The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 10

“Emily!” Merrill and my father called as I ran deeper into the forest, I could feel the wind in my fur as the moon frowned down to me. The trees turned into one big blur as I darted between them like they were people, then I heard the sound of running water about god knows how far away. I wasn’t used to heightened senses so I didn’t know how far I could hear. I moved towards the sound and luckily it was close by, there stood a river in all its beauty. It flowed so far it looked like it went on forever and the waterfall that did its job very well, it looked so majestic doing the job it was given. I walked towards the river’s edge and stared at my reflection, I was a mixture of black, white and brown. My eyes were an azure blue and, ironically, they swirled with sadness and anger. “I really wasn’t ready for this.” I whispered sorrowfully, I hated pitying myself, it was just me submitting to my weaknesses. “I got you some clothes.” I jumped as Merrill’s hand showed my underwear, a pair of jeans, a baggy jumper and some high tops. I nodded gratefully and took the clothes in my mouth and hid behind a tree, “You need to imagine yourself shrinking back to your human form.” I did as she said and thankfully shifted back, I put the clothes on quickly and walked back to her. “You are a very intriguing young one. I have witnessed many magic forcing first time shifts and have seen many things happen but that was different.” I stayed silent, not letting her see me shame. She noticed this. She lifted my head to look into her brown orbs, “The Gods and Goddesses have not treated you well but it does not mean they do not love you child. They have put you through many trials to push you, to destroy you, to you build you. My darling, you were chosen by Selene the Goddesses of the moon and believe it or not she has been protecting you well.” I looked up at her confused as to why a powerful being like her would protect or chose a pathetic person as me.

“Why would she want to choose me? I am nothing to this world, just some weird werewolf girl who can’t control her emotions. Anyways I thought I had some protection spell that you put on me.” I spat angrily. My anger was just like the ocean, either I’m really calm and I have no anger or I’m furious and destroying what gets in my path, “Emily Pyrille Lakeman.” I glanced at her shock, no one but my parents knew my middle name. “I’m sorry, I needed your full attention. Selene does not make mistakes. You are stronger than you give yourself and to the necklace, the spell does not work till you are at least 15 years of age. Plus your parents forgot about it and placed in a safe place to wait till you were 15 but obviously plans changed and they began to see you less, putting more attention on the pack than you. In a nutshell, Selene has been protecting you all this time.” I looked up to the moon and smiled, ‘Thank you.’

“Do you hear anything? I mean up here.” She pointed to where her mind was and I shook my head slowly. “She hasn’t arrived yet.” I raised my eyebrow at her and was about to ask what she meant when she clicked her fingers. I was now facing the house’s front door, I looked around trying to figure what the hell just happened. “Are you seriously going to do that to me?!” I shouted towards the dark woods, I could definitely feel her laughing at me. “Emily?” I just sighed heavily as I ignored the voice and mumbled to myself about what just happened. “Emily, are you alright? You’ve been gone for hours.” I looked up to Mason and took in his worried expression, to say I laughed a little would have been a lie. “I’m fine.”

“Good.” We both stayed silent for a few minutes before he spoke again, “I wanted to apologise again but this time I want to show you I mean it. I genuinely hated being with that woman. She was nothing compared to you, you are everything and more compared to her. She isn’t you.” I looked at his eyes trying to find something that would give away some lie or something, but I found nothing. He was being sincere. “Plus.” His hands wrapped around my head as he pulled us much closer. I could feel heat rise to my cheeks and my heart skipping many beats, then, our lips collided. It was slow and passionate, I stood like a stone as I tried to regain my thoughts. My body began to give in as I followed his rhythm. My hands grabbed and pulled lightly on his hair which earned a little moan from him. It was like kissing a God. When he pulled away I whimpered as I yearned for that touch again. “She doesn’t kiss like you.” He said as we panted against each other’s lips, I had definitely forgiven him.

We walked back inside together hand in hand, like nothing had even happened but you could tell. Mason’s hair was everywhere and his eyes were a shade of lavender while my lips were swollen and red and my hair was a little wild, but people could have better mistaken it for my little run in the forest. My thoughts soon returned and my guilt set back in place, “I need to check on my mother.” I spoke weakly, Mason nodded understandably and left me alone as I walked to my parents bedroom .

I lost my way half way through and had to ask directions from a nearby maid, I walked slowly towards their door as I tried to make up an apology speech. “Hey Mother!- No. Hello Mother. - No.” Before I knew it I was face to face with my mother. “Oh! I wanted to talk with you..” I spoke as I tried to avoid her pity looks, ‘I don’t deserve her pity.’ I thought as she guided me into her bedroom. “I-” I bagan before she held up her hand, we sat in silence for a few seconds before she heavily sighed. “It’s not your fault.” I stood there with my mouth wide open as I tried to figure out where her common sense went. “But I threw you against a tree.” I protested.

“Yes you did that but you weren’t yourself Emily. Your eyes- Your eyes were not normal. It was like someone had painted your eyes with the darkest shade of black, you looked monstrous. And your strength is way over a normal wolf at your age or even at my age for that fact. I don’t know whether it’s because you are the wolf born or what but you are a lot more dangerous than any of us were thinking.” We were surrounded by silence again, swimming with different thoughts and questions. My hands left my chest and balled themselves into fists at my side, “Are you scared of me?” My mother looked deep into my eyes finding the right words to not upset me, she bowed her head and sighed again. She looked back up at me, eyes wide and fearful, “Yes.”

I stormed out of the room as my mother called out for me but I kept walking, pleading for me to come back and talk about it, then, I stopped. “My mother shouldn’t be scared of me.” People were now stepping out rooms and walking past us with curious eyes. “You didn’t let me finish. Yes I am scared of you BUT you are my child and I will help you get through this just like your father and I did with Harlow. You are our child and we are not going to abandon you again.” I had now turned around and we were facing each eye to eye. “We will always love you no matter what. Now come here and hug me.” I was in her arms instantly feeling her warmth radiate onto me, keeping me in a peaceful state. “Missed this. Physical affection.” My mother mumbled a little ‘I know’ before we let go of each other. She pulled my face into her hands as she spoke, “Now get some sleep, we are training in the morning.” I nodded as we hugged one last time and parted ways.

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