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There was no way out. And I knew it. I sank more and more. He lied my brother. He forced me to agree to rules I could not follow. But I know where his weakness is. And I will use it against him. I could develop feelings for him, but I do not care, because the revenge is more important. ........................ A book about love without prejudices that will make you feel everything. Love, anger, power and most of all revenge.

Romance / Drama
Anna Bomb
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I stood in front of the mirror and once again tried to draw my eyeliner. It didn't work out every time, and I finally decided that I would do without her. I decided to put on a little heavier makeup than usual.

- Dona, we have to go. - James shouted from downstairs.

- Just a second. - I replied as I applied my mascara. I didn't like wearing lipstick, so I didn't put it.

My curls fell freely. It took me over an hour to make them and almost a whole pack of hairspray to hold up properly. Every time I tried to do my hair, I cursed myself for having thick, lively, and very lush brown hair. The door had just opened and James was leaning against the door frame, looking me up and down. When I looked at the reflection in the mirror, I saw flames burning in his eyes, filled with desire.

- You look amazing. - I smiled back at him as I looked in the mirror. He approached and ran his arms across my waist to hug me. He buried his head in the crease of my neck and began to kiss and bite me lightly. - It is not right to be late for the celebration of your birthday. - He kissed my cheek gently and let me go - I'll wait for you down in the car.

- All right. - I answered and started to put my make-up in their places.

I went downstairs to my apartment, took my keys, locked the door, and went outside. It was about 11 o'clock at night, but it was still uniquely beautiful in New Orleans. This was the city I always wanted to live in. After a few movies, series and books, I decided that I deserved to spend a vacation here, but in the end fate surprised me quite pleasantly. I was lucky that they sent me an email six months ago to work on an event campaign. A little over six months ago, I had not yet completed my bachelor's degree in business and management in the Netherlands, but I do not know how Event Planner offered me a job on a large starting salary, explaining that I would not need to pursue a master's degree, because I accept their expectations. A real miracle, I said to myself when I read the email. At university, I could barely find time for myself and especially to sleep. Most of the time, I either studied or went to parties so that my friends wouldn't think I was congested, but in the end it was worth it.

- We've arrived. - James said, getting out of the car, then opened my door and helped me out. We were standing in front of one of the most famous discos in the city.

- Then let's go. We don't want the birthday girl to be late for her party. - I smiled back and we went inside.

It was not difficult to find my friends who had chosen the best booth in the disco.

- Hey, - Lucy shouted and came over to hug me. - Happy 22 years birthday, Dona. - She said and hugged me.

- Thank you very much, Lucy. It's time to party and get some fun. - I shouted and joined my friends in the booth.

After 3 shots of tequila and about 2 cocktails of sex on the beach, I reached the limit of drinking. In the middle of my second cocktail, James went somewhere, but right now I didn't care. I just wanted to have fun.

- I'm going to smoke a cigarette outside. - said Max and went out - Anyone?

- I am coming. - I replied as I put on my leather jacket. I had a terrible habit of not being able to quit smoking. When I was 16 I decided to try and I did not stop, because in Bulgaria it is very easy to pass the laws, but I said to myself that I will not waste money on cigarettes - only try from others.

As I walked past the table I almost fell, but at least I managed to stay on my high boots. They were one of my favorites. I've been wearing them since 10th grade. I was lucky to stay short and thin as I was in school and I didn't have to spend a lot of money on clothes. My skirt had become a little shorter than I normally wore, but that wasn't a big problem for me. The tank top I decided to wear was light gray and fell freely on my body. God had blessed me with big breasts, and I didn't miss this chance to show a little piece of them.

We just went outside and Max gave me a cigarette and a lighter to light.

- Is anything wrong going with James? I don't see around him lately. - My friend asked anxiously.

- Not exactly. He must be sulking because all the attention is on me, not him. - I said jokingly, but it was somewhat true. My boyfriend has been very withdrawn lately, but I had somewhat expected that to happen. It always happens that way. My first boyfriend and kiss were at university, but I was not lucky enough to stay with him for a long time for the simple reason that it is obviously important for the boys if I don't let him fuck me for 3 months. - It's a coincidence you have marihuana. - Lucy doesn't let me smoke because I'm dying of laughter, but I don't see Lucy anywhere. - complement looking around to add a slightly more sarcastic expression.

- And you ask - he said with a smile on his face and handed me a joint. I hadn't finished my cigarette yet, so I put it in my pocket.

Just as I was about to finish my cigarette, I heard a noise and grinned. One female voice let out erotic exclamations like "more," "oh yes," "I want you all." I turned to Max, who had apparently heard the same sounds, and smiled restrainedly at him and said,

- Obviously someone will have a lot of fun tonight. - I grinned and heard a male voice, which also made bottom sounds. At that moment, my smile sucked because I knew that voice. - Wait a second. - I told Max and went to approach the boy and the girl, who were obviously on the verge of ecstasy.

He followed me with a worried expression. I approached and the sounds grew louder, but at the same time my anger went beyond what was acceptable. And then I saw him. James got his dick at the waitress who served us. My anger was seething inside me, but somehow I managed to keep my composure.

- Oh no, don't worry. I don't interrupt you while my boyfriend is waiting for you inside the disco. - I replied through gritted teeth, barely restraining myself from punching him in the face.

Hearing my voice, James immediately pulled away from her and immediately looked at me with a shocking expression. The waitress came down in the middle of my sentence until I took my eyes off my cheating friend. I had been cheated on many times, so I felt nothing but anger. As I stood in front of him, I felt Max's hand go over my shoulder, approach James, and punch him hard in the face. I stood and watched the incident, but not as stuffed, but rather as enjoying the situation. James fell to the ground, and Max walked past me, stroked my shoulder gently, and said,

- If you need anything - even if I slap him again, I'm inside. - He said with a note of regret in his voice, and I looked him in the eyes. - Good luck. - He wished and walked away from me.

I stood with my hands clasped in front of my chest, looking at him with contempt. It is a pity that it has happened to me so many times that I no longer feel grief, I just wait for it to happen. The last time my boyfriend cheated on me, he was with one of my girlfriends, but then I didn't even feel angry. I just took my things and left. But now it was a real rage. I thought it would be different this time, but I think I was a big mistake.

- I can explain everything to you, - James said, standing up, but I honestly didn't want his explanation. Maybe he'll just provoke me until he gets a slap in the face from me.

He approached me, gently grabbed my hands with his calloused fingers, I could barely contain myself from vomiting as he touched me, but I restrained myself and looked him in the eyes with my stony face as possible. Our faces were terribly close, but neither he nor I did anything. I approached him slightly and said through gritted teeth:

- You're a fucking bastard who doesn't know where to do his dick. - Scorched by my words, he let me go immediately and took a few steps away from me, looking at me in confusion. - I do not want to see you again. You have 24 hours to get your things out of my apartment and remember my words, if I see you again I won't be so nice. - I turned to the other side and walked to the door leading to the disco.

- And you're a little fucking bitch. - He replied, but I didn't give him the pleasure to turn around and argue, I just raised my middle finger. - You're acting like a virgin girl with a stick in her ass. - At these words, my legs froze in place, but I did not turn to look at him. Did he understand? I have not told anyone that I am still a virgin, except for a friend of mine from Bulgaria. - If you were at least a little worried about me, you'd feel like I've been cheating on you for weeks. - He rubbed more salt into the wound, but that didn't bother me. I was worried that he might know I was still a virgin.

I didn't think much and immediately went to the disco. My tears clouded my vision, but I didn't know how I found my booth. I took my things and left the disco at the moment. There were sounds of protest from my friends after me, but I wanted to be alone. I got in the taxi and told him my address. This trip would be disgusting. My thoughts immediately flew to what James had said, a "virgin bitch." What if he had understood? What will I do? No one knew I was still a virgin and wanted to stay that way. I can't say that my sex life with James was bad. I gave him blowjobs quite often and I just needed time to feel ready. My phone kept ringing, but I had no intention of looking at it. I put it on airplane mode and dropped it in my bag. While I was wondering if he knew or not, the taxi stopped and I realized that we had arrived. I reached into my chat room, touched only one fiftieth, and left it to him, telling him to keep the rest. He did not protest, which was perfectly normal for a taxi driver. I got out of the car, got into my block, and pushed the elevator button. After several months of crazy savings, taking out a loan I managed to buy the apartment. That was one of the few good things in my life.

When I reached the door, I saw that it was slightly opened. I wondered if I had left it like that, but I didn't think much of it. I went into my apartment, took off my jacket and hung it on my hanger and went to the fridge in the kitchen with my shoes and took out the wine that my mom and dad sent me from the wine festival in Plovdiv. I told myself that it would be for special occasions and obviously this is it. I crossed my drinking limit a lot, but I didn't care. I tossed my bag on the counter, opened the wine, and took a few sips. I took the phone out of my bag to light up, to get to the key to my room, but at that moment my lamp flashed at the end of my living room world. I was so startled that I dropped my phone. I bent down to pick it up and call the police , but someone's male voice stopped me.

- I don't recommend you do that. All the police are on my payroll. - He said evenly. The man was sitting in my armchair, arms outstretched on the backs. As if scalded, I left the phone and stood up. - Good girl.

At that moment, my mind immediately sobered up and in its place settled fear and horror for my life. I turned to run, but I wasn't so lucky. Two very tall, split, bald men were standing behind me. I looked for a way out, but I couldn't find it. And I had no idea what to do, so I decided to scream. When I tried to make a sound, one of them covered my mouth with his hand and the other grabbed my hands and put them behind my back. They moved me to the couch and dumped me on it like a sack of potatoes. When I landed on the couch, one of the thugs grabbed one hand and the other did the same. I was trying to get out. I kicked and kicked, but unfortunately nothing helped. When I calmed down and every bit of my hope left me, I already knew it was the end of my life. What would they do to me? Should I be handed over as a slave to an Afghan state? To kill me and take all my money? I thought about it because it was obviously not possible, because the shadow in front of me had more money than my whole family had ever received. So the only option left is to rape me. And I stayed a virgin for so long and I wanted it to stay that way for now. I looked at him, but his face betrayed nothing. He looked more like an Italian than an American. I saw tattoos on his palms. Something was written on one hand, but part of a rose was visible on the other. He was wearing a black suit without a tie. The first two buttons of his black shirt were unbuttoned, showing strength. Looking at him, I came to his face, showing calm as if holding the reins of the situation, which was true. He had a slightly bushy beard. When I looked into his black eyes, they depicted an abyss into which I would apparently soon fall. As much as I don't want to admit it, he was beautiful. It was even more. His thick, gloomy voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

- You owe me 15 million $ with your brother. I want them. - That sounded like an order. I looked at him puzzled and frowned in confusion. What was he talking about, God?

- I owe you absolutely nothing, get out of my apartment. - I gritted my teeth. My pride had spoken its word. No one spoke to me like that. Nobody. But at the same time, I regretted my words. Why didn't I keep my tongue behind my teeth? The shadow rose from my chair and approached me so that our faces were inches apart. At that moment, a chill ran down my spine.

- You and your brother have three days to find my money. If on Monday at 12 noon if I haven't received my money, I'll take you to encourage your brother to return it to me. - He replied with a calm face. As he watched me, my heart pounded so hard in my chest that I felt the whole neighborhood hear it. I was shocked at the moment. He stood up, straightened his shirt, buttoned one of his jackets, and walked to the door. The thugs still wouldn't let me go.

- What if I refuse? - The question came out of my mouth full of self-confidence and hatred for the man who had just stood in front of me and ordered some rules.

I turned my head to see his expression, but he didn't honor me with it. He didn't even turn to me. He had almost reached my door, ready to leave, but he stopped with the moment the words came out of my mouth. I had an idea what would happen - he would kill me. But I'm too proud to be told what to do and to be held like a puppet.

- I will kill your brother. - He said in a calm but authoritative tone.

At that moment, I was horrified and numb. This could not happen. Right? He didn't even bother to turn around. I only saw him coming out the door, while the other two men came out after him and closed my door.

I was left alone with my thoughts and the fear that filled my whole soul.

"It's just a dream. It's just a dream.”

I repeated to myself as I sank into my couch, and at that moment I collapsed and tears flowed from my eyes.

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