My Bestfriend Is My Lover

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Chapter 7: Completely Baffled

After I get the children calm and speak with them about what just occurred, I get a phone call from the jail. The bailiff was on the phone telling me that Darnell is stating he, nor the police were able to locate his glasses before they left the scene. The officer also stated that Darnell is complaining that he can’t see. So, they were wondering, if I didn’t mind, would I be willing to bring them to the station. I said, “sure why not.” I searched the room, couldn’t find them, even asked the children if they came across his glasses. I had asked them just in case they found the glasses and purposely trashed them. I could not find these damn eyeglasses. I eventually found the glasses in a corner of the bedroom, under a night stand, while looking for something else. I grab my car keys, walk out the front door and make my way to the police station, which isn’t too far from the house. I turned in the glasses to the deputy at the front desk area, I also had to sign an affidavit stating that I dropped them off and then I made my way back home to my children.

I get home and start to prepare dinner for the children. I received a phone call from his mother which instantly pisses me off. Why? Because his family never helped with shit, but they were always the first to comment or the main ones talking crap about you behind your back! Every single time we needed help with something, my mother was the one who always helped and most times she only helped because it benefited her grandchildren in some shape, form or fashion. Even though most times it was because of Darnell’s lack of regular employment as to why we would fall short to begin with, his family never, not once, helped us out of a bind, well I’m lying, there was this one time, where his mom and dad did loan us $25 and they for damn sure made sure they got that money back, other than that, they never lifted a finger to help on his behalf. Now don’t get me wrong, they were never obligated to help, not by any means whatsoever. After all, Darnell was a whole grown ass man, he should’ve been trying to get his life together before playing house, with a single woman with multiple children and there’s also the fact, none of my children were her “biological grandchildren” so his family really had no particular interest in the matter in which way our home was functioning. I’m just pointing out the lack of support in any form throughout the duration.

Back to the phone call. Mrs. Bailey started rambling on about how Darnell gave her a call, collect, informed her of the situation and he is requesting that she starts looking into bail bondsman. She wanted to know if I could help her with a few names since they didn’t know anything, they were not from the area so it would be easier for me to help them with the search.. All I remember is being super freaking quiet and asking myself do she even care what he did or do she not know? Didn’t she just say her son told her what happened? If so, why on The Most High Green Earth would I help him in any manner? Confused, I ask her, “What exactly did Darnell tell you happened?” She gives me this crazy ass story about how basically I flipped out and he had to restrain me. It ended being more physical than it should’ve been, the neighbors heard all the yelling, called the cops and he was taken for a Domestic Violence charge. Are you fucking kidding me? (lmmao) For the second time today I am just completely baffled.

Then without pause, Mrs. Bailey goes on to say, “I already told Darnell that I wasn’t going to come and get him if he’s going to come home, just to turn around and go right back to Michigan to be with you. I’m not about to play those types of games,” followed by, “I don’t know why you just didn’t call me if he was getting out of hand instead of getting the police involved.” What in the actual….? Please make it make sense lort. So make that the third time today (smh) I’m just completely baffled! Right then is when I probably should’ve told her what actually happened, but with the way the conversation was headed, it was obvious to me she wasn’t going to give a damn anyway. In my mind, it was very clear that we were not on the same page and there really wasn’t much else to be said. So I informed her that I would not be helping Darnell and he would not be returning to my home and I ended the conversation.

Some time later that night, I received another call. This time it was from Darnell calling from the jail. Now I probably should have ignored him, but I was very curious about what he had to say for himself. What excuses he had for being so angry that he had to put his hands on me once more. Soon as I said, “Hello,” he instantly started crying. Darnell was crying so hard, I could barely understand what he tried to say. He stated, “I’m so sorry baby, please forgive me, I’m so so sorry, I don’t know what got into me, I don’t know why I get so mad, I need help, please help me.” He also was letting me know that the actual charge was a FD (Felony D) Strangulation, his bond amount and his court date. Now if you remember, he told his mother it was just a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence, he lied so much there’s no telling what the actual truth was. I really wasn’t trying to hear him out so I quickly ended the call, but not before he said, “I love you,” and without a response I hung up. At that moment, I wasn’t sure which situation he was really upset about, him hurting me or the serious trouble he just got himself into.

I felt really bad about the whole day and I just wanted it to end. After speaking with Darnell and going over the course of the day, there were probably some alternative ways I could have handled differently to deescalate the situation. The next morning, I called the police station to drop the charges, but after speaking with the deputy, he stated that with the evidence the District Attorney had, the state had enough to pick the charges up. So they no longer needed me as a witness to get a conviction. It was no longer Me vs Him but it quickly turned into Darnell vs. The State.

A couple days later, Darnell’s mother was able to pay the ten percent that the bail bondsman needed to help bond Darnell out. Of course, she would ask me to ride to the courthouse with her because she didn’t know where it was located. So his mother and I were waiting outside for him to come out while the Bondsman posted his bail. The plan was to go back to my place so he could pack his belongings. Every load he took out of the house had come with some type of question or comment, like “Are you sure about this? Baby please let me stay? “It’ll never happen again, I put that on my boy’s lives” I stood my ground and made him leave.

Couple weeks goes by and I start to feel some type of normalcy, but then guess who I happen to run into at a neighborhood gas station? You guessed it, Darnell! Now to my understanding, Darnell went back home with his parents in Michigan, so understand how shocked I had been to see him there. I later came to find out that he actually had been in town that whole time, living with a mutual friend of ours. His initial thought was to stay at said friend’s house until court proceedings were over. That was until we just so happened to run into each other at the gas station. Long story short, I let him talk me into a dinner date later in the same evening. I fell for the love jones that was still there and let him come back home. (you should literally see my face right now)

A few days cruise by and I receive a call from Darnell’s lawyer. The lawyer reiterated to me what Darnell was being charged with and how long of a term the charge carried. The lawyer stated if I were to, let’s say, write a letter to the judge in Darnell defense, he could possibly get a lower charge and the sentence wouldn’t be so severe. I definitely wanted Darnell to be punished for what he did, but I didn’t want to see him with a felony following him for the rest of his life. If and when he decided to get his life together, he didn’t need that type of hindrance. I agreed and I wrote a lengthy letter to the judge, describing in detail the accounts that took place that day. I also informed the judge the parts we both played in the situation and how it could’ve been prevented. During his sentencing, the judge did take my letter into consideration and Darnell was charged with a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and received one year of probation including all fines and supervision fees along with one year of anger management classes and that’s how we eventually wrapped up that situation.

I guess the bigger part of me that allowed him to return home was due to being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I didn’t want to be the cause of yet another broken, fatherless home. I didn’t want to be responsible for another being taken away from their father because the parents were incapable of getting along. So at this, I was more determined to make this relationship work. And to answer your questions, yes, throughout all this drama, I find out that I’m pregnant.

Hey guys, my apologies for being a day or two late with this update, eye went camping and fishing over the weekend and had no reception. So to make up for it, eye will do my best to update two short stories in the saga chronicles! Peace, Love and Light!!!

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