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You Will Always Be Mine...And Only Mine

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The Move

Arias POV:

The sound of various birds and traveling cars awoke me into a pleasurable morning and hopefully an exciting afternoon. I threw the pastel pink and blue sheets off of me, slide into my grey slippers and walked down stairs to join my family.

We had been staying at my aunts for a week because all of our things were currently moved into a new home were id be attending Lockwood academy. The grey blue home had a detached two car garage, garden, shed, and beautiful pool. My brother is extremely excited although I am beyond nervous. Today is the day we finally get to move. We visit are dad every other week because he will be living 2 hours from the new house. I am thrilled to leave town. I was counting down the days I got to leave my ex boyfriend, I became tired of him always showing up at my school or my house trying to always take me with him, thank god for restraining orders.

“Hi Hun, your brother made you a batch of chocolate chip pancakes, please take your meds after you finish and wash your plate” my aunt said with a face of contentment.

“Thanks Jack” I said, my brother just smiled and kissed my check rapping me into a big hug. “I know your going to miss everyone but you will fit in perfectly” Jack whisperer into my ear then walked to his own plate.

After breakfast I took my Citalopram, Benzodiazepines, and Fluoxetine. I suffer with Depression, anxiety, also trauma which ill explain later. In a swift motion I ran into my room and begun to pick out my outfit. I picked a light purple of the shoulder tight crop top that has criss cross lace to show my cleavage (nothing extremely reveling). I paired it with light washed ripped jeans, and a pair of white Filas.

“HURRY, we down want to be late when your dad gets here to say bye, you have a half hour Aria” my mom screamed to me, she cares....just sometimes she doesn’t show it. “Ill be down can you have Uncle put my bags in the car, I left them by the stair way” My uncle nodded over hearing and took of outside.

I put my long brown/platinum blond hair into 2 french braids with strands coming down into the front. I layered my mascara, highlighted my cheeks, contoured my eye brows, and put on blush. I have natural beauty so I do not go all out on times like this.

I went down stairs to see Jack hugging our dad as he shed small tears. Its going to be hard for us because usually the time was split, luckily our dad found his love to keep him sain, but our mom has not. Me and Jack sat down with dad and talked for a good hour until it was time to travel.

“Lets go my angels” our aunt said. I couldn’t make out the look on her face, it was a blank expression. I wasn’t able to tell if she was thrilled to see us leave or sad. I new they were going to miss us but there house was filled with an added 3 people, it had to get annoying. Jack took front seat and I took back...I requested it so I could sleep laying down...even though I wanted to control the radio badly. I got text after text and snap after snap from my friends, and all the guys I couldn’t wait to reject. As the car ride went on I hooked up my air pods and that’s when sleep took over my body. I was awoke by my side door opened and my brother was lifting me.

“Wake up already, I am not afraid to carry you, your like 120 pounds Aria”

“What the hell is wrong with you Jack let me go” My brother just laughed and lowered me kissing my forehead.

I straightened out my outfit and hopped onto the gravel pavement. My mom was already grabbing her Carry-On bags and went inside. Jack was gathering his things but something caught his attention that I didn’t notice. There were 3 tall huge boys across the street playing basketball. Jack shrugged it off and disappeared into the back to see the yard. Me and my small body went into the trunk to grab my suitcase.

I heard my phone ring and as when I went to pick it up I dropped it and it feel behind me. As I went down to reach it I looked up to see the most good looking guys id ever lay eyes on. I’m shy so I’m not one to stare or start relationships. The three were looking right at me and my face grew read...no tomato could compare.

The boy with Dirty brown hair had tattoos along his hand and scattered along his legs. The other with short black hair had them scatterd across his neck and hands. And the one that Caught my attention Had perfect black hair with tattoos along his arms and neck. I never stared for too long but it was hard not to notice there aura. I turned around and picked up what I had and went into the house.

The only thing I could think of is....how the fuck am I going to focus with Greek god like him living right next door? Fuck me

I jumped when I heard the door bell. Goose bumps traveled along my skin and I couldn't bring myself to the door.

"Sweetheart please open the door...I think its our new neighbor, do not be rude" To reply to my mom all I did was walk myself over to the door. I grassed my hand over the knob and opened it.

I couldn't bring myself to look up but when I did I couldn't make out any words.

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