My Bestfriend Is My Lover

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Chapter 15: Addicted

I guess my facial expression and tone said enough that Robynn was speechless, so she just asked for 2 Tequila shots and left me alone. Finishing out my shift, Robynn tries again for the second time, but before I could respond, she hurriedly starts speaking, “Look Liyah, I know I’m the last person you want to speak to right now, but just hear me out.”

With the left side of my lips turned up, I say “Go ahead I’m listening.”

Robynn nods and replies, “The way my mother and I handled the situation wasn’t the best way by any means. We both hate ourselves for it and worry about you and the kids daily. We were just trying to suggest ways for you to get on your own feet faster and we most definitely screwed that up. I’m not asking you to forgive me right now, but what I am asking is that you allow me to work on our friendship and strive to be better than what we were before. Could we start by you allowing me to take you out for your birthday in a couple weeks?”

Something smelled of bullshit and ​wasn’t sitting right with me, but I wanted my friend back so I chalked up to me overreacting because it’s been a minute since the last time we actually talked. So of course I said, “Sure, I guess so, but you know you missed out on Katie’s birth.”

“Yea I know and I’m a total bitch for not reaching out to you then. I should’ve come to you sooner, but Katie’s birth was actually the main reason why I wanted to fix things. We are missing out on our children’s lives and that’s not fair to them.” Robynn stated. She was definitely right in that aspect, but I would later on regret accepting this so-called “truce”!

Working and caring for children on a daily basis didn’t leave much time in a day. So the next couple of weeks flew by like the breeze. My birthday was quickly approaching, Robynn and Christina were keeping in touch on a regular with the plans that were being made. Meanwhile, I was just freaking excited about actually celebrating my birthday and feeling like I was about to have some frfr (for real for real) grown folks fun (lol). As a mother, I never really spent a lot of time hanging in the streets and kicking it. Truth be told, my children were most likely with me, so if you saw me, you saw them. I never actually been inside a real club, so it was proving to be an interesting night.

Night of my birthday, BA...BY, when I tell you, yo’ girl was looking good, hunny, ya’ girl was looking good!!! Fortunately, Robynn was a stylist, she did hair and make up, so she really had a sista’ looking badass. My up-do was probably my favorite of it all, I loved how she accentuated my facial features with subtle hints of golds, browns and highlights. I have flawless dark caramel skin, so I really don’t need makeup, but I’m a girl so sue me. I had on this cute little black number that fit my full breasts and hips to perfection, it was short sleeved and short as hell, adorned by gold earrings and bangles.

Christina came and picked me up because Robynn was still getting ready. I live quite a ways from Robynn so it worked out fine since the club was closer to her house. As I’m getting in the car, Christina’s like, “Damn boo you look good!” and I say thank you.

“So! Robynn is still getting ready, as usual, so we’re gonna make a couple stops, like the liquor store and the beauty supply to pick up a couple items. By that time, everyone should be ready.”

I damn near broke my neck whipping around to face her. I all but yelled, “What do you mean everyone?”

Christina responds with, “ didn’t tell you?” Still staring at her with a shocked expression, she continues, “Well the guys decided to come along too, so it’ll be a gang of us.

“Gang?” I asked.

“Yea, around 10 or so.”

“What in the actual hell Christine?” Now, I’m yelling!

“We knew you would back out if we told you, so we kept it to ourselves. Please don’t be mad Liyah, it’s still going to be a great night.”

“Alright man whatever,” is what I said while folding my arms, now pissed and nervous about how my night was really about to play out. I don’t really socialize with a lot of people and I don’t like new people.

Honestly, I don’t even know why I was tripping, I ended up having the best time. I don’t know if I had ever had that much fun before. The club was gorgeous, the DJ played all the current hits, even a few oldies but goodies, I stayed on my feet for most of the night. I do remember being a bit nervous seeming that kind of scene was pretty new to me. One of the guys, Steve I believe his name was, handed me an ecstasy pill, I told him I didn’t do drugs like that and I wasn’t much of a pill popper. He said it would loosen me up and offered to cut it in half, I bargained to take only a fourth (lol) he said deal and reassured me he’d watch my back. Steve reiterated that it was my birthday and I needed to go enjoy myself and he was right. So I took the little piece of pill he offered and was amazed at how fast it kicked in. I got a little comfortable to where I actually asked Steve for another quarter piece.

I was introduced to Long Island Iced Tea for the first time and OMG. All I could do was dance and dance and we all danced until they cut the lights on for last call. Hell even then we were dancing our way out the club. Thankfully Steve stayed by my side the whole night, it was nice having a bodyguard all to myself. We ended up at a 24hr Denny’s for food so we could eat some of the alcohol away. We talked about random things, cracked jokes and had a lot of good laughs. It was getting late so it was time for us to part ways. Christina and I rode with Robynn and her husband to their house. I just decided to stay the night and go home the next morning. Robynn had an extra couch down in her basement, it was a fully furnished finished basement so it was cool. We got to Robynn house and I instantly headed downstairs to pass out, mostly the after effects of coming down off a high and still buzzing from all the alcohol I drank. I’m literally kicking off shoes and letting down my hair as I’m laying down.

I must’ve gone out like a light quick because some time later I felt something heavy behind me. I looked back and Steve big ass had somehow squeezed his ass behind me on this little ass couch, we were definitely too close for my comfort. I instantly jump up which in turn wakes him up. “What’s the matter Liyah?” he asks.

“Um Steve, you don’t see this as a problem? Pointing between the two of us.

“Not really, I figured since we hung out all night together and I took care of you, we were way passed pleasantries. Especially with the way you were dancing on me. It insinuated to me that you wouldn’t mind letting me tap that.”

“Well you insinuated wrong and need to insinuate yo’ ass up them damn stairs!” I stated not too loud, but loud enough for him to understand I was serious.

“Fuck you then bitch!” he spits at me.

“Yea? Tell me something I don’t already know!” I spit back.

He snatched his jacket and hat off the arm of a chair and literally bumped my shoulder while walking passed me, hard enough that I damn near fell over. I didn’t say shit though, I just sat my ass down waiting for Robynn to wake up so I can go the fuck home. I was definitely dressed to be screwed, but as long as I bore Darnell’s last name, I stayed faithful until the very end, no matter how over that marriage I was!

That one night though, smdh, was all it took for me to become addicted to clubbing. How can you be addicted to clubbing you ask? Let me tell you, it was a great way to get away from a situation I didn’t care to be in. It made me forget my troubles, it made me feel good and the attention I got from men made me feel desirable and I loved it, I almost craved it. I became somewhat reckless, not where I could have caused harm to anyone, but I definitely was not being responsible. I clubbed literally every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for close to eight months straight. I became sort of a wild child, if there was a theme for that night...I...was there...for matter where the club was at! We even came across a few warehouse parties or in the basement of an abandoned house. There was always a friend or two ready to get it on any day of the week. I stayed drunk as hell, high as hell (just weed, don’t trip) and always wore the most revealing clothing. I remember one time, I bought this cute pink and black print lingerie cami to wear as a top to go clubbing in, which didn’t leave much to the imagination by the way. Come to think of it, this is where my “new opportunities” started going down hill.

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