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V. Cat and Mouse

Rosalina’s POV:


A group of finely dressed men escorting a guy in pajamas.

Now, I’ve seen everything.

My eyes squint in a futile attempt to see the pajamas man’s face. It was too dark. I exhaled lightly in disappointment when he went inside the hotel.

With sunrise, breakfast arrives. I threw myself into the meal only to hear a knock half an hour later. Outside stood Diego, Maisley, and the random woman I saw who gave me a brief overview of the mission. I opened the door, and one by one, they entered the room.

Everyone settled down while I continued breakfast. Honestly, with the time, it might as well be lunch. “I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself last time,” the woman said. “My name is Luz Wood - CIA.” She shows off her fancy badge. I want to show mine off too, but SAGE doesn’t give us badges. I mean, it makes sense because we’re supposed to be a top-secret agency. But, still, I want one.

How cool would that be?

“I am Agent 86, Rosalina Rivera - SAGE.”

Then, bang!

I show off my fake gold badge.

We all stayed quiet, assuming she already knew our identities. I cut up the omelet and consume it. It’s delicious. I flip up the cover with a knife to see the wonderfully melted cheese and steak.

“I’m here to aid you all in your missions.”

“Missions?” Maisley question. “Plural.”

“Yes. Although your objectives overlap, your missions are overall different. Agent 88-” she looks at Maisley. “As you know, you’re assigned as a teacher at Harrison High School and will be finding intel in regards to the missing Agent 46.”

Maisley nods.

“Agent 89-” she turns towards Diego. “Your mission is to aid Agent 86 in her mission.” Whatever the mission may be.

“What’s the mission?” Diego asks. I’m sure he realizes the oddness in everything but chooses not to confront it.

“Termination of Alexander Kuznetsov.”

I nearly choked on the omelet. Did she say we will kill Alexander Kuznetsov? The man who is in charge of Russia, a fucking country?

How odd.

Why would they want to kill him off?

Russia and America had been at peace for years now. Then again, everything could’ve been superficial. All countries are power-hungry. It’s never enough for any of them.

“Why do you want to kill him off?” Diego asks.

“As you, all know, with the assassination of the previous leader, the heir, Alexander Kuznetsov, had taken over the Kuznetsov’s family. With his years of power, there had been an escalation of drug trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking, money laundering, and many others.” She gave us the tablets so we can read what she had stated with more details.

“The mafia had always been involved in these things. Why are we acting now?” Diego asks. Good job, Diego. You continue asking those questions. The agency wouldn’t like your nosey attitude, but I do.

“It wouldn’t have been such a problem if it weren’t for Alexander Kuznetsov’s recent actions. There had been a massive amount of kidnappings within the states. Young women and men had been deported to Russia as sex slaves.”

I covered my mouth with my hand to prevent myself from saying anything—what bullshit of an excuse to assassinate one of the most powerful men in the world. Everyone knows the mafia whether the Cosa Nostra or La Eme had been kidnapping others for decades. They had never done anything about that matter. Now, all of a sudden, they care about the general people.

I continued to read the details. Most likely, they want to eliminate Alexander Kuznetsov because he had been gaining too much influence over the years. With more power, it would be harder to control him.

Long story short, they want someone easier to control.

Then, a lightbulb went off.

Of course.

That’s the reason why Maisley is here.

With the successful assassination of Alexander Kuznetsov. His son, Andrei Kuznetsov, will take over the seat. A young, much easier to control, leader.

Most likely, Maisley is assigned to Harrison High School to protect the heir. Finding Agent 46 is an excuse.

Can they make their plan any more obvious?

When I looked up from the tablet, I noticed Luz was staring at me. I only smile in return. Even if I do figure out their plan. What can I do? Nothing. I’m supposed to be an emotionless robot. Here is an order. Follow through. Done.

“And my role?” I ask.

“Your assignment is to get close to Alexander Kuznetsov.”

I raised a brow, “Why not call in a sniper and kill him?” Wouldn’t that be easier? And it’s not unusual either. Leaders of the world have a long history of assassination by snipers.

Luz exhales and leans back. “If it was that easy. Would we request you all?”

I feel like she’s mocking my intellect. All because SAGE doesn’t have countless movies and tv series like the FBI and CIA. If I could control it, I would publicize SAGE so we can also get a movie.

“Alexander Kuznetsov is not an easy man to kill.” The table automatically went to the next page. “These are the list of people who had passed when attempting an assassination.”

So, she’s telling me; all these people had died when they tried to kill the man I’m assigned to assassinate. Holy shit. My picture could be on this list.

She should just tell me to grab the gun in my luggage and shoot myself right now.

I scroll to the next page to read how these agents died. Some had quick deaths. Most died a gruesome slow death.


All teeth pulled out from their mouth.

All fingers were broken.

Certain organs removed.

The more I read, the moister my body felt. I’ve been captured and tortured before, but they were all on purpose to get closer to my target. Let’s say I’m not too fond of being tortured. Getting your fingers broken and salt on your wound isn’t fun.

Those are the classic tortures.

Nowadays, criminals come up with much more interesting ways to torture agents for information.

I’ve heard of an agent who got nearly all their bones removed without their body being cut open. Somehow, the agent is still alive. Claps to the person who can perform that.

“So, how do you suppose I get close to him without dying?” If my life is on the line, I should be upfront.

“As you can see, Alexander Kuznetsov has a long line of marriage.” Yes, I’ve even fallen victim to one of his spouses. I can still feel the stinging sensation on my cheek. I should’ve slapped the bitch harder.

I continued to read the pages.



He got them all.

“You,” Luz said. She’s looking at me. “Will become his next wife.”


“What? You want me to get close to him and become his...wife?”


I look down at the picture of Alexander Kuznetsov. The photo did not do him justice. He is much more exquisite in person. “So, I have to sleep with him?”

“If it requires, yes.”

“And I may die?”

“Potentially. If your identity is revealed.”

“Does he have any disease?”

“That is on page 65.”

He’s clear.

How promising.

Well, if I do die. Does getting a disease really matter? The amount of agents that died isn’t a small number. The chances of me completing my mission seem incredibly narrow.

After some more details, Luz and Maisley left.

Diego poured a cup of orange juice. “Will you be fine?”

I chuckle, “You’re helping me. If I die. You die.”

The cup halts halfway towards his lips, “Shit.” I can tell, my words got through. He drank the content. “What’s the plan?”

I ran my tongue across the row of teeth and scrolled through the tablet. I need to find out more information about Alexander. Information beyond him killing off his offsprings, dealing with everything deemed illegal, and his long record of divorces.

“How about we find out his type?” Diego suggested. “All men have a type.”

I nodded and scrolled through the pictures of his ex-wives.

Big boobs.

Blue eyes.

Black hair.

I caught Diego staring at me. “At least you meet 33.3% of the basic requirements.”

I place a hand on my breast, or at least what I assumed as a form of breasts. When you go through vigorous combat training, forget about having large breasts. I should be grateful; I still look like my gender.

I threw the tablet down. “I’m about to meet 66.6% of the basic requirements.”

“You’re going to get contacts?”

“Fuck no. I have a nice pair of brown eyes. Why would I hide it?”


I place my hands on my breasts - or what I assumed as breasts - and grin.

“You’re going to get boobs? Are you crazy? Do you know how much of a burden boobs will be during a mission? When you fight-” he places his hands on his breasts, “these things are going to boing boing boin-” he pauses, “you know what? I support you. Get those breasts. If they’re too much of a burden. You can always take them away.”

I wink at him, “Now you’re getting it.”


Then, it happened.

The knife.

Luz burst into the surgery room. “You think we have time to wait until you heal?”

The breast surgery was rejected.

Apparently, we don’t have 6-8 weeks' worth of time for my fake breasts to heal.

“Here.” Luz threw contact lenses at me. “Alexander seems to go with girls who have blue eyes.”

“And my breasts?”

“We’ll somehow make them appear large.”

“And when he undressed me?”

“It will be too late for him to take your underdeveloped breasts into consideration.” Bitch.

I growl slowly. I remember how un-fun other agencies can be.

“Tonight. There will be a party,” she said.

I open the case to see blue contacts.

“These are specialized contacts. You need to change them once every two weeks.”

I nodded.

“You will infiltrate the event.”

“Where is it?”

“Here. At this hotel.”

“Wait,” Diego said. “Does that mean Alexander Kuznetsov is here?”

“Yes. He is staying eight floors above us.”

Both of us look up towards the ceiling. I wonder if the man I saw the other night is Alexander.

That’s ridiculous.

Which mafia leader would check into a hotel in pajamas?

Luz places down a photo. My mouth slightly parted at the man in the picture. A man was wearing pajamas and entering a hotel. The exact one that I’m sitting in. My eyes squinted as I leaned in closer. They’re teddy bears pajamas. I never saw anyone look so badass rocking bears PJs.

“According to our investigators,” Luz said before we can make a comment about one of the most dangerous men in the world fashion statement. “Alexander is interested in females who aren’t interested in him.”

“You mean he chased after females who rejected him?” What an odd kink.

“Yes,” Luz replies.

I guess he’s the type of man who enjoys a challenge. That explains the high divorce rate. He must have gotten bored with those women after they got interested in him.

What a cunt.

It seems like I have to play a cat and mouse game with him. Once he lets his guard down, I can kill him. Easier said than done. I exhale lightly at the thought of dying. I’ve accepted it. This mission is near impossible. How sad. I even booked an auction three months from now to get the diamond necklace I wanted.

Luz gives us more details about how to get closer to Alexander. She said that communication between us would decrease as I get closer to Alexander to minimize the amount of suspicion.

Luz hands me a folder.

I will become Rose Arvena. At least the name isn’t too far off from my own. I wonder who came up with that and how lazy they are.

Rose Arvena was raised in a small town in California with regular parents. Her parents passed when she was twenty-three. No siblings. No other relatives. Now, at the age of twenty-five, she lives by herself in a small apartment while working at a flower shop.

This girl, Rose Arvena, is just asking for some dangerous man to kidnap her.

I mean, no siblings; no relatives?

If she disappears, no one would care.

That is the main point.

If Alexander decides to take her back to Russia, no one would care to search for her.

My fake life sounds so sad.

I pity, fake me.

After I was given my role, rows of people came inside to alter my appearance. Then, in the middle of the makeup session, the realization occurs. Didn’t he see my face before? At the hotel? When he was caught cheating on his wife.

The woman turned my chair. I stared at the mirror. Who the fuck is the woman looking at me? After a few seconds, I realized it was me. Holy shit. I didn’t even recognize myself.

I look at the make up artists, “I’m impressed.”

She smiles, “Just doing my job.” She packs up her weapons.

After the makeup, they did my hair and laid me into a new dress. I stared at myself in the mirror. I didn’t think it was possible, but it is. I can become so much more attractive.

My breast size felt the same, but when I removed my hands, they looked enormous. These people are wizards. I shouldn't have become a field agent. I should’ve learned magic.

I exhale a light breath.

“Ready?” Diego asks.

To walk into the tiger’s den?

Who in the world would say: “Yes.” Well, I just did.

I adjusted my straps, and with one heel after another, I headed out the door. Inside the elevator, soft, soothing music lingers in the atmosphere. I turned around to check my teeth. “Wow. I really have no idea who you are,” I said to myself.

The makeup artist said that the product she applied last for a week, even in water. I wonder if she knows, I only need it for the night. Since Alexander enjoys playing hard to get, I’ll do just that.

A game of cat and mouse.

The elevator dings.

And I refuse to be the mouse.

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