The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 13

*Reader’s Warning! There is a little bit of graphic threatening that could make people feel uncomfortable. Take care. You have been warned.*

I stormed back off to the kitchen with the plan all laid out, I was not going to sit around and be played by the supposed divine beings that created us. ‘Emily, I know you’re mad but please don’t do anything irrational.’ Iris begged as she struggled to keep up with me. “Hide yourself I’m going to the kitchen.” I spoke as I made my way into the kitchen. Everyone’s eyes were on me, especially Mason who decided to grace his presence to his family. “Hello again everyone! May I just steal Asher a moment.” They all looked at me weird but quickly nodded as Asher walked towards me, from the corner of my eye I could sense Mason’s glare burning holes into the back of my skull. Once we were out of the kitchen I spoke quietly, “I am so sorry for being so rude and outright accusing you of being the bad guy. You were right when you asked about Mason, he did tell me not to talk to you but I am here to make my own decision. I will not be controlled.” Asher let out a light chuckle and looked straight into my eyes.

“It’s okay. He has done this with every person he has been with. I guess this time he might have been worried that I was the Demon born.” He smiled and let out a long sigh, “I understand it to a point but to basically forbid someone is over the line.” He let go of my eyes and glared at the ground. I touched Asher’s lower arm grabbing the attention of his eyes, “I agree. Like I said I will not be controlled. I will make my own mistakes but I will also fix them.” A low growl caught both of our attention as a set of piercing plum eyes trapped us. “I told you not to talk to him.” He chided. Asher looked towards his brother with a violent glare, “Bro, she can talk to whoever she wants.” He defended as he shielded me, Mason’s Plum eyes grew dangerous and evil as he realised where I clung to. Right on Asher’s arm. I could feel Iris become restless and angry, urging me to turn. “He’s right!” I agreed, I could feel my body going against the acidic pain flowing through my veins.

Mason lunged forward to rip me away but I jerked away quickly, I could feel a growl threatening to escape. “Don’t touch me.” I ordered as I bared my teeth, I still clung onto Asher’s arm. “I will talk and touch who I want.” We glared at each other, trying to maintain our dominance. Mason lunged again this time successfully yanking me off Asher, a loud growl escaped my lips as I scratched his arm. “Let go of me!” I snarled. A little smirk played on his lips as he dragged me upstairs, I scratched and clawed at his body as we made it to the bedroom. The door was kicked open viciously as I was thrown to the floor, I could feel Iris forcing me to shift. “Fine.” Was all I said. Crack. Creek. Agh! Before I knew it I was in my wolf form growling at Mason while he stood their emotionless.

“Stop being pathetic. I told you not to talk to him, now face the consequences.” He scolded as he walked around me like he was circling his prey. “We are leaving first thing tomorrow morning.” He stated. I glared at him with disbelief, ‘The hell we are!’ Iris spat. “You don’t own me.” I responded, he studied me slowly almost like he was eyeing me up for a fight. Slowly and quietly, Mason came up to my face. “Oh Emily! I have owned you since you were born. You are mine.” His smile was disgusting and vile as he eyed me up again. “Just because we are mates doesn’t mean you own me neither vise versa!” I snarled again, his orbs still a dangerous plum colour as I scowled at him. He started stalking towards me, crumpling me up against a wall, “You wanna bet mutt, I will own you and as I do I will break every last bit of you,” He paused, my ears were now back and my heckles stood high. “When I’m done with you, you will be mine and mine only. My obedient little mutt. You will never ever leave me.” He breathed into my ear, sending unpleasant shivers down my spine.

‘Run.’ I pushed me forwards as I darted for the door, a loud growl erupted from behind me as I attempted to break the door down. Crash! I did it. Somehow I had enough force to break down the bedroom door. ‘Keep running!’ Iris demanded as we ran through the halls trying to find the front door. I could hear the faint footsteps of Mason following behind, “Help!” I called. A few maids popped their heads out but did nothing as I pleaded for help, it was like they were in a trance. “You have got to help me. He’s going to hurt me.” I panted, but they just kept looking behind me.

“Nice try love.” He laughed. I didn’t dare look back before I was back to my paws, but my wolf form had enough before I was shifting again. Somehow I had clothes back on when I shifted. ‘I can’t have you running naked can we.’ I mentally thanked Iris as we found the stairs. “Thank G-” I turned quickly, Mason’s deep blue eyes right in front of me as I fell slowly, a smirk filled his lips. That was the last thing I saw before everything went black and the last thing I hear is my piercing screams.

Opal’s P.O.V

“Ahh!” I instantly knew whose voice that was. I jumped to my feet and darted out of the room. “Emily.” Everyone followed after, though not as fast as I was moving. I was too late, there laid my daughter on the ground with a pool of blood protruding from under neither her. “Emily!” I cried as I scooped her up in my arms. I looked up to where she had fallen and the top of the stairs was Mason, he looked distraught. “What happened Mason?” I questioned, he quickly clicked out of his state and ran down the stairs. “We were having a little argument and she went off to take a quick walk. The next thing I know I hear her scream and she is on the bottom of the stairs.” He sniffed. After about 20 minutes, Emily was taken to the pack hospital.

We all waited in the waiting room, including Mason’s family, as Emily was having surgery on her skull. Five hours later, Emily was moved to a secluded room with guards surrounding the room. It was mandatory for a leader or their children to have full protection when they are severely injured. Then, a doctor left her room. “Family and friends of Emily Lakeman?” She asked, we all nodded. “You may see her now. She is awake and responsive but she must not be put under any stress. She is upstairs in room 346.” We were all about to go up but then Mark and I were pulled away. “Alpha and Luna. I have some concerns. When we treated Emily, the trauma was not like a simple fall down the stairs. She had no signs of normal bruising on her body for a typical fall down the stairs patient, the fractured right elbow, head trauma and deep scratches on her left leg lead to show she was attacked. I want to begin an investigation. I don’t think this was an accident.” The doctor spoke in a low tone as Mark and I looked to each other in concern.

Emily’s P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes, bright lights and blue walls blinded me as I tried to adjust. “Hello Emily, I’m doctor Everly. I’m just going to test your responses then we shall get your family and friends in here.” She was nice and smiley, it was nice to wake up too. Once my sense came, a painful thudding sensation filed out of the back of my head. “I will just go and get you some painkillers, THEN, I will let your family and friends in.” We chuckled together before she left. “Getting cosy with the doctor I see.” I jumped in my bed as a familiar set of deep blue eyes glared at me from one of the grey seats. “You better start running Mason. I’m going to tell everyone what you did. When I do, I don’t want to see you again. I will reject you as a mate.” I snapped, but he smiled. He sat up slowly and made his way to my bed, he quickly wrapped his hands around my throat and laughed. “Oh my love, haven’t you figured it out yet?” I looked at him confused as I clawed at his hand and struggled to breathe, this time drawing blood. “I’m not your pathetic mate. I’m the demon you’ve been warned about and I’m not going anywhere. If you tell anyone,” He paused as his eyes turned a lavender shade. “I will take great pleasure in killing everyone you love right in front of you, starting with your beloved Dexter. I think he would love it if I split him in half slowly, it would be like peeling a hairy wailing banana.” He smirked. I could feel my eyes brimming with tears as he let go of my throat and dragged his nails along one of my bare legs, “Go on scream. I could enjoy a good feast.” He smirked again. Then he was gone. “Emily, I have some painkill-. Omg! What happened to your leg!?” I couldn’t muster any words for a moment, too scared to let out a word. ‘Tell her! He can’t take them all.’ Iris tried to convince me but I wasn’t so sure, I didn’t want to get ANYbody hurt. “A cloaked person came in here and-d attacked me.” I lied, I could feel Iris getting annoyed but at the same time she must have agreed or she would have taken control.

“Stay here. I will go get the stitches.”


About two hours later I was joined with my parents, Harlow, Mason and Mason’s family. We all talked peacefully but everytime Mason would talk to me I would struggle to find my words and would feel myself struggling to not to tell the truth. “What’s wrong with your leg?” Harlow asked, knowing that wasn’t on my leg when I fell. “I was attacked while the nurse went to go get me painkillers.” The whole room went silent, it was rather uncomfortable but my parents made it worse. “Do you think it was the same person that pushed you down the stairs?” My mother mumbled, we all looked in her direction. Me and Mason stared wide eyed, both most likely thinking the same thing. ‘Does she know?’ Iris sounded worried as we sat unsure. ‘I hope not.’

“The nurse came to us before we came in and said she wants to begin an investigation but we said no, thinking this was all just an accident but we were wrong. Mark, can you find that nurse?” My father nodded quickly and sped out of the room. “Mason.” My mother turned to him and gave him trustful eyes. “I want you by my daughter’s side 24/7. You are her mate, I need you to be more than that now. Be her guardian.” I cringed mentally as my mother trusted the devil. “Don’t worry Opal. I will protect her with all my life. She will forever be MINE to protect.” Emphasising the ‘mine’ more than anything. Everyone was fooled by this Mason except Asher, something about Asher’s eyes and stiff body language meant something. Did he not believe him?

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