Forever and Always: A Fairytale

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As we approached the restaurant, Lily became more nervous and I became more irritated. I was practically suffocating in this dress. I let out a sigh as the carriage came to a halt. Ismael stepped out of the carriage with ease since he had long legs. Once he was outside, he offered his hand to help Lily and I out of the carriage.

After my feet hit the brick street, Lily darted into the restaurant, leaving Ismael and I behind. Ismael offered his arm and I took it. Then the two of us slowly walked into the restaurant and sat at a table diagonal from Lily's. There was a young man sitting across from her. He had shoulder length brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, brown eyes, and tan skin. He appeared to be nice from afar, but only Lily knows how kind he truly is right now.

The interior design of the restaurant was absolutely gorgeous. The walls were painted an ivory color with a flower pattern along the trim. The carpeted floor was maroon, while the tables had white table cloths and candles in the center.

I looked over at Lily and saw how easy it was for her to speak to her date, whereas Ismael and I haven't said a single word to each other. I wish it was that easy for me to talk to people I thought to myself.

"Me too," Ismael said, looking directly at me. I must have said my thoughts out loud. "Lily has always been the more outgoing one between the two of us."

"She's the same with her and me, as well," I told him with a small smile. I look over at Lily's table and see her and her date kissing, so I immediately turn back towards Ismael. I don't mind seeing people kiss in public, but I just don't like seeing someone I know and am close to kissing another elf. My long, pointy ears twitch at the thought itself.

"Wow, look at that beautiful decor!" I say, looking in the opposite direction of Lily. Ismael gave me a confused look, but then caught on.

"Oh yeah, I wonder where they got it from," he said, playing along. Lily giggled while her date gave us a half smile. I got up and gave her a hug. "We'll see you at home, have fun!" I said before Ismael and I exited the restaurant and went home.

When we got back, I immediately changed into comfortable clothes, told Ismael good night and went to sleep.


Sorry for the short chapter, it's kinda just a filler.

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