyfriend cheated on me. I was mad he didn't end our relationship before cheating...like WTF nigga respect me, ugh. And I was kinda happy he did that, at least he is happy. The only problem now is that I just couldn't help to think that I wouldn't find love in my life. No one has ever tried to stay long enough to fall in love with me. A tear slipped down and opened the floodgates, I couldn't control my tears anymore as images of my past started to flood my memory. I had to sit down on a pavement to calm down a little bit.

After some minutes, I decided to start walking home. But I saw a car pull over

"You're stalking me, ugh?" I said

"Well I saw you run out of the party and I was worried, you good?" Cameroon asks

"Oh that. It's fine" I lied " so what's your name tho?"

" It's Cameroon, nice to meet you"

"You won't ask for mine?"

"Nahh, I already know that" he says

"Well that's not weird at all!" I say sarcastically . He shrugs

"Well do you want to nag about your name all night or you want to get home?"

"Rude" I say under my breath


Ever had a weird car drive?! I doubt it was as weird as mine!

Awkward as hell! There was nothing to talk about, plus I also had enough on my plate so the last thing on my mind is to communicate with a stranger. Taste in music? very different from mine. I'm more of alessia cara and cardi b depending on my mood. But the dude is a huge fan of Travis Scott and roddy rich and the only reason I know them is because I have a brother that's also obsessed! Plus I'm in love with Kylie Jenner!

I was praying for the journey to be over because my ears were one more travis from bleeding.

Finally!!!! Yayyyy, home at last.

"Thank you very much, I really appreciate the care" I say

"Nah don't mention. Just be fine."

"Sure, goodnight Cam"

"Goodnight K"

"Really? "K?"

He just ignores me and drives into their compound.

I got home undressed and soaked myself in the shower for about 10 minutes. After taking that shower. I felt a little better (the power of water). After laying down for a while without sleeping, I put on my phone and met like a thousand messages from Killian, Camilla, Mom and Jace. I just texted Camilla back and told her I got home safely, switched off my phone and went to sleep.


I felt someone jumping on my bed as I peeled my eyes open. About to curse the person out until I found out it was Camilla.

"ugh, millz you can't wake people up like that. I was about to curse you" I said. She just laughed.

"well you can't blame me. I miss you."

"Hoe! You saw me yesterday. Why are you here?"

"Okay, okay. I was worried that's all. Plus I wanted to see Killian." she beamed.

I just rolled my eyes and stood up to freshen up.

"Lani, about yesterday. I'm sorry....."

"Camilla I don't want to talk about it. Thanks."

She just stood there like a lost puppy while I washed my face and brushed my teeth. When I was done, I went downstairs to get breakfast. Ice cream and gummy bears as usual, until I saw my mum in the kitchen cooking.

I was shocked but happy that she was around. After Camilla, she was my best friend. I ran to give her a bone crushing hug. I heard her giggling and I released her from my iron grip.

"Hey baby. How are you? I called you yesterday but you didn't pickup. If you had this wouldn't have been a surprise" she said laughing

"I was kinda occupied last night." I said lying through my teeth. But it's my mum she noticed my mood and asked me if anything happened. But I waved it off saying I didn't want to talk about it.

After we ate, Camilla went up with Killian to his room. To be honest I careless about what those people are doing up there. So I spoke with mum about what happened the night before. She felt bad for me but she told me that:

"don't worry baby. He's a fool for losing you like that. You'd find someone to love you for you and won't change you for anything in the world." Of course I didn't believe that shit anymore because I've heard it many times and I was sick of it. But I nodded and hugged her.

My dad walked down the stairs too and Killian followed. Well I wasn't expecting Killian to be down so soon (if you know what I mean). But I ran to meet my dad to give him a hug too. I've missed them soooo much .

"Oh wow.....well someone missed me."

"Of course I did. How was your trip?". My dad and mum has issues before they decided to take a trip together for two weeks before summer ended and they just arrived. If you ask me it didn't seem like it was two weeks, although it was.

Dad went over to my mum and he kissed her on her lips. His hands were already going down her hips as she moaned. I gave them both a disgusted look.

"Ewwwww, get a room!!" I said

"Young lady this is my house and i can touch my wife whenever and where ever I fucking wish. Soooo you should be the one to stay where you shouldn't see "things". Are we clear?" he said with a smile

"If you guys continue like this, we might end up having a little child running around the house." I said


After breakfast and a little chat with mum and dad. I took a bath and headed to the mall with Camilla , what better way to get over a "break up" than to get a chocolate sundae.

After we took more than what we could handle. I told millz to drive us home and on getting there. You won't believe who I saw standing on our porch that got me so livid!

Soo who do you think was standing in the porch?

Tune in to find out 😊😊

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