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The Prom

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Chapter 2

Days passed without sign of Jack, and Sera forgot about him. Out of the blue, he showed up at lunch again one day. Before either girl could say anything, he said, “So I thought about it and figured maybe you don’t like ice cream. So maybe you like frozen yogurt instead? It’s less fattening anyway.”

“What?” Sera said mad. “Now you’re saying I’m fat?”

“N-no,” Jack sputtered as Harper rolled her eyes. “I… I just meant, maybe… never mind. I’ll try again,” he said walking away.

“How about you don’t?” called Sera.

“I’m not giving up,” Jack replied loud enough for them to hear as he walked away.

“Can you believe him?” Sera asked Harper, who was trying not to laugh.

“I know. He had the audacity to actually tell you you’re fat.”

“Yeah, right. Wait, what? You mean you think I’m fat?” Sera asked horrified.

Harper put her arm around her friend. “Relax. You’re not fat and he wasn’t implying that. Some girls have to work at our supermodel figures and starve themselves. I think he was just trying to say we’re conscious of the food we eat. Err, I mean you eat.”

“God, you like him, you ask him out and get him to stop bugging me.”

“No such luck. He hardly looks at me. I think he’s attracted to your strong arms. Lady like and body builder all in one.”

Harper laughed and Sera said, “Oh my God. You’re so mean to me.”

“Am not. Who loves you?”

“I’m beginning to wonder. Now can we move on to something else?”

“Sure. Guess who asked me out?” Harper said, changing the subject.

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