Alpha Caine

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Carter Maxwell is the daughter of the great Cassius Maxwell of the Scarlet Moon pack. That is until a rogue attacked and killed not only half of her pack, but also her mother and father. Ever since then, the remaining members of her pack treated Carter as if she was the reason their Alpha, Luna, and pack members died that day. For the past 10 years Carter has been held in the dungeons beneath the Scarlet Moon pack house, only allowed to come out when it was time to do her duties as the Omega. She was forced to cook, to clean, & to "take care" of the warriors. Just when Carter commits to ending her life, a chance encounter with her Mate changes everything. An alpha whose reputation is full of terror and ruthlessness is paired with an omega who is so broken that she hasn't uttered a word in 8 years. What happens when two opposite wolves try to fight the bond? What happens when a ruthless, heartless Alpha learns just what happened in that dungeon for the last 10 years? cover credit goes to I made some slight edits.

Romance / Fantasy
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