The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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*Cover photo by MkaPhotgraphy* Emily is surrounded by the living dead, ever since she could remember vampires lived alongside human in "Harmony". But the supernatural have lived with them for centuries, it's just that the vampire were new additions to the collection. Emily is loner type who likes nothing but silence. She has lived at home alone since she was 15 with a Nanny that hardly checked up on her. Her life was just upside down since she was a baby. One day, this vampire teacher appears out of nowhere with this very intoxication personality, both bad and good. They will get pulled together by the bond of the Gods and Goddesses or also known as the mate bond. Will Emily surrender to her mate or will fate have something else in store? Come join them as they explore deeper and deeper into prophecy made just for them.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Beep! Beep! --- Beep! Beep!” My alarm clock bellowed into my delicate ears, I slammed my hand down on the noisy machine as I cursed under my breath. I ripped the cover off my heated body and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom mirror caught the eyes of this tired ugly creature which was me; my blue eyes stared at me cold and emotionless as my long blister brown hair looked like it had been dragged through a bush backwards. Once I finished glaring at myself, I stripped down out of my cosy shorts, tank top and bunny slippers and hopped in the shower feeling the fiery water run down my body, slowly, as it temporarily wiped all my anxiety and stress down the drain.

After my shower, I brushed my hair and teeth then dressed into a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, white tank top, a black baggy hoodie and a pair of high tops. If you haven’t figured out from the alarm clock and the absent sound of a loving parent shouting for me to get up, I lived alone with my chocolate lab called Dexter. I have no siblings and my mom and dad are always on business trips so It’s just me and Dexter, I was lonely when it first became a recurrence but after time I just got used to it. Anyways, I walked down stairs and plopped a piece of bread into the toaster and grabbed some orange juice from the fridge “Lets see if I have any messages?” I spoke as I took my phone off the charging pad and as normal my phone only had a few spam emails. I sighed as I put my phone in my back pocket beginning to feel the loneliness again “Bark!” Dexter nuzzled into my side affectionately, Dexter was my only friend but I wasn’t too bothered about it. People where we lived were two faced anyways.

I filled up Dexter’s bowls and looked up “Shit” I cursed “It’s 8:37 I need to leave!” as I slung my bag over my shoulder, ate my half burnt toast and grabbed my maths homework on the side. “Bye Dexter!”


Once I reached my school, The bell went and all the late students came rushing around me like scared cats seeing a dog for the first time; however, once I found out what my first lesson was I decided not to rush. My first class was history and I despised history along My old cow of a history teacher who also hated me with a passion, don’t ask why it’s a long story...

Slowly, I walked passed each classroom not giving a flying duck! About the glares I was given by the teachers. I would take my time if I wanted to, no harm in that. Right?

I turned a corner and I was pleasantly surprised not to hear Mrs Kansworth not screaming the hall, to be honest I thought she just had a sore throat that day. Once I reached her door something felt off. It was like something was telling me to go somewhere else. Like it was a bad idea to go in. I shrugged it off and pushed the door open. All eyes were on me. I looked at Mrs Kansworth’s desk but was shocked by her replacement. In her place was a very tall muscular man, he looked to be in his early twenties and he had dark copper, wavy hair. Our eyes met. I was in a trance “So what time do you call this miss...?” He paused himself and gave me a questioning look. “-Lakeman.” I finished, at that moment I could feel heat rise to my already rosey cheeks. “Sorry, Miss Lakeman, I will repeat myself. What time do you call this?” He questioned in a firm tone. I was left overwhelmed in the sight of this very attractive teacher leading me to actually check the time, this action of course made him laugh. His pearly white fangs stood out the most as he laughed lightly. ‘Not another leach...’ I stood frozen, unable to understand his words. All respect left me just like parents do every month. “Please may I just go to my seat.” I now understood that feeling at the door ‘I need to leave.’ I thought as I walked to the same boring desk by the window at the back without him his approval.

A laugh releases under his breath “Miss lakeman. I didn’t even say you could go back to your seat. Are you always this disobedient?” He smirked at me. I must have been more than the colour red at that point. “I-” I was lost for words, I had never thought of myself as disobedient, just a troubled child who didn’t always show up to class on time. “I’m not disobedient sir. I just don’t like you and I wasn’t really giving you a question. I was going to sit in this seat no matter what you said.” I was losing my filter, I didn’t want to be beaten again. “Detention lunch time for being late and after school for being too honest.” He ordered, everyone looked between us, waiting for my response. I was under so many eyes that I was beginning to really crack “But sir-” He cut me off with his hand. “I am your teacher so I am above you. Just shut up and do as I ask as your elder.”

I had enough of this bullshit “Just because your arrogant ass has become a teacher doesn’t mean you get to give me a stupid detention because I have hurt your fuck feelings. I have known quite some Vampires in my time but you are the only leech that has annoyed me in the space of 5 minutes. Grow up and get a grip because not everyone is going to like you.” Everything was silent. You could see the anger building up in him. A storm of rage clouded his eyes as he slowly stalked towards my desk, my confidence oozing out of me. I could feel my classmates eyes looking at me with disgust and sympathy. ‘What have I done?’ I whimper inside.

“Outside now.” He ordered but fear held me to my seat.

He took my fear as disobedience “Now!” He bellowed, my body subconsciously getting out of my seat and leaving the classroom. Human and vampire students alike were whispering around the classroom about whether I would be coming back DEAD OR ALIVE. Once outside I stood by the door for the whole lesson watching as teachers and students passed me with confused expressions, none of them daring to ask me why I was there.

The lesson ended and I was called back into the classroom. “You had no right to talk to me like you did nor did you have the right to question me” He scolded me as he closed the classroom door. “Sir you were abusing your power as a teacher.” I stated as a matter of fact. ‘why am I saying this he could kill me right now.’ His alluring eyes turned a sickening crimson red as his fangs elongated “I’m so fucking hungry.” He turned around to gather himself, I felt this feeling of guilt build up in me as I was preventing him from feeding. “I will leave and return at lunch for my detention. Why don’t you go and get something to eat.” It all sounded natural and normal leaving my mouth but I knew it wasn’t. He nodded as I was leaving the room, and suddenly I heard a crash in his classroom. I ran back towards the room and found the teacher on the floor more pale than usual for a vampire ‘When was the last time he fed?’ I panicked. “Sir? Are you okay?” I said, I tried to pick him off the ground but with no luck. “Sir you need to get up so we can take you to the nurse.” He mumbled a few words but I couldn’t understand him “I’m so sorry sir this is my fault. I made you use too much energy on our stupid arugment, even though I was right.” He grabbed my arm as he looked at me with his cerise red eyes ‘He won’t make it to the nurses office, he will rip some to shreds if I make him wait any longer.’ I knew what I had to do.

“I’m sorry sir. I know we have only known each other for about an hour or two but I need you to drink from me.” He shook his head. “I can’t. It’s not right.” he managed to spit out through the pain of his thirst. “Sir, you can barely stand and if we took you now you would rip someone open.” He shook his head again. ‘Alright you leave me with no choice. I am not being left with the guilt of killing a teacher.’ I grabbed the mug on the desk and smashed it. I picked up the sharpest bit and cut my wrist open, I held my wrist to his mouth letting blood drop on to his lips hoping it was to his taste. Agh! Be latched on...hard. I had never felt such pain, it was like a million bees sting me all at once and the feeling of my blood being sucked out made my skin crawl. As he drank my head went fuzzy and black spots started to appear. “Sir stop now before you kill me.” He wasn’t letting go, I began to panic. I pushed and pulled but it only made the pain worse as with each pull it would tear my skin like paper.

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