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Author's Note

Good day!

Thank you for your support!

Unfortunately, Quinn had decided to put the book on hiatus (on hold).

Quinn Catcher is an amateur 20 something years old writer with high anxiety. At the moment, Quinn is going through her MA program while working two jobs. She works six days a week with a single day to catch up with her life.

Sadly, this means Quinn cannot always update her books.

When will Quinn return and continue updates?

Quinn doesn't know.

You're upset because Quinn is too busy to update a book that's FREE?

With enough complaints, Quinn is willing to unpublished the incomplete book, so future readers won't feel the burden current readers feel.

Why is Quinn working two jobs?

Because college tuition and a lifestyle in California isn't cheap.

Will Quinn return after she graduate?

Quinn doesn't know.

So, Quinn is not active across any platforms?

Quinn will hop in once in a while. However, she will only update on Patreon and Dreame (Quinn has an incomplete book that that's on pay-to-read).

What I'm reading is, Quinn is greedy?

Sure. Why not.


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