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Mafia Lady(Mafia Vol.1)

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"You fucking illiterate doctor. HOW DARE YOU TO KILL MY BROTHER!!" I was fisting my hands and clenching my jaws. Anger and rage was filled in my blue eyes. "Your brother was already a corpse. I still tried to bring him back, but, couldn't. I'm sorry." She said by taking a pull from her cigarette. There was not a bit of remorse in her eyes. Angelie Lily Massio, ruthless, stubborn, maniac surgical doctor who has a crazy hatred towards blonde guys specially the ones who turns to be her patient. Lorenzo Alberto Bianco, ruthless italian mafia leader who never shows any pity or mercy towards his enemies. He loves to watch his enemies beg for death. What kind of future is waiting for these two? Will they fell in love or fell in the trap of betrayed love? Check it out.

Romance / Erotica
Ashley Andersson
4.8 12 reviews
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"Please!! No!! Don't do this!! Leave my mom and dad!! I'm begging. Please!!" Tears mixed with blood was streaming down my cheeks.
I was struggling to release from the hold of the muscular guard. But, my 8-years old weak limbs was nothing infront of the strong arms of the muscular guard.
More guards were beating my dad. Blood streaming from his mouth, forehead. They tied my mom with a rope in her neck. She can't say anything except to scream.
"Angel, my child. Go upstairs. I'm saying that I'll be alright. Don't worry. Mom and Dad will be alright." He said by keeping a small smile in his blooded face.
"Why should she? She's your daughter and have the full right to watch the death of her mom and dad, isn't it kitten?" The black suited blonde man said by squatting infront of me. His italian accent was quite thick.
He grabbed my face with much force and made me look at his dreadful blue eyes. I winced in pain.
"Oh, so beautiful green eyes. You got this from your dad, isn't it? But, do you know what, kitten? These beautiful eyes have to witness the death for your mom and dad." He said by making a fake crying face by pouting his lower lip.
Within a seconds, he pulled the trigger thrice and the bullets shot my dad's forehead, chest and stomach.
"NO!!! DAD!!!!" I screamed. My mom screamed and tried to release from the grip, but couldn't.
"YOU BLOODY BASTARD!!! YOU KILLED MY DAD!!!" I yelled at my highest pitch, still struggling to release from the guard's hold.
"Uh-ah, the show isn't over yet. Now, it's your mom's turn." The man said by pointing the gun at mom's direction.
"NO. You can't do this. No, I beg. Please."
With that, he pulled the trigger and shot my mom at her forehead.
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