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I couldn't stop thinking of how lonely kehlani must have felt back then. I am glad they are dead but I still hope they rot in hell! I don't know what came over me, her smell, her innocence. It's confusing, I shouldn't have kissed her without knowing if she was okay with it. But now it's been one week and she has been avoiding me. I go into a room and she leaves. I really don't know what else to do.

Do I regret it? Hell no. Her lips were soft and sweet. Uggghhh what's wrong with me?! I don't know if I should let killian know about it. He would definitely be protective but I'm sure he should know I won't hurt her. Ever since he saw me in the restroom trying not to cry, we spoke about my past and he told me somethings about him. We hit it off since then and I'm guessing he would understand.

"Hey bro, dad wants to see you, saying something about getting milk and eggs" my younger brother Caleb interrupts my thinking. " Hey you good? You look lost." He says after noticing my face

"Nahhh, I'm good. Never been better" I lied through my teeth. As we go down the stairs I slapped his hands off as he tries to touch my hair.

"Morning dad, how was your night?"

"Cameron, my night was the usual. Hope you're good we're out of milk and eggs, I was hoping you could grab some at the store."

"Okay dad, I'll be back in some minutes " I say, i grab my keys on the kitchen counter and I walk out of the door. I look across the street checking to see if K's car is in the drive way but she's definitely not home, where could she be this morning?


"Eggs,milk, lemons, honey...oh cereals ..." I heard someone read out her list as she was shopping and the voice sounded familiar. Trying to trace where the sound came from and boom....Kehlani was standing there in her pjs picking out groceries. She looked so cute and never thought she was the type to put on Mickey mouse pyjamas but damn her curves.

"Hey, such a surprise to see you here this morning" I say to her as she drops the carton of Cherios in shock. Now that's what you call a surpise.

" Hey cam, definitely a surprise to see you here. How are you?" Okay is she going to fucking act like she hasn't been ignoring me all week?

"K are you going to act like you haven't been ignoring me all week and are we just going to ignore the kiss we had?"

"Look, this is all too much for me okay? And I always like to be in control of things after that incident. But just can't seem to get these feelings in check. I don't know what I feel" she says "I don't want to be an object of fun to anyone and definitely not my brother's best friend"

"I would not take advantage of you, and I'm sure as hell I wouldn't let you feel that way. I might have come off a little too strong, and this is all new to me too. I'm sorry"

"It's okay. I have to get going. Mum is waiting at home."

"Okay but can I stop by later today. We can have this conversation better. Please?"

"Yeah sure. Bye"

She leaves and I grab two cartons of milk and eggs.

I hope luck is on my side later today!

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