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In all of Xena, the most expensive commodity is Magic. It's so rare, it's solely harvested by scientists who specialise in accessing The Dig where all magic is found. One fairy, a rare Soulstess called Zora, has her magic harvested and then she's discarded on the streets of Zour. As she grows older, she seeks revenge, with two obstacles to conquer. She's unable to be violent in any manner whatsoever. She's also unexplainably and intangibly in love with the scientist who ruined her; his name is Giovanni. [18+ ONLY] [DARK THEMES] [SCIFI / ROMANCE / EROTICA / FANTASY]

Romance / Scifi
C. Swallow
4.7 3 reviews
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✧ Prologue ✧ Zora ✧

✧ Prologue ✧ Zora ✧

12 years old.

The beginning. Plucked from my flower garden and placed in a shell. But before that…

I was in a snow globe world, stuck on a hill in a music box palace, looking outward at the space beyond.

From my pastel balcony is a view of the pastel sky, and the stars are all eyes.

I try to see the looker-on tonight, but I can’t make out their face, even as the stars twinkle.


The first budding voice I here.

I had never heard a voice, but I understand it.

I listen closely. As I am indeed a Soulstess.

“What am I?” I speak, for the first time, to the sky.

I wait for my answer.

“You’re a fairy.”

What was that?

“And what are you?” I know my voice is so minimal, so meek and mildly quiet – yet somehow, he hears me well enough, “Where am I, would you think?”


Mmm, that seemed correct.

“Will you ever visit me?” I ask, innocently.

I’ve not met another soul.

“No, I cannot, but you can visit me.”

“Why would I leave my home?” I ask, sad at the thought of leaving the warmth behind.

“Would you like to meet me, Soulstess?”

“It doesn’t feel right when you ask me that.”

“You’re stuck in an exhibit – your world is not within mine. I can see you. You can’t see me.”

“I would like to see you?”

“Good girl. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Close your eyes and count to ten. I’m about to unleash you.”

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