Billionaires' Runaway Brides

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What happens when two billionaire friends are ditched on their wedding? What happens when their brides runaway? Murat and Manik they are not going to let them go and their brides will try hard not to get caught.

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Loud music was buzzing all over the lavish club. People were dancing crazily or flirting with others. But two billionaire friends were drinking and discussing business.

Many girls wearing small clothes, crossed them and gave them suggested look but none of them looked towards those girls.

A few college students were near them to celebrate the birthday of one of them. They were playing Truth and Dare. Two girls got the dare to seduce the billionaires.

“Are you mad? Those are Murat Yilmaz and Manik Mehrotra! They probably will chew them alive!” One of the girl said in a worried voice.

“We are not a coward like you and we want them to chew. Who can refuse a hot night with those hot hunks?”

“They need to give their attention to you. Everyone failed till now. Poor you, your hot night will remain in your dream only.” A boy mocked and all of them laughed.

The girls scowled, “Just wait and watch.”

They went close to Murat-Manik and seat very close to them on the couch

“Hey, we saw you two were sitting here from a very long time. You must be bored. By the way I am Rhea” One said to Murat.

“I am Ellie. If you want then we can have fun together.” She bite her lips giving a lustful look.

Both Murat and Manik were irritated. Their eyes took in their short dresses. The girls thought that they were checking them out. Their confidence grew in that. Rhea started to touch Murat’s Bicep and Ellie slided her hands on Manik’s thigh.

“I didn’t know that this club started to supply prostitutes.” Manik threw away her hand.

“And coming to us when we didn’t even ask for one.” Murat too threw Rhea’s hands.

“Listen, we don’t need any one of you. If we find someone worthy to take in a hotel, we will do that ourselves.” Manik said in a stern voice.

“Such desperation is a huge turn off and you both are not womanly enough. Go back, we don’t do it with kids.” Murat gave the final blow.

The girls were heavily insulted. They glared at the men. “You both are ăssholes!” Ellie cried out in anger.

“Mark my words, both of your brides will runaway. No body wants such jerk.” Rhea too threw a tantrum.

“Thanks for the curse but do you really think if our brides will run away, we will let them go?” Murat asked raising his eye brows.

Manik smirked, “Not in a million years.”

I will post this story after I am done with "My Treasured Princess". You have to wait a bit. Add this book in your library and reading list then you will get to know about the updates.

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