Forever and Always: A Fairytale

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After my shift was over, I grabbed my wallet and walked out of the bakery, closing the door behind me. It was dark outside. The tall, fire lit street lanterns illuminated the brick road as silence surrounded the block. The only thing I heard was my shoes hitting the red bricks as I walked back to the townhouse.

Once I arrived, I took the key to the house out of my pocket and unlocked the door. After entering the house, I lazily tossed the key onto the counter in the front room and sighed, I’m glad to be home, I thought as I shuffled into the kitchen where I saw Lily and Ismael talking at the dining table. I placed my wallet onto the counter and opened one of the cabinets in search of something to eat.

“How was work?” Lily asked with a teasing smile. Ismael looked over at me and gave me a warm smile.

“It was long, but good I guess,” I yawned. “What’s for dinner?”

“I can make some soup,” Lily suggested. I nodded and began to gather the ingredients.

“I can help her,” Ismael offered, taking the ingredients out of my hands and giving me a kind smile. “You’ve had a long day. Relax, Lily and I can handle dinner.”

I rose my eyebrows in surprise but gave him a small smile. “Thank you.” I then walked up the wooden staircase and into my room to get cleaned up. I decided to take a warm bath while I waited for dinner to get ready, so I walked into the bathroom that was connected to my room and turned on the water and waited for it to reach the right temperature before stepping into the tub.

When I was finished with my much-needed bath, I changed into some comfortable clothes, brushed my hair, and made my way back down to the dining room where Ismael and Lily were waiting for me at the table.

As I sat down, Lily rose an eyebrow and looked me up and down. “What?” I asked looking down at my clothes. “Is there something on my shirt?”

“You’re not going to wear something nice?” She asked me with a disappointed look on her face.

“No?” I was a little confused at her statement. Why would I dress nice? We’re just having dinner.

“You’re fine,” Ismael reassured me before digging into the soup.

“Oh,” I said as I put a spoonful of soup into my mouth, “I’m not going to work tomorrow. Ara and Arun gave me the day off.”

“Why?” Lily asked, jealousy written on her face.

“Because I’m going to be searching for a new job tomorrow,” I explained.

“What kind of job are you looking for?” Ismael asked.

“I’m wanting to do something in the writing field,” I told him.

“Like an author?” Lily suggested.

“Yeah,” I said with a bright smile.

“Well, first you need to write something,” Lily chuckled.

“I have,” I informed her. I had been working on a book of poems since my senior year of secondary school, I just never told anyone about it. The poems were about things that just popped into my head. Like an emotion or a memory of mine.

“Since when?” Lily asked in shock with a hint of betrayal in her tone.

“Senior year of secondary school,” I told her not thinking it was a big deal.

“And you never told me?!” She shrieked.

“I’m sure she meant no harm, Lily.” Ismael attempted to calm her down, but it was no use. I gulped down the last of my soup and dashed up the stairs to my safe haven, locking the door behind me.

“Elianna Seldia Keldi, I’m not finished talking to you!” Lily yelled as she raced up to my room. When she reached my door, she started mercilessly banging her fist on it, demanding entrance.

“If you call down, I might let you in!” I called to her as I took out the rough draft of my poetry book. Within seconds, I’m met with silence. “Are you calmed down now?”

“Yes,” she replied through the door. I unlocked the wooden door and slowly opened it, inviting her inside. She sat on my bed and glared at me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” I apologized, “I just wanted to surprise you when it got published.”

“I forgive you,” she said before hugging me. She playfully punches my arm and I look at her with wide eyes as the pain shoots through my arm. “That’s for not telling me.” The two of us burst out laughing as we walked back downstairs to find Ismael doing the dishes.

“You don’t have to do that,” I tell him as I try to take the soapy cloth away from him. He took it out of my hands with a kind smile. “I don’t mind,” he said, “I enjoy doing this, it makes me feel more independent.” I forgot that he usually had servants do things for him back in the southern part of the kingdom. I just nodded and started drying the dishes.

“So, what made you want to move here of all places?” I asked him.

“I missed Lily,” he said as he scrubbed a plate, “She and I have been friends since middle school. I moved up here from Spiritshade, then my father had gotten a job in Clallon three years later so we moved back to the southern part of the kingdom."

"Well, we're happy to have you here," I said cheerfully as we finished up the dishes.

"How did you meet Lily?" He asked me as he rinsed off his hands.

"I met her in secondary school," I told him, "My family had just moved here because my dad was in search of a blacksmithing job and there was one here. I met her on my first day at school and we instantly became friends. Then my parents died in a fire a few years later and I've been living with the Erris family ever since."

"I'm sorry for your loss," he said with a sorrowful look on his face.

"It's okay, I've learned to move on," I told him. I dried my hands and then led him to the guest bedroom, which was next to mine. "This is your room," I told him as he carried his luggage, "Let me know if you need anything." I gave him a warm smile. bid him good night, and then went into my room to go to sleep.


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