The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 11

“How are your pancakes?” My mother squeezed my shoulders gently as I gobbled down the pancakes, “They are like melted gold on my tongue.” I spoke with golden syrup dripping from my mouth. “I’m glad. Due to your shift, all your senses have heightened and changed to adapt to your new life. This can be the greatest thing in the world and your worst nightmare. For example, I am no longer allergic to peanuts but I hate the taste and texture of apples. My favorite kind of food. Luckily, you have the chance to enjoy your favourite meal.” A glint of sadness flashed in her eyes as she stared into the pan. “Sometimes you will wish you never shifted at all and live a nightmare.” She paused herself and flipped another pancake, “but as long as you push through it the Gods and Goddesses will repay you for your suffering.”

There the conversation ended and led us into a pleasant silence.

“Moooooorning Mother, Emily. How are you this morning?” Harlow yawned as he slumped in the stall beside me. “We are fine Brother. How about you? Rough night?” I smirked. Last night, all me and Mason could hear was constant moaning and banging from above us, I was really disturbed. “No, I went to bed just fine. Actually I went to bed rather early.” I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I bursted into fits of laughter as I called him a liar. “Why are you laughing?” My mother questioned, very confused by the situation as her son turned a deep shade of red. “Because apparently some ghost was having loud sex in his room last night.” I grinned as I could see smoke erupting from Harlow’s ears, my mother let out a little giggle as she tried to tell me off. “Pff - Emily that is not - Pfff - Funny.” I mumbled a little sorry as I calmed down and tried to catch my breath. “I am so going to kick your butt in training today.” Harlow grumbled as mother placed his pancakes in front of him.

The morning was really enjoyable as everyone just got to know each other including Father and Mason, they actually got on really well and shared a lot of interests in history. Not surprising. Harlow and Mason however still didn’t see eye to eye, there were a few disagreements here and there about sports or music etc. One big argument was about how we first met.

“So how did you meet my sister? I mean you are her teacher after all. Isn’t that illegal or something?” Harlow spoke with a deep growl at the back of his throat, trying to override Mason’s dominant aura. “Actually. No, by the laws of soul mates and her age it’s not that illegal as long as we don’t do anything sexual, for example kissing, we are all good. I will wait forever till she is ready.” My parents stared in awe at us with hands linked together. “Well then you have already broken the law then. I mean you did kiss yesterday as a ‘make up’ for having sex with another woman. Yeah you will definitely wait because you can just do it with other people, causing my little sister pain and suffering as you ‘wait’! But it’s okay because as long as you kiss your mate afterwards it’s alright.” Harlow snapped, Mason’s eyes now gone a plum colour. “How dare you accuse me of such a thing. I didn’t just make up for it through a kiss, I made up for it by letting myself be punished by the woman I deeply hurt.” Mason growled.

“Now boys, let’s just cool things down.” My Father commanded as he glared at the two angry men. I agreed along with my father and connected my hand with Mason’s forearm, grabbing his attention. His eyes flickered back to his deep blue eyes and he dropped his shoulders from the attack position, “We are here to celebrate the union of our families. Which reminds me, Mason when will your family be arriving?” My Mother questioned, I was left wide eyed and choking on my own spit ‘I didn’t expect to meet his family so soon.’

“Isn’t it a bit early to start meeting family just yet, I mean me and Mason haven’t really gotten the time to fully get to know each other or the bond.” I hesitated as Mason rubbed circles on my back trying to sooth my anxiety but it wasn’t working, I swear I was beginning to see stars. “Emily, once I met your mother, she met my parents the same day and nothing is worse than my mother so I think Mason’s parents will be much better.” They all laughed while I sat awkwardly and I bounced my knee anxiously, The stars were getting bigger. “To your question Opal, they are arriving this afternoon during Emily’s Practise. That way they can get settled in.” My parents nodded happily and called a few maids to get two rooms set up, I was rather glad about only two rooms. Mason’s hand stopped moving and rested just above my hip, suddenly his grip tightened and I think some realisation hit him. “Make that 3 rooms. My brother is coming and I don’t think he would like to share a room with my aunt.”

“Yes good idea.” We all laughed except Mason who only held a forced smile, I looked at him from the side and his eyes swirled with a mixture of colour. I quietly gasped when his eyes met mine, they were a plum like colour mixed with his cerise red, I was held in his invisible bear trap like a helpless fox. His grip tightened and his fingers pierced into my skin, a quiet yelp escaped my lips and my eyes locked together as the pain started to really hit me and his eyes burned into my sockets, “Mason stop.” I whimpered in a low voice. It took a few minutes for my words to truly sink in to him before he let go and muttered a quick apology, “Let’s go to the battlefield!” My father yelled, my family being unaware of what just happened. We nodded and began walking out of the house, “Emily I’m sorry about what just happened. I wasn’t myself.” He apologised, I told him it was alright and that we would talk about it tonight. He nodded but didn’t seem too happy about it, to be honest I didn’t want to think about it any longer.


Bam! “Ugh!”

Crack! “Why?!”

Splash! “Oof.”

I was being thrown around everywhere by Mason, I’m not allowed to challenge any of my family because of the possibility I might seriously hurt them or even kill them. But, by the way I fought it looked as if a baby could kick my ass next into week, “Don’t give up Emily! You almost got him that time.” Harlow bellowed across the field, I gave him a little snarl as I charged back into Mason once more. Crash! “This is pointless! I have like re-broken 1000 bones by now and I still haven’t got him.” I pouted as I layed on my back looking at the rolling clouds. Mason’s head appeared in view with a hand held outstretched towards me to which I gripped fiercely, “All you need to do is find a way to attack my weak points. Look for any flaws in my attacks and don’t just keep charging every time, it’s very predictable.” I nodded and got back into position.

I scanned Mason and his fighting position, his right knee was bent to further forward and his left arm was always the one to strike first, “Okay! Ready.”

We charged towards each other but this time instead running straight up to him I strife left and kicked the back of his right knee, and as he fell forward I turned and grabbed his left arm. I tugged it behind him and slammed him into the mud covering him from head to toe while his right arm was crushed by his own body weight plus me, “Yay! I did It!” I sang as I jumped off Mason, who held so much regret. A strange slow clapping filled the air, “Well then Brother. Who knew you could be beaten by a woman. And such a beautiful one at that.” The stranger whispered the last part ‘I don’t think he meant for me to hear that.’ I blushed. The man looked very close to Mason but a little younger and with light brown eyes instead of deep blue, he was about the same height as Mason. His hair was messy but neat all at the same time and his face was very attractive, he was also like a god. “What do you want Asher?” Mason snarled a little, the tension in the air was so thick and impenetrable it was difficult to breathe.

“Ouch! Not feeling that warm energy from last time.” The man, that I now know is Asher, dramatically gave a fake offended expression and held his hands to his heart. “You still hate me that much brother.” Asher smirked, Mason let go first and stormed off towards my parents. Asher sighed and rolled his eyes, “Excuse my brother. My name is Asher Hamilton.” He lightly picked up my hand and kissed my wrist, I felt little tingles spread across my hand as his lips lingered a little too long. He pulled away quickly and met my eyes with a shocked expression, “You smell incredible.”

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