You Will Always Be Mine...And Only Mine

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Aria Stone has just transformed from hotchkiss academy with straight A’s and a top notch reputation. She must leave behind her Dad, abusive ex boyfriend, and her friends and travel to a town 2 hours away from her old home. Aria is known for looks...beautiful beyond compare...most elegant, just two innocent. Pulling into 849 Stepping Stone avenue she takes in the clear air but also the hot bad boy and his friends across the street. Axel Valencia the school bad boy/ Italian Mafia leader notices the beauty in front of him stretching not even noticing him. Seeing a blue bruise on Arias sides and a red mark across her cheek he suddenly becomes frustrated and nervous without even knowing the girl. Will this become to much for him to handle knowing the more sweetest, sexiest girl lives right next door? Or will he just have to have his way and make her his. Axel's sister Maria becomes besties with Aria but Axel wont be able to hold onto his temptations for long. She becomes the hot topic of Lockwood academy, joins cheer, try's to refrain from the peer pressure, but also cant help but notice Axel's manly appearance always watching over her. What will become of her new life? Will her ex come back? Will her past haunt her? How far will Aria and Axel go for each other? And most importantly will Axel be putting her in danger with his job? Regular updates....Series....ALOT OF CHAPTERS!!!!!!

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

!!!!!!Characters PART 1 (There will be more Characters)!!!!!!

Aria Stone~ 15 Years old, Olive Skin, Sophomore, Long, Thick Brown hair with platinum blond highlights. 5'3, Small, Curvy, Beautiful Blue eyes. DD, Sweet, Kind, Caring, Smart, Brave, Also Shy, Cheerleader.
Axel Valencia~ 17 Years old, White Skin, Junior, Thick Black hair, Black eyes, 6'4, huge build. Strong, Powerful, Bad boy, Careless. HOT ASF.
Maria Valencia~ 16 Years old, Junior, Light Skin, (Sister to Axel) Long blond hair, Green eyes, C Cup, Funny, Carefree, 5'6, Cheerleader.
Jack Stone~ 18 Years old, Tan skin, (Brother to Aria) Senior, 6'5, Brown wavy hair, brown eyes, kind, PROTECTIVE, Athletic.
Brian Walker~ Tan Skin, (Best Friend of Axel) Senior, Dirty blond long hair, 6'5, Green eyes. Big build.
Jax Martinez~ 16 Years old, Olive Skin, 6' 4, Hazel eyes, Big Build, Sophomore, Short Black hair.

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