Forever and Always: A Fairytale

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After dinner, Ismael and I decided to take a walk around the lake that was located just outside of the village. The crickets sang as the warm breeze blew through my long hair. The water shimmered under the moonlight and there was no movement in the woods. It was peaceful out here, I could actually hear myself think. As we neared the north side of the lake I decided to break the silence.

“Thank you,” I said, looking into his beautiful amber eyes.

“For what?” He asked with his usual charming smile.

“For helping me stand up to Vulmar,” I reply with a shy smile.

“I didn’t do anything,” he admitted with his usual irresistible smile, “That was all you.” He winked at me, causing me to blush.

I cleared my throat, attempting to compose myself before sitting down under a willow tree on the south side of the lake. He took a seat next to me and the two of us briefly paused our conversation to gaze at the stars.

“There’s the big dipper,” he said, breaking the silence. I looked in the direction that he was pointing and there it was. A smile grew on my face as I looked for the zodiacs.

We continued to look at the stars for a while until we decided that it was getting late. So, the two of us started walking back home. As we walked through town, the streets were almost deserted and the only source of light came from the houses. We finally reach the house and Ismael opens the door for me. As soon as the door shuts, we hear a pair of footsteps racing downstairs.

“Why isn’t the dinner that I took so much time making for you two not eaten?!” Lily scolded when she saw us. I immediately pointed at Ismael.

“Calm down, Lily, I was helping Ellie with something and it had to be done at a restaurant,” Ismael explained.

Lily raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Really? And why wasn’t I informed of this?” She questioned, crossing her arms over her chest. I shrugged and looked at Ismael, waiting for his excuse.

“Because it was last minute,” he answered with a poker face. Liar, I thought and I’m sure she knew deep down that he was, but dismissed the suspicion.

“Uh-huh,” she said, clearly not believing him, “Well, whatever the reason is, it looks like you two had fun.” She spun on her heel and went upstairs to her room.


As I was walking out of my room after waking up to Lily yelling like usual, I heard a muffled voice coming from Ismael’s room. So, being the snoopy elf that I am, I quietly tiptoe over to his door and listen.

“Make sure that everything is perfect and ready to go tomorrow.” Yep, it was Ismael, but who is he talking to?

“You said you’d come this weekend.” It was a woman’s voice.

“I can’t because I have to work at the bakery today.”

“But you promised.”

well, suck it up because they need my help today.”

Deciding not to eavesdrop any longer, I let out a quiet sigh as I walked away from his room and downstairs to the kitchen.

“So, what exactly did you two do last night and why was I not informed before I spent an hour on dinner?” Lily questioned, flipping the bacon.

“Well, he helped me stand up to Vulmar, so he shouldn’t be bothering us anytime soon,” I said with a confident smile.

“Oh yeah? What’d you tell him?” She asked, intrigued.

“I basically told him that I wasn’t scared of him and to leave me alone, but in a more powerful and demanding tone,” I replied.

“Well, I know for a fact that didn’t take all night,” Lily said, placing the bacon on a plate, “What else happened?”

I opened my mouth to speak until I heard Ismael approaching the room with a magical projection in front of him of a woman. He stopped dead in his tracks and told her that he’d call her back later. I rose an eyebrow and panic flashed in his eyes.

“Who was that?” I casually asked, hiding my jealousy.

“It’s not what it looks like,” he said as calmly as possible.

Lily put her hands on her hips and gave him a pointed look. “Then explain what we just saw, Ismael, because you look guilty as guilty can be right now,” she said, sternly.

“That was my cousin, Helartha,” he explained, “I was supposed to visit her this weekend, but your parents need help at the bakery so I told her I couldn’t come.”

I looked over at Lily, who looked about ready to take his head off and said, “Calm down, Lily, it’s a reasonable explanation.”

She grumbled and walked back into the kitchen. “Ellie, you’re still going to tell me what you two did last night!” She called, making me chuckle and Ismael blush a little bit.

After breakfast, the three of us went to the bakery where Ara and Arun were waiting for us in the entrance.

"Ismael, you are going to help Arun with taking orders, while I help the girls in the kitchen," Ara explained.

"Awww, why can't Ismael be in the kitchen with us?" Lily whined.

"Because I want him to help me out here," Arun said, "There's only so much of your mother that I can take."

"Fine, " Lily mumbled before sulking as she walked into the kitchen.

I followed closely behind her and began taking out the flour, while Ara and Lily took out the pans and other ingredients. As I poured the amount of flour that the cookie recipe asked for into a large bowl, I hear someone clear their throat behind me.

"So, why did you and Ismael come home so late last night?" Lily interrogated, again.

Ara rose her eyebrows in surprise. "They were out late last night?"

"Yeah, and they claim that he was helping her to get over her ex, but I know for a fact that it doesn't take five hours to do that," Lily said, glancing over at me.

"You aren't going to let this go, are you?" I asked her, pouring the wet ingredients into the bowl.


I let out a sigh of defeat. "Fine."

As I mixed all of the ingredients together, I told them everything that happened that night. Lily was fangirling, while Ara just smiled. However, her happy smile turned into a mischievous one a moment later. That was when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and spotted his beautiful amber orbs staring straight at me.

My cheeks became a light shade of pink before I looked away from him. The timer went off, signaling that the cookies were done.

"What are you doing here?" Ara asked Ismael.

"I overheated the conversation, so I decided to be nosy," he replied as I took out the cookies. He attempted to reach for one, but I slapped his hand away.

"No cookies for you," I said, sternly.

"Fine," he said, giving me a peck on the lips before exiting the room.

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