The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 12

“Stay away from him.” Mason directed.

Once Asher said his weird complement, I think, Mason quickly snatched me away and kept me as far from his brother as he could, was he hiding something from me? Family quarrel perhaps? No it had to be something more. No matter, I told Mason he was being over protective for no reason. “Come on he just complimented me.” I laughed, “What is the harm in that?” If looks could kill, I would have been dust. He kept ranting at me about rules and regulations but I zoned out for most of it, “Emily.” Mason cupped my face as he bent down to my level, “I am doing this for your own good. For all we know Asher could be the Demon born, we can’t be too careful.” I thought about his words. ‘He was right. I shouldn’t get too cosy with Asher.’

“I know it’s terrible to think such things of your sibling but it’s like Merrill, said the demon can manipulate the wolf born’s mind and make them feel false things, do things for them, manipulate their dreams etc.” Again he was right and I hated to admit it. “Alright, I promise I will only talk to him until we can prove he is innocent or when you are around to keep your anxiety at bay.” Mason pulled me into a tight hug and kissed the top of my head in gratitude. “Thank you. I promise once we are 100% sure, we can negotiate some less slack rules around him.” He pulled away and walked to the bathroom for a ‘long soak’ he called it. I huffed as I threw myself on to our bed, turning the tv on in the process. I flipped it over to the kids channels and found Amazing world of Gumball playing a bunch of reruns on Cartoon Network, I sat and laughed at all the weird jokes and the random bits of political jokes here and there. ‘Hello Emily.’

I fucking leaped out of bed not caring if I broke something, “Who the fuck was that?” I searched high and low for any intruders but came up empty handed. ‘Don’t bother looking for me, I’m in your head.’ I gasped internally as a young woman stood before me, but I couldn’t touch her; it was like she was a hologram. “Who are you?” I whispered as I backed away slowly. She laughed softly as I went to grab Mason’s book on the bedside cabinet, ‘I am Iris the messenger of the Gods and Goddesses, and the Goddess of Rainbows.’ Mason’s book dived towards the oak flooring with a loud THUD! As I stood gobsmacked at the being standing before me, or so I thought was standing before me. “Why...why are you here?” I faltered, as I waited for her answer I took in all her beauty. She was a short looking being, about 4’3 I would have said, and her skin was a smooth mahogany tone with freckles spread evenly across her cheeks. She had waves and waves of curly red locks that reached to the bottom of her back and not to mention her alluring amber green that cast a spell of warmth and safety. She truly was a Goddess. ‘The Goddess Selene has sent me to be your guardian angel and to protect you. Plus, who doesn’t love a little challenge from time to time.’

“Oh.” Was all I could muster as I tried to process what in the world was going on, until it hit me. “You were the person Merrill was talking about!” I shouted, Iris ran to my side and cupped my mouth shut. ‘Shush child! Contain your excitement. The People of this household mustn’t know I am guiding you. This is the only part of your history that must never be told.’ I turned my head confused before we snapped our heads to the bathroom, Mason walked out in all his glory with just a towel struggling to hang on to his waist. I could feel blood rush to my cheeks as I went to look back at Iris, but she had vanished. “Where did she go?” I mumbled. Mason looked at me weirdly before he focused more on my red cheeks and plastered a devilish smirk. “You really must like what you see.” He claimed, I threw a pillow at him and quickly darted out of the room. “He must have heard me, right? I mean he is a Vampire after all.” I muttered, I looked at our door again before I made my way down the stairs. “Maybe not.”

‘That was a close one.’ Iris breathed as I walked down the stairs, unfazed by the voice in my head. “Can people see you?” I questioned, she shook her head around unsure how to answer me. ‘It’s complicated. I’ll explain once we find the Demon born.’ I nodded obediently as I made my way into the kitchen, there I found six people sitting at the table enjoying themselves. “Darling, finally!” My father called, “Come join us at the table and say hello.” I thought about it for a moment and decided it wouldn’t hurt. As I walked closer, I noticed a familiar set of light brown eyes staring at me from the side. “Good afternoon everyone. Sorry for being rude, I had to wash up before meeting you. I’m Emily.” I confessed as three new faces appeared along with Asher.

The first to come up to me was an old clone of Mason, he had gray hairs and his face was square, and defined unlike Asher’s. His eyes were also a deep blue but they held a little more light than Mason’s did, and his voice was much smoother, warmer even. He wore a dark grey suit with smart shoes to match. “It is very nice to meet you my dear, I am Lord Cadell Hamilton. I am the Fathers of my two dumbass sons.” We both shared a momentary laugh before he continued, “This is my beautiful wife, Angelus Hamilton, and her sister, Lavinia Mosley.” They were so gorgeous, if I stood by them for two long even my parents wouldn’t be able to love this face. They both looked very different to each other though. Angelus was a slim woman with kind brown eyes but she kept a straight face the whole interaction, she was like a stone statue. Her hair was not like her two sons, her hair was the colour of the sun, it was kept back in a nice neat ponytail letting only her bangs pop out neatly across her forehead like a curtain. Like her husband, she wore a dark grey but in a short flowy dress form and accented it with a brown belt across her waist. On the other hand, Lavinia was the total opposite! She was a curvy woman and her eyes were a green emerald colour that seemed filled with joy, she felt like a very warm person for a vampire. Even her outfit seemed warm; she wore a pair of mom jeans, tucked in she had a green baggy top, her shoes were white hightops converse and to top it her hair was put into a bun by a hair stick. To be honest, she resembled Asher more than his own mother. It was kinda weird but oh well.

“Hello it’s really nice to meet you Emily.” Angelus took hold of both my hands and gave them a light squeeze with a quick smile but her eyes switched, they held some emotion. Pity, I shook it off quickly. “You too.” I returned, I turned my gaze to Lavinia who tackled me into a bear hug. “Welcome to the family Emily, please call me Nia for short. If you ever need help dealing with my Nephew I will come running to kick his ass. Either of them.” She glared her way to Asher, he just stuck his tongue out. ‘Child.’ I laughed as I whispered a little thank you before she pulled away, but not before whispering something. “Seriously though, be careful. Not everyone can be trusted.” Now Lavi- Nia’s! Smile also held a different emotion, worry. I could feel my panic and curiosity start to mix, ‘Iris are you seeing this. Something isn’t right.’ She just looked at the two of them intensely. ‘We’ll have to look into it later, let’s not talk or ask questions about it right now.’ I mentally nodded and approached Asher warily.

“As you already know, I am Asher.” He held out his hands but I didn’t take it. “Hello.” I said coldly, ‘Why are you being like this?’ Iris queried. I just ignored her as everyone went back to their seats except Asher, he just stood beside me as our families talked to each other. “Emily, why don’t you go and take Asher for a tour of the house.” My mother coaxed, but it was more of a command than anything. I was about to protest, however, I felt this surge of electricity and I was talking, “Yes Mother.” I quickly covered my mouth as I subconsciously moved out of the kitchen with Asher in tow. ‘I’m sorry Emily, you need to get to know him first. You won’t be able to trust anyone unless you get to know them.’ She was right but I was more worried about what Mason had said to me, ‘But Mason said-’ She cut me off and told me to ignore him.

“Did he tell you to not talk to me or do you have something against me?” He asked as we wandered around the house aimlessly, I stayed silent trying not to break my promise with Mason. “So he did. Huh? Well are you always this much of a teacher’s pet, in this case the vampire teacher’s pet I guess?” I felt a rush of anger and embarrassment as I thought about his words, ‘ I am not a teacher’s pet let alone a vampire teacher’s pet!’ I fumed. “No. How can I trust that you aren’t the Demon born or one of their minions.” I snapped as we kept walking some random corridor, not sparing him a side glance. We didn’t speak after that, just some time to time side eyes, it was so awkward. “I don’t know how to prove my innocence but for what it’s worth I will find a way.” And like that he was gone, POOF! like a shadow in the night. I felt guilty just accusing of being the Demon Born so outright like that, “What if I have just ruined Asher and Mason’s relationship?” I shook my head in disbelief, “Maybe that’s what he wants. To make me feel guilty and make me blame myself for their relationship going down the drain.”

‘That doesn’t sound like Asher, he just said he would find a way to prove himself innocent. The Demon Born would not have to prove, they just have to mess your mind. Remember that Emily.’ I looked at the Manifested Goddess in front of me and nodded, “Why can’t you tell me who the Demon Born is!?” I whined, she laughed at me as we continued walking around. ‘I wish I could but they are hidden by a special spell like thing. It’s strange really because only three beings can see, they made this game. Each being gets to pick one child to be their successor. Only two children will win and live while the one loser will die a painful death.’ I stood shocked as she told this story, we were a game for the enjoyment of the divine beings. “So I’m just a game piece in a sickening game of life or death.” Iris’ eyes dropped slowly as guilt clouded her eyes, “Who are the Beings?”

Iris kept her eyes low and mouth shut, she avoided my eyes at all costs. “Tell me!” Iris flinched at my demand, ‘The Goddess Selene, primordial dark God of night and darkness Erebus, Aite Goddess of mischief.’ I was enraged by the names, especially Selene. “I was told she was protecting me not using me. That Bitch!” Iris’ eyes shot up as I cursed Selene through the halls. ‘Stop before she hears you.’ I scowled at Iris not caring for the consequence I had just wished upon myself. “I don’t care Iris! I am not a toy neither is the rest of humanity.” Then something snapped inside me, it was like a switch. “If they want a fucking game. I will give them one of the most exciting games they have ever experienced. You hear me Selene, Ebreus and Aite! You sons of bitches.”

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