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I hate feeling this way, watched, restless, haunted. I couldn't sleep even after taking my anxiety pills. I feel like suing the therapist for giving me the drugs.

After tossing and turning on my bed, I decided to get to the library because I really felt like I need to get distracted and Netflix was prolly not the answer rn. Going down there was a really big deal especially when i just had a panic attack some hours earlier and I'm supposed to be in bed but I'm staying in bed was the last thing on my mind.

I tiptoed down the stairs, passing the kitchen, then I realized I was hungry asf. I remember my dad and mum getting ice cream today which was a really good idea at the moment. Brought out the ice cream and started scooping. One, two, thr....

"You don't eat real food?" A voice interrupted my scooping and I almost dropped my bowl!

" oh my God, please don't scare people like that!!" I told Cameron "why are you even here anyway?"

"I told y'all I was supposed to study with killian. But rn the mofo is asleep and I can't leave cause he told me not to"

"Oh okay. Bye" I said not wanting to talk much so I won't wake the house up.

"And yeah,I eat real food, once in a while, I guess...and oh, thanks for today."

"Yeah it's cool" he said as I found my way to the library.

Picking out books must be the hardest part of going to the library especially when you've probably read almost every book in there. I remember it used to be my place of solace some years back. It still is, just that I try to shut the voices out without the book. The therapist suggested it, saying it would help me improve. But right now I need the hottest and most romantic books to read. Brought out my phone to check Google but i didn't find one that was captivating.

After a while I decided to settle for a book I've read before "when night falls" noticing some things I didn't notice while reading before. Damn, only if I could feel this type of love...it is what it is.

I checked the time and it was already 4:46am. I had to be in bed before mum wakes up by 5. I hurriedly picked a novel from the romance section, dropped my icecream bowl in the washer and went upstairs. I heard killian and cam playing video games and I was so tempted to join which I eventually did.

"Hey, can I join?" I asked

"Yeah sure" they both say, not like if they said no I would back down. But thank God i didn't have to resort to violence it's too early for that.

"You've not slept at all,since I saw you?" Cam asked

"Nahh I don't really sleep" I lied when truthfully , I'm scared of sleeping, I'd rather sleep during the day then stay up all night. Jeez I sound like a vampire.

"Really, okay then"

"And you? You've not slept since?" I ask

"Nope, I don't sleep at night either"

I don't really know what's up with this dude but he definitely sounds like someone that has demons and they don't seem nice.....also sounds like someone knows how to lock them up pretty good, I should take lessons.

"So lets play then"

short chapter but we have to make them get along before making magic

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