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With the escalation of drug dealing, prostitutes, and arms trade, Russia had become intolerable in the eyes of the United States. Moreover, the man named Alexander Kuznetsov, unwillingness to cooperate had become a problem. How shall the United States respond? Termination. Allow another family to sit on the vile throne. However, a man such as Alexander Kuznetsov isn't easy to kill. And that is her mission. Agent Rosalina Rivera shall do whatever it takes to end the life of the Russian mafia leader, Alexander Kuznetsov. Anything. Including tangling herself in his sheets. Unexpectedly, Rosalina found something much more deadly than the gun beneath the pillow of the infamous Alexander. His heart.

Romance / Action
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0. Alexander

The world is nothing more than a grey canvas

Splattered with Red

Burning into ashes

Tell me...

Was it worth it?

Was love worth it?

To lose everything you once held dear

On that day, he lost something

He lost his...humanity

At least...he found you

And then he remembers

Who he once was

But, he has to go

And as you look into his eyes

You understood why

“Thank you...for being here.”

“We can fix this.”

"You can’t fix something that was never broken...I am not broken...I am a man living in a broken world."

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