The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 14

I was at the hospital way past my birthday and a few days after that, and to my dismay Mason was at the hospital everyday to ‘keep me safe’, but more like to prevent me from squealing. Every two days my parents would grace me with their presence and tell me about how the pack wished me a happy birthday or to bring the odd present. The whole time I spent in the hospital, I tried to plan an escape. An escape away from him, but I couldn’t find any way that wouldn’t get someone hurt unless I somehow killed him or got everyone I love far away from him as possible. “Were leaving today my little mutt.” Mason hummed as he enjoyed his blood bag, ‘At least he wasn’t drinking from you.’ Iris shuddered. Mason caught me staring and smirked a little, “You know Demon, I’m getting fed up of that smirk of yours. Want me to cut it off?” I spat, he continued smirking with his lavender eyes. I sighed and rolled my eyes, wrong move. He was on me in an instant with my arms above my head, “If you want me to punish you so bad, keep rolling your damn eyes mutt.” He threatened with his eyes focused on my jugular vein,I kept quiet as we stayed in this position for a few more seconds before he got off me. Don’t show fear was my only tactic.

A male nurse came into the room with a clip board of paperwork, “Emily Lakeman you have been discharged from our care and may go home now.” He smiled as he handed me some new clothing and a quick wink. I smiled happily as I blushed, “Thank you, have a good day sir.” I spoke before he left. I could sense Mason’s anger and jealousy radiate from him, “What was that? Did I say you could talk to him?” He questioned but it was more like a rhetorical question. “You’re not my mate nor the boss of me. The only thing you have in your hand is the people I love, not my heart. You had that and broke it.” I reminded him, I swear I could hear him say ‘we’ll see.’ but I just shook it off. I took my sweet time changing in the bathroom just to aggravate him a little, though I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision. “Hurry up.” He demanded, I just laughed loudly and went a little slower. “I’ll take as long as I damn well please.” Suddenly, I was uncontrollably picking up my pace and was dressed quicker than I wanted. “Dick.” Was all that I muttered before I opened the door and shoved passed him. I walked through the hospital with Mason not far behind and made it to the lift, ‘What if you ran away at the hospital doors?’ Iris asked but I shrugged it off. ‘It’s how I ended up in the hospital in the first place.’ I reminded her, her mouth made an ‘o’ shape and nodded quickly. Once the lift doors opened, Mason intertwined our hands with his iron grip and squeezed my hand as a threat. “Emily! Mason! Over here.” A very energetic Nia bounced happily as we walked closer. “You healed quickly for a werewolf.” Nia lightly joked as she brought me into a hug.

We arrived home at around three in the afternoon and I was so tired, I went straight to bed not caring about anybody’s attempt to talk to me. Even Abby tried to talk to me. I flopped down onto my parents couch and quickly descended into a deep slumber, I don’t know how long I was out for but I woke up in my own bed next to a hard object. I poked at it for a few minutes before it giggled, I instantly realised what or who this was. “Get out of my bed.” I demanded as I turned on the lamp beside me. “Can’t I sleep with my mate?” He mocked as he pretended to be upset. ‘Push him off.’ Iris spoke as she rubbed her hands evilly, I put my feet on his hip and used my wolf side to shove him off the bed. With a loud THUMP and an oof! He was on the floor. “We are not mates, Demon. Remember that.” I grunted, I threw a pillow and a blanket from the bed on to the floor. I flopped back onto the bed and pulled the quilt over me, humming happily. “You know you are colder than me, and I’m a demon.” He insulted, I turned around to face him and huffed.

“I wouldn’t have to be cold if you had just been civil. Maybe, just maybe, I would feel bad enough and let you back up if you hadn’t threatened me or the people I love.” With that I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but he had to open his mouth. “If you just listened to me in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to put you in hospital or threaten you to keep you quiet.” He nagged, I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. “What did I tell you? I will let you off because you are tired and weak but I’m telling you, do-” I rolled my eyes again. He was instantly on top of me with his bright lemon eyes and my arms pinned tightly to the pillows, “You just don’t listen do you. I’m much stronger than you and your family, don’t make me punish you. I don’t want to damage what is mine too much.” He lightly caressed my face with one of his hands, I kept trying to wiggle out of his grasp but to no effect. “Stop touching me asshole, I’m not yours!” I cringed.

“Brother you better listen to her.” Asher somehow got into the room so quietly, I was glad. “Damn it.” Mason cursed as he got off me, I smiled with a grateful sigh. “Asher, what are you doing in our private quarters?” He snapped as he sat facing Asher, I could see Mason’s back muscles tense and move. Off the record, I had to admit he was annoyingly attractive and it sucked. “To make sure Emily is safe.” I could feel the air get thick with the tension in the room. “Don’t worry Asher. My mate is perfectly safe with me.” Mason scowled, bored of this I got up and walked towards the door. “Where are you going?” Mason snapped, I gave him a quick glance before I continued walking. Just as I was mid way out the door, I stopped. “You coming?” Mason quickly stumbled to his feet, putting a shirt on in the process. “Asher it’s lovely that you care for me.” He stood there dumbfounded as we walked down the hall. I could see him from the corner of my eye walk the other way quite annoyed and flustered, “Only if he knew.” I whispered.

“He will never know.” Mason snarled, I glared at him as we walked towards the back garden. “You know at one point you actually convinced me he was the demon, look who was wrong.” I laughed ironically, “Oh how wrong I was.” I could feel Mason stop behind me and look up towards the full moon. “Just to get the record straight, I didn’t ask to be the demon born.” He shot. I stopped and looked back at him, ‘I mean he’s got a point, for once this bastard has a point.’ Iris quickly spoke as she took control. “Then why play the part?” She asked with a slight sympathetic tone, but only slight. “Because I love to control people, especially you.” He dropped his head and caught my eyes as he walked towards me, Iris quickly cowered back giving me full control again. “You know Emily, if you were mine we could rule the world. We could start anew, get rid of the weak. Build a stronger world.” He trapped me against a stone wall with his arms acting as the cage bars, “You could be the Queen and rule beside me as an equal.”

Our faces were just inches apart, “But that would never happen, I will always fight against you. Never to be equal.” He looked me up and down again before pushing himself off, walking further into the garden. “And what isn’t to say I won’t kill you.” He stopped again, I could see him look back to the moon. Staring Selene right in the face. “Because deep down inside there will always be a part of you that cares for me, no matter what.” I was speechless, I did not want to believe him but it was possible he was right. “Besides, if anyone is going to die it’s your mate. They will not take what’s MINE.” A low growl left his throat as he said ‘MINE’.

I quickly walked back towards the bedroom, unable to hide the blush on my cheeks. “This is not good, he’s messing with my mind. He just threatened to kill my mate but I care more about how he said ‘mine’. We need to find my mate and quick.” I spluttered as I closed my eyes and went to sleep. After what felt like seconds, I was woken by the blinding sun barging into my room. I groaned loudly as I pulled the covers over my head. “Darling Good Morning!” My mother slammed the door against the wall and pulled the curtains open. “We didn’t get to celebrate your birthday properly soooo.” She plopped herself on my bed, “We are throwing a ball in your honour, loads of packs are attending and maybe we can find your mate.” I shot up out of bed and stared at her wided eyes. ‘No way!’ Iris and I looked at each other astonished. “M-m-mother, what are you on about? I have a mate.” I laughed but she didn’t laugh along.

“I’m not stupid Emily. I know a demon when I see one, and so does his family. Plus, mates physically can’t have sexual intercourse with anyone but their mate. Same species or not.” I was left speechless but also pale as fuck. I quickly got out of my bed and searched everywhere in the room, hoping Mason wasn’t nearby. When I was happy he wasn’t I clutched onto my mother’s hands tightly and grabbed her attention. “Do you realise what you have so recklessly done?! Mother you can not tell anyone, you have now just endangered everyone I love and this is including you.” Her face did not drop, that was scaring me the most.

“Don’t worry Emily, I sent him, his family and our family out on a day trip. I knew you would need rest anyways so I took this as an opportunity to tell you the truth.” I felt my shoulders loosen and my fear settle. “Okay then, that’s good.” We sat in silence enjoying each other’s company. “But my mate is a vampire, not a wolf. Plus they are related to the demon somehow.” I stated, like before, my mother was not scared. “Did I say were-wolf packs? I don’t actually know what they call a group of vampires.” She laughed, but I was still scared. “What if Mason suspects something?” I wasn’t sure she was thinking this 100% through.

“Look if it goes wrong, we have all our forces on standby for any surprises that happen. We will just use this ball as an excuse to be the first large high ranking clan to fully accept vampires into our society.” My mother just shrugged her shoulders before she plucked herself off my bed. “The ball is tonight if I haven’t told you, there is a dress already picked out in your wardrobe.” Then she was gone like the flash. I threw myself back onto the bed and covered my face into the pillow. “What are we going to do if Mason gets a hold of my mate?” I huffed loudly as I felt the bed dip. ‘I have no clue. We are literally playing cat and mouse.’ Iris said as she lifted the pillow from my face, I loved it when she manifested. It made me feel less lonely. “I guess we’ll have to hope we can protect them for as long as we can.”

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