Forever and Always: A Fairytale

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I'm rudely awakened when my bedroom door bursts open and Lily struts in like she owns the place, even though we share the rent. "Can I help you?" I asked groggily as I slowly sit up in my bed.

"Girl, I had the best night ever," She screeched as she plopped down on my bed. I heard Ismael open his bedroom door and shuffle over to my room.

"Is everything okay?" He asked looking half-awake as he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"Yeah, go ahead and go back to bed," I told him. He nodded and walked back to his room. When we heard the door close, I turned to Lily and said, "Can't this wait until morning?"

"Well, technically it is morning, but no," she said bluntly and I groaned but gave her my undivided attention. She told me about how sweet he was and went on and on about him. It honestly made me want to puke, but I continued my suffering for her sake.

"Look, I'm happy for you and would like to meet him sometime, but can I go back to sleep now?" I groaned when she finished rambling.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said before exiting my room leaving me to go back to dreamland.

I was on the brink of sleep when I heard a gentle knock at the door.

", I swear if you are wanting to tell me more about your date my brain is going to explode!" I shouted, not looking at the door. I hear the slab of wood creek open.

"It's me." It was Ismael. As he entered my room, he closed the door quietly behind him.

"Oh." I sat up on my bed and put some loose hairs behind one of my long ears. "How can I help you?" I asked him.

"I just wanted to tell you that, I really enjoyed tonight," he said with a half-smile, "Even if it was forced upon us by Lily." The two of us chuckled.

"I enjoyed it too," I admitted, blushing. Thankfully, the room was dark enough so he couldn't see it.

"Well, I will let you sleep. It's a good thing that the weekend starts tomorrow," he said before opening the door.

"Good night, Ellie." And with that, the door was closed and he was gone.

Even though it was nice having dinner with Ismael, it was also kind of awkward. I don't want to ruin our friendship. But at the same time, I can't ignore this pull that I have towards him. With that last thought, I lied back down and slowly drifted to sleep.

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