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IX. Fucking Bang

Rosalina’s POV:

There’s a reason why he’s the king of a fucking country.

He notices things...big things...and small things.

Most likely, he had his suspicion since the beginning but chose not to act upon it.

When I stepped into his hotel room, my eyes flicker around. It’s the same as mine except much bigger, and there’s a lack of equipment. Outside the double door, there are two guards. Inside, there are a few, but Alexander quickly dismissed them.

I twirled my purse around, “You sure you want to allow an enemy to be inside your hotel room?”

His lips curved into a smile, “I’ll even allow her to be on my bed.” He pours the alcohol into the glass while I made myself comfortable on the couch. “That is if she plays her card correctly.” He hands me a glass.

I took it and twirled it around before looking at him through it. “You’re sure confident.”

“That you won’t kill me tonight?”

“That I’ll be in your bed tonight.”

He chuckles before taking a drink of the wine to show me it isn’t spiked. I accepted his challenge and drank it myself.

“I didn’t know that spies are so...appealing nowadays.”

I grinned, “You’re looking at a one of a kind.” I spread out my arms, “So, congratulations.”

He rests his chin against his knuckles, “It would be quite endearing if you tell me who sent you so I can personally...thank them.”

I rest my legs against the coffee table. His eyes flicker towards my legs, and it washed towards my breasts before it lands on my lips. I lick them and allow the tongue to hang on the edge a bit longer than necessary. “If only interrogations were that easy.”

“You know, I could make this day the worst moment of your life.”

I drank the rest of the alcohol, “But you’re also curious whether I can make this day the best moment of your life.” I stood up and paced around the hotel room, allowing him to soak in my body. “Your desire to crawl between my legs outweighs your determination to eliminate me.”

His eyes are following me.

I can feel it.

I hop onto the desk.

“The roots of your confidence?”

I look at him, “Your eyes.”

Steadily, I lift my legs, and he followed them. I spread them apart, and he swallowed eagerly.

I grinned, “You’re here for two weeks.”

“You’ve done your research.”

“And I’ll play with you for two weeks.”

There was a moment of silence. “The game?”

I place my palm against my chest and lower it, allowing a button to escape before it stretches downward. His eyes follow my every movement. “Hide and sneak.”

He stood up and made his way towards me. His hands rest firmly on both sides of my body before his erect dick pressed between my legs. “You wanna play mouse with me?”

I slip my hand from my body and slide it towards his erection. “I don’t play mouse, Mr.Kuznetsov.” I turned my head until it reaches his ear, “I prefer to be a little kitty cat.” I curled my fingers inward, and he grunted loudly.

I rubbed it. “So, how about it? Wanna play with me?”

“My reward?” His voice drops several tunes.

“If I lose, I’ll let you play with my kitty cat.”

Without responding, he slammed my body against the desk. “And how would you know I won’t simply play with your kitty cat right now?”

I exhale a sharp breath. I admit this shit is scaring me a little bit. My body thrust upward, “And where is the fun in that?” My lips scraped against his, and without a second thought, I traced my tongue across his lips. It tastes like cigarettes and alcohol.

“And if the reward does not exceed my expectation?”

I grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed him down until it was between my thighs. My finger curled inside my underwear, and I fully exposed myself to him. “Why don’t you take a sample?”

A pussy is a pussy.

A hole is a hole.

The difference lies in the person. Their attitude towards their own body is the attraction.

Alexander’s hot breaths scrap against my pussy, and I exhale sharply. It’s sad to say, but it’s been a while since I’ve had sex. He smirks before he dug in and -holy crap.

My lips curl into my teeth to prevent any moans from escaping. He cannot have the upper hand. Once he received a sample, I pull his head back. If this weren’t a mission, I would’ve allowed him to feast all night. My eyes drop towards his wet lips. “Yummy?”

And that was it.


He grins, “What’s the game?”

I ran my thumb across his lips, “There’s something I really like.”

“Oh? And here, I thought you might want to play a different type of game?”

“I’m not interested in whether or not you can find out who I really am.” I leaned back and rested a heel on his shoulder. He seems pleased.

Who knew the fucking Russian mafia king had such a kink?

Yes. So far, I’m running everything based on instinct. Fuck the CIA. They make me look like a wuss, and I doubt with their never-been-in-a-relationship advice, Alexander would choke me after he fuck me. Of course, the CIA isn’t the only one conducting background research. Maisley had been researching some information of her own, and she was kind enough to treat me to some juice.

Luz Wood has no children or lover.

Why should I listen to seduction advice from a woman who never successfully held down anyone? Some may defend her and said that she is a secret agent. She has no time for a love life.

That may be true.

But the last time Luz got laid was eight years ago.

No wonder why she’s so uptight.

She needs to get laid.

“Plus, I’m certain that you already start your investigation, so where is the fun in that?”

Alexander lift a leg and place a soft kiss on my ankle, “Your game?”

“This little kitty cat has something she really likes.” I smile and lean forward, “Find it for me.” I removed my leg from his hold and leaped off his desk before making my way towards the door.

“That’s awfully vague.”

I didn’t bother looking back. Instead, I waved at him, “You own a fucking country. Figure it out!”

“How does owning a country have anything to do with this situation?”

I turn around and shrug, “Maybe I like something from your country.” I placed my palm against my lip and blew him a kiss. “Find it before you leave, buttercup.”

He seems amused by the nickname. “Alright,” he said. “And you?”

I halt at the door. Damn, I should’ve walked faster. I turn around, “What about me?”

Steadily, he stalked towards me. “Why do I get all” Alexander places a palm against the door and pushes himself towards me. “What are you going to do?”

I smile, “The same thing I always do.”

“And that is?”

I circle my arms around his neck and pull him towards my level. “Kill you.”

“Oh? That’s your mission?”

“Don’t sound so surprised.”

“Have dinner with me tonight.” Something tells me this man enjoys living a dangerous life. He probably jerks off to the thought that someone out there wants to kill him.

“I want the whole restaurant.”


“I want an expensive restaurant.”


"Expensive car.”

“Is this perhaps a hint?”

I grinned, “Maybe.” I remove his arm and open the door. Outside stood two guards who remove themselves and allow me to go through. Without looking back, I knew Alexander captured my every movement inside his mind.

So, I allowed him to capture it.

Is it stupid to not back away once your cover is blown?

Fuck yeah, it’s stupid.

But, I rather die, then crawl back with my tail between my legs and admit my failure.

And if I’m going to die, I’ll die with a fucking bang.

Figuratively...and literally.

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