The Alphas Wants Me

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"I'm sorry, you probably wanted a mate that's thinner, prettier, and funnier," "You two were already mated and happy until I came along and screwed everything up like always," ~Zoey Night "What if it was you that we were missing?" "I'm sure as hell not rejecting you!!" ~Theo Jackson "You had me at 'I'm sorry'," "Please don't leave us," ~Cade White In a world of the supernatural, werewolves are known as protectors and fight against zombies and vampires. The world is unaware of this except for the few humans that have learned the secret of the wolves. Vampire clans and Zombie nests, when the two work together, its a fight for survival on who will win. The good or the bad?

Romance / Fantasy
Jasmine Plock
Age Rating:

(1) Beginnings

The world isn't safe, there are worst things than rapists and murderers. It's zombies and vampires, werewolves have been fighting them for an as long both been fighting. Zombies multiply like bacteria and inject their poison into the living. While vampires are bitten and born.

My pack is the Blue Moon pack and we are fighters for the zombies, there are 12 packs and they are divided in half, one half fights zombies and other vampires. It's so we don't get distracted and pick on over the other.

My father is the pack adversary, it means he gives advice on the pack and advice on personal matters to the alpha. My mother is the pack's healer, you come to her for medicine and broken bones. My little brother and I are following in our parent's footsteps.

Since I'm the oldest I'm training to be the pack's adversary. My little brother, Carter, is training to be the healer. We both love our positions that we are training for, so it worked out.

Some packs are old school, but some, like our pack, had adapted to the modern world. We have modern medicine and technology. We don't live in dens and own houses, even business with humans. We attend school with humans.

Some close humans to us know our secret. We trust them and they help us protect our secret. We don't hunt humans, instead, we hunt animals in the forest. Packs have different titles for important people in the pack.

We have our Alpha, who leads and keeps us in order. We have our Luna, who helps with the order of the pack and helps with the pups. We have the Beta, who in second of command and helps with the alpha in the order of the pack.

We have the Gamma, who leads the Warriors. We have the Elders who teach us about the pack and the old ways. We have the packs adversary, who gives advice. The healer who helps with illness and such. Then we have the Omegas, we protect them and cherish them.

In some packs they are treated as slaves and would be beaten and raped used as toys. In our pack, because our Lunas in the past have been Omegas, we treat them with respect. We protect them and the pups first.

Omegas live with the Alpha, I lived with my parents until I was 18, and went to live the pack houses with the other kids my age. Members of the pack have their own house and until your 18 you live with them. At least until you find your mate which is usually when your 16 and up. Until then you live with your parents until your 18 and go to the packhouse.

I haven't found my mate, I haven't gone into heat as well. You usually go into heat/rut when your 16. It helps find your mate. My mother and father were confused and took me to the Elders. They said I should have a heat when I find my mate.

Here I am 19 years and old and almost 20 and have not found my mate at all. I live in the packhouse with the Alphas and Lunas son, David. We get along and he gets my advice on things. Since I'm training to be a packs adversary, I can give advice. To a certain extent, I have to have my father's opinion to do so.


When I woke up, I didn't want to get up, but I had to. I got up and dressed in a beige pencil skirt, a peach blouse, and nude heels. I did my makeup and walked past the perfumes my human friends gave me. When using perfumes it mixes with our natural scent and causes us to smell bad but also our mate will not be able to find us.

I headed down the stairs and got a quick breakfast. I brushed my teeth in my bathroom, after going back upstairs. I then headed to the Alphas office he had here. I knocked and headed in. Alpha Ryan sat in the desk chair with my father behind him. Sitting in the two seats in front of the desk, were to men I didn't recognize.

"Zoey, this is Beta Conner and pack adversary Ivan, from Blackthorn pack. Gentlemen this is Zoey, an adversary in training," Alpha Ryan said.

"Welcome to Wolf Crest pack," I replied to the beta and adversary.

They greeted me and I moved behind Alpha Ryan and begin taking notes. They talked about helping with a treaty. My Alpha agreed and they set plans for us to come down this weekend.

That's when they said Alphas, I was confused because how can two Alphas lead a pack and not fight.

"Um, sorry to bother. Alphas?" I questioned confusingly.

"Yes, our Alpha is mated to another Alpha. Alpha Theo and Alpha Cade have been mated for 5 years and they work in harmony for our pack." Beta Conner quipped. He said with a tone that he wouldn't accept and snide remarks.

I nodded and kept quiet for the rest of the meeting. Afterward Alpha Ryan turned to us, "I'll be heading over tonight and you two will head up tomorrow." Alpha Ryan then got up and walked out.

"Dad?" I asked. "What's going on? Why am I coming?"

"Because you're almost 20 and I'll be retiring soon and this is great practice for you." He replied and walked out. I followed and headed to my room to pack. I was so confused and was repeating the names of the Alphas in my head.

The next morning, I grabbed my things and headed downstairs. I grabbed a granola bar and headed outside to wait. Eventually, my father pulled up, I got up from sitting in my suitcase. My father popped the trunk and I threw the suitcase in and slipped into the car.

My father closed the trunk and slid into the driver's seat. "Ready?" He asks, I nodded. He put the car in gear and drove out of the packhouse driveway.

The ride there was quick and fast. We arrived by nightfall. I was surprised at how big the packhouse was. It was bigger than ours, I assumed the Blackthorn pack was small. But this, this was like a castle.

My dad pulled around the arch of the driveway and parked. As we stepped out, a male Omega cane running out. "Welcome Adversary John and Miss Night," he greeted, "I'm Omega Henry and I'll be at your services." He then proceeds to take the car keys and drives to the garage that was a couple of miles away.

Another Omega was waiting by the door and she was a girl. "Hi, I'm Omega Wren. Follow me to your rooms," she says and turns and walks to one of the two staircases. We followed after and she points to one room for my father, and the one across for me. "There will be a pack meeting at 7 am sharp, please try not to be late," she politely says. She turns and walks off.

I check the time, it 12:47 am. I glanced at my father but he was already shutting the door. I headed into my room and put my suitcases on the floor. I flopped into the bed, exhausted. My vision went blurry as I closed my eyes.

I was up around 5 am, thanks to the alarm I always set for 5 am. I was showered and dressed by 6:30. I headed downstairs, where Omega Wren greeted me with breakfast. My father was already seated and I nodded at him. He returned the greeting and I ate quickly.

I originally published this on Wattpad. Thank you for reading.
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