A Silent Cry

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Alexandra is a poor girl who works at a club trying to pay off her debts in life. She would do almost anything to get out of the hole she put herself in. She's made an offer by a mysterious man she meets one night. This deal can mean giving up everything she holds true to herself, but what choice do you have when you're about to live on the street? Alexandra will have to watch her back because she'll be caught up with all the secrets and lies of this new mystery man. But most importantly she must do her best not to lose her heart to him.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one - The Club


That's all I thought at this moment, as fear pumped in my veins all I could think about was run. Every branch that whacked my face, every rock I tripped over didn't stop me. Get to the gate... All I need to do is get to the gate.

I couldn't look back, I was too scared too. They could have been right behind me or they could be miles away I would never know. Run I keep thinking to myself... I have to run and never stop running, if they ever find me I'll never live to see the next day.

I headed straight for the forest, going as fast as I could. I had a limp now my in right ankle, as I was trying to escape I twisted it. Up ahead I could see my exit, my only chance out. 50 ft away, 40 ft, 20, only a couple more feet. I reached out for the gate and I could feel it's cold metal biting into my skin.

I began to climb, forgetting about the pain that I was feeling in my hands. As I reach the top I felt my body being dragged back down to the ground, and I pulled myself harder with the last bit of strength I had left. I fell to the other side of the fence, and that's when the shooting started. I ran deeper into the forest, fearing that after all this effort I would be killed anyway. This is my last and only chance to make it, to make it back home.

1 year earlier

The music pumped in the room, the glasses were shaking, and the heat of everybody made the room ever more hot. As I walked around with the tray of liquor, I had men stare at me, seeking my attention. I never look at them, I keep walking with my head held high hoping to make it through another shift. I had to make it through, I needed to pay this month's rent and I was still behind. I have started to work more shifts, but I can never shake the way how dirty I felt. I never wanted this life, but I was born into it. I was making my way back to the table I see them all glaring at me, with this hunger in their eyes. I always see a hunger in the men's eyes, but that hunger was never satisfied.

There's five men at the table, and you can tell that they were waiting for another person. We have our regulars, we have those everyday bums that walk in, but I've never seen this group of men before. They all are wearing similar clothing, black suits.

"Can I get you anything else?"

"What I want, will take up too much time but I'll take you up on that offer later tonight"

I have many rough nights, I knew that this one was going to be hard. These men were arrogant, and had no respect towards any other women here. I walked away without a care, I wouldn't be spoken to like that. I deal with enough problems around this place, I don't need more. As I see my friend Molly, I can tell that she's going to be making some extra cash tonight. It's never good to make extra cash in this job, and I fear that one day she'll wind up dead in the back of an alleyway, or pregnant by some bastard and left alone to raise a child. I see the small glance that she gives me as she walks away.

"Hey Molly"

I try to stop her, I truly do and every time she turns away whenever I do.

"Not now Alex, I have to go. I'll call you tonight though okay?"

She always says she'll call, but she never does. I fear for her, she has been in this line of business longer than me but not by much.

"Okay, but really call me this time."

"I will, stop with your fussing"

As I see her walk off towards the exit the man she leaves with stares at me. He stares at me longer than I would have liked, and he drinks me up with his eyes. I feel a shiver go down my spine as he pushes Molly through the door, with one final glance my way as the door shuts.

And then I noticed Tom impatiently waiting for me, with the new set of drinks. He points to the back room, and tells me to bring them over there. Nobody ever goes back there, at least every time I see one of the girls go back I never see them come out again, not in the same.

There was poor Starr once who went in and came out completely different. I didn't even recognize her, and now it was my turn to go through the doors. I have no clue what is waiting behind those doors, except someone who must want these drinks. As I walk over I feel everything around me begin to quiet down, everybody was moving in slow motion and clearing a path for me. Of course this was all in my head, but it still felt like I was walking the runway to my doom.

My throat was suddenly dry, I needed a drink but there was no way I could turn back now. I knocked the door quietly with three taps. I heard a gruff voice that told someone to hold on, and the door began to open. A tall man with slick black hair opens the door to let me in. I had never seen this room before, and it was all too much to take in.

The room was laced with the red velvet material, and then the center of the room was a single table with multiple chairs around. And each and every one of those chairs sat a man who stared at me. Every man's eye was on me at that moment, except for one person.

I have no way of knowing who this man is, but there's something about him that I just couldn't stop staring. He had a light 5 o'clock shadow, with dark Rich brown hair and these amazing deep blue eyes that looked like the ocean. He wore a casual suit and by far is the best looking man out of everyone in the room. He was the one man in the room who's not staring at me, who payed no attention to me a. I started to serve the drinks I knew then that I was way over my head. As a reached the mysterious man, there was something in his eyes that I had never seen before. Something that I was terrified to find out what it meant.

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