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Rose took just one look at Xander and was left speechless but even this drop dead gourgeous man with his perfect charm and sexy body could not mask the fact that he had no clue on how to raise his son with a fatherly love . Xander went looking for his son when his men lost him in school ,what he did not expect, was to find him in the arms of a blue eyed angel. He wanted her but she was determined to deny the chemistry between them .Good thing he fights hard for what he wants and he wanted Rose.

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Chapter 1 Rose

Start writing here…As Rose took her bag she could almost taste the ice cream waiting for her at home, alone again on a Friday night. Paul the head teacher walked into her class and blocked the door with an awkward but determined expression on his face.

"I have a student for you and before you say anything Rose I know your class is full but i really had no choice believe me besides, your the best."

Before she could say anything else she saw the child peeking at her from behind Paul's legs."Hey there what is your name little guy".

"Am Sam"

"Hey Sam why don't you come give me a hi five "

The boy came toward and gave her a high five and she could see a shy smile playing on his lips.As Paul left Rose started to immediately add him onto the class register.Sam sat quietly in before her with his stare out the window.He had a maturity about him as well as a deep sence of sadness in his eyes that was not supposed to be present in a child.Rose talked on and on about everything and nothing to get Sam to smileand ease up and the more she talked to him, the more he smiled and talked back .He was the cutest child she had ever seen.

All the students had already left and it took about half an hour until she was done showing him the playground and the washroom before it was time for Sam to go back home .At the entrance of the school a big black car was waiting for Sam, a driver immediately opened the door for Sam to get in."The guy looked fucking scairy "maybe he was some kind of driver slash bodyguard, well that family is loaded" She thought.

Rose watched the car leave the school compound and went on her way home.She walked into her little apartment, took a long hot shower as far as first school day of the year was concerned, it went really well.She took her vanilla and proceeded to watch her show.

"God damn it!!".Rose shouted as she ran to the bus station.Her alarm had not gone off in the morning because the battery was bust.When she finally took a seat on the bus, she noticed a girl pitifully looking at her .Rose looked down at herself and snickered, she could not even blame the girl she did look like a sad woman .Thankfully she got in school just in time.Day after day she taught and the children got better and better at reading and writing.They made friends and played together. But Sam always stayed behind and talked to her.When Rose would ask him to go out and play he woyld always give the same answer, "But I like staying with you miss Rose more than i like playing with them" and it always warmed her heart .Teachers were encouraged to never have favourites but she could not help herself and Sam knew it. He got away with alot of things he was of course was more bold than the others when it came to joking with her.

Then came Friday and as Rose looked at the children in her class she found herself smiling.She told them all to draw a picture of their familys and submitt it to them before going out for her lessonthat day.when the bell went off all the kids submityed their work and ran to get home for her class was the last .She found herself alone with Sam as usuall the driver never came on time.As she was going through beautiful family drawings of the children she got to Sam's work and her heart broke.In his book sam had drawn a man holding his hand but looked to be talking over the phone with a frown on his face while on Sam's right side stood a woman facing the other way away from him but still had Sam's hand in hers.If Rose had not been so shocked she would have appreciated his drawing skills.

Rose went over to Sam's desk and placed his book in front of him.When he looked up at her after observing his drawing She asked him

"Hey Sam why did you draw your family picture like this honey"

"What's wrong with it miss Rose?.That is my family".

"Are Daddy and mommy's faces always like this?"

"Yes.Dad is always working and mom does not love me and does not stay with us .Its like am not even there"

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