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Just because your once alone soesmt mean your forever alone Read to find out

Romance / Mystery
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#1 ~Moving~

"Mum your meaning of fun is definitely not the same as mine!" sighed Tiffany in anger as her mum begun to play some music in the car.

"For the love of God lighten up a bit Tiffy," huffed her mum as she had already given up on her daughter.

"Fine Imma read my damn book then," said tiffany as she took out her brand new harry potter book that she had gotten as a goodbye present from her Hogwarts obsessed best friend. Just thinking about Melissa spread a huge smile across her face.

"What are you smiling about?" questioned her mum.

"Uhh, nothing I read something funny that Harry said," she stammered"and turn the music off its gonna distract me." Her mum just smiled knowing that she obviously wasn't telling the truth.

Time went by for Tiffany and by now she was always halfway through the book and when she looked up she noticed they were about ten minutes from when she had started reading the book. Maybe she was just a fast reader and had never noticed it she thought to herself but when she whipped out her phone to check the time two hours had passed.

"Muuuuum!" she screamed in frustration "what's taking so long for flip sake!"

"If you can't see then I might as well tell you that we're in traffic."

"I know that what I meant was why are we still close to where we were two hours ago."

"Once again we're stuck in traffic."

"I mean why aren't we nearly at our destination yet."

"Like I've said previous ties we're stuck in traffic."

"I meant why are we basically in the exact same spot as we were two whole hours ago."

"I'm gonna spell it out for you this time T-R-A-F-F-I-C.Traffic!"

"You really frustrate me sometimes mum."

"You mean like the time that I told you that we were moving to the LA and you didn't take it very well and now you're stuck in traffic. Because if that's what you mean then I totally understand where you are coming from Tiffy."

Tiffany glared at her mum as if she wanted to punch her-if glares could kill then she would be on the phone to 911 emergency room right now


When Tiffany had finished reading the philosophers stone she was about to pick up the chamber of secrets but then she realized that the car had stopped and that they must be nearly there but when she looked up she was in the middle of a street that was completely different to the picture her mum had shown her the previous week.

"Mum why did we stop here don't tell me-"

"Petrol's out sweety we have to call a car person."

(A/N=IDK what that you comment what its called pls and thank you now let's get on with Tiffany's stressful journey)

"you never come prepared do you mum?"

"I h-had other s-s-stuff on my m-mind."

This left Tiffany in shock as her mum had never ever stuttered and that scared her because if her mum had stuttered for the first time in over 14 years then there had to be something wrong and as her daughter, Tiffany knew that it was her job to get to the bottom of this.

Or so she thought........

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