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"Neveerrrrrr haveee iiii...." Camilla slurring on her words like a fucking drunk! And to be truthful we were all too drunk to notice she didn't say anything....we all took a shot.

"Okay my turn" Cameron says

"Urgggghhhhh" everyone groaned mostly because he says things he has done and knows that all of us should have done it at one stage on life....such an ass.

"Okay never have i ever made out with anyone at all" he says looking at me deeply before picking up a shot to his lip. I'm not gonna lie they looked really sexy. Camilla and killian take one shot too. Then they all turn to me noticing I didn't take one.

"What?! Is it a crime or what?"i shrugged trying to push off the attention. Only Camilla and Rhoda know about my boring sex life. But I'm not ready to let my twin brother and his best friend find out.

"Kehlani you dated jace for 4 months and from what I heard he's a donkey when it comes to sex. And you've not even made out with him?" Killian asks. I mean it's the truth, I'm sure jace just wanted sex with me and when he found out he couldn't have that with me he cheated.

"No i didn't. Can we move on now?" I say getting uncomfortable with the attention and the topic. "Everyone is getting sober"

We went four more rounds of taking random shots and laughing out loud. Thankfully mum and dad went on a business trip so we were free till Monday morning.

"Erm we'd be going to bed soon. K, would you tell Eunice to set up the other room for Cameron cause I doubt if he'd go home smelling like that." Killian said And Cameron hums in approval.

"But why me ?! Why can't you do it?"

"Because you're one shot down" he retorted and I groan

"Okay come with me Cameron" I stand up but I lose balance but immediately get a hold of myself. I doubt if anyone noticed.

" Can I ask you a question? Why haven't you made out with anyone? It's really strange. "

"Oh God. It's like a touchy topic for me and sometimes I'm not okay with it. Basically, I'm not ready" I reply

"Now that you are tipsy can I know why? Even if I know in the next 30 minutes you'll be sober." He says as we go up the stairs, for a tipsy person, I really do have great balance. We end up at the door of my room.

"Come in it feels like a great idea talking to someone that isn't my therapist" I closed the door and sat on my bed while he sat on the couch.

"Okay so, when I was fourteen, mum and dad went on another business trip....it was worse then, we barely saw them. Our nanny and her husband at the time conspired to get more money from my parents. So one Saturday they planned to kidnap me and demand ransom so they could elope. So they put sleeping pills in killian's drink that night and mine too." I paused and swallowed lightly just thinking about it makes me shiver.

"I woke up in a very strange place. I remember everything that happened because I hardly forget things and this one really left a scar, a very deep one. I doubt if I'd ever forget. They haunt me day and night, minute by minute. Sometimes I can't even sleep without drugs." I didn't realize I was already crying until a tear dropped. I've not consciously cried in a long time.

"Hey it's okay. You don't have to talk if you're not ready, you know? He says softly and I shake my head

"I want to let it out. I guess? So when I woke up, I saw the nanny and I felt relieved a little cause she basically raised me especially when mum and dad we're never around. So when I saw her I shouted and called out her name. I asked where we were and she ignored, and left i think so they wouldn't suspect her. Then her husband came in looked at me with the dirtiest look you could ever give a child. Skip to the part he called my mum and dad and demanded money from them. I couldn't imagine how killian was holding up without me, I didn't even think they could ever hurt me. After my parents called that they were on their way to drop the money at the location. I was so happy that I would eventually hug killian. He got so angry that I was smiling and he beat me up, slapped me, kicked me Every where. I was only fourteen!" I was choking on my words already. Cameron was hugging my from the side,I was shaking and crying.

"I...I was begging him, shouting for him to stop hurting me, but apparently he wanted to hurt me. He said a lot of mean things to me. Called me ugly,disgusting and alot of really mean things to me. He told me to take off my clothes and when I didn't answer he ripped them off my body, pushed me on the bed, tied my hands together and continued to hit me till I got weak. He said 'your daddy can't save you now or your mummy. You're stuck here, you brat! When I'm done torturing you....I'll make sure I fuck you till your 'mummy' hears you scream" my voice cracked at the end. I was reliving everything again. I felt pain all over, it hurts. It really hurts But Cameron just stares at me as I talk, he looks so angry. As least I don't see pity in his eyes and that's what I want.

"As soon as he stops hitting me, he picks up a needle and injected me with hard drugs, his wife comes in and interrupted him. Shouting at him that what he was doing wasn't part of the plan. She started hitting him and pushing him away. Apparently she had already gotten the money and they were supposed to elope immediately but the police followed her and when he heard the sirens he shot the nanny and I fainted almost immediately." My top was drenched with tears and I was holding Cameron as tight as I could.

"What happened when you woke up?"he asks

"I didn't wake up until 6 days after. They told me the man tried to escape and he got shot. I've not been the same since then. I can't love, I can't trust ,I can't sleep. I basically don't believe in those things anymore. Hence the reason I've not made out with anyone. I barely let my guard down." Cameron just nods and hugs me tightly, like he understands that he doesn't have to give a remark. I just needed to let it out and I did.

"K, I'm sorry you had to go through all these at such a young age. I hope they both rot in hell!"

"Thank you so much Cam." He releases me from the hug and plants his lips on mine almost immediately. I barely had time to process anything. Instead I kiss him back. It feels so good and soft. I felt something different and weird in my tummy. I tried not to have an internal battle on the fact that


This chapter was really challenging to write cause I had to picture this before writing and it has to look good.

So who's shipping "kehmeron" don't worry I'm working on the names 😂

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