The Vampire Teacher's Pet

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Chapter 15

The ball came fast and before I knew it, I was in a ruby red dress. It left my shoulders mostly uncovered and flowed down into a simple sweetheart neckline. It was a tight fit which accentuated my breasts, but it did so in an elegant manner. My arms were just covered to just below my elbows. The sleeves were a tight fit. The dress’ waist was narrow, but it was a loose fit. Below the waist the dress flowed outwards a little but just barely hit the floor. I was wearing open toes, which further adds elegance and class. I wore next to no makeup and the protection necklace Merrill gave to me. I had to admit it, I looked beautiful but I didn’t feel like me, more like a copy from a magazine. A loud knock echoed through the room along with my mother’s voice, “I’m coming in.” She walked in looking like an angel! She had an ocean blue ball gown that hugged all of her amazing curves, her hair was curled and left to rest on her shoulders. Unlike mine which was in a tight but messy bun. She did have make up on but it wasn’t excessive, just right. “You look amazing mother.” I complimented, she smiled as she twirled around. “But look at you Emily. You look stunning. Oh! My little girl is all grown up.” I could see some tears welling up in her eyes, I pulled her into a tight hug as she pulled herself together. “Are you ready to do this? I mean the one could be down there right now!” She chortelled, I quickly hushed her and reminded her of what I said. “Let’s get going. Everyone is waiting down stairs.” I nodded happily as we made our way out of my room.

We walked down the stairs and all eyes were on us, Mason’s eyes flickered to a lavender shade before setting on his original deep blue. “My love.” He held out his hand as I plastered a loving smile on my face as he escorted me to the ballroom. “You are to stay by me or in eyesight, I can’t have you running off now.” He laughed as he planted a kiss on my cheek, I inwardly cringed. Blaring classical music funneled off a large wooden door with guards in the front of it, “Welcome Alpha Mark and Luna Opal.” The guards bowed as they opened the door, a large crowd of people stopped as My family and Mason’s family appeared. My father stepped forward and passed a microphone, “Good evening everyone! Welcome to the unification of our two species and my only daughter’s coming of age party. Enjoy!” Everyone roared in happiness and went back to partying.

We all walked down the steps as one big group, not two, it was actually a big step for both of our kinds and very unheard of but it made this party more friendly. “May I have a dance?” Mason’s pulled me on the dance floor without even waiting for my answer. “I was going to say no but I guess I have no choice.” I rolled my eyes, annoyed but also knowing were in a public place. “Now now my love. Wouldn’t want to ruin this unification party, now would we?” He smirked, I looked at him with a hidden disgrace. “You are literally the only person I don’t like. I got no problem with anyone else in this room.” I snapped. He stayed silent for the rest of the dance, I took this as a win and I smiled. The song died down and everyone stopped dancing, I quickly let go of Mason. We looked into each other and joined the partners bowing before the next song began, “I’m gonna go. Thanks for the unpleasant dance.” I nodded as the banquet called my name.

I picked up like six little cakes and some finger sandwiches, looking greedy as fuck, I walked towards an empty table and sat down. I watched and ate as people swirled around the room with such grace and beauty, even if you tried you couldn’t figure out who was a vampire or were-wolf. Well, that would be a lie. A lot of the vampires did have glasses of blood but that could have been easily mistaken for red wine or something, if you weren’t focusing too much. “May I join you?” A deep, posh voice spoke, I looked up as I stuffed my face with a cake. I instantly choked as I met his ivory orbs, “Of course, Your highness!” I spluttered. He laughed lightly, pulling the chair next me. “Call me Hayden. My Dad is the King not me.” I nodded unsure as we sat awkwardly. “I heard of you and my cousin.” I looked at him confused. ‘Iris what does he mean?’ She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, just as unsure as me. “I don’t think I know any of your cousins. You must have me mistaken for someone else.” He shook his head, seeming very sure he was right. “You are Emily Lakeman, right? Mated to Mason Hamilton, my cousin.” I was gobsmacked.

“That arse is related to you!?” I exclaimed, a few eyes laid on us. I felt my cheeks glow a ruby red as I dropped my eyes embarrassed. “I wouldn’t go as far as call him an arse but yes. His mother is my father’s sister.” He laughed again. I just stared at him, admiriering his every move. I was brought back to my senses when he tapped on my shoulder leaving a tingly sensation on my bare skin, “Oh sorry. Yeah I’m his mate. Unfortunately.” I clarified but I whispered the last part, though I think he heard it. He looked a little annoyed but quickly shook it off, ‘Fuck! He must think I’m ungrateful.’ I groaned out loud and dropped my head onto the table. “I’m sorry you must think I’m ungrateful or something.” I mumbled from the tablecloth, I looked up for a brief moment and met his eyes. I deeply sighed and sat back up again, unsure on whether I should explain myself. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that I have a mate but Mason is...let’s just say…” I did a quick once over of the room before continuing, “One of a kind.” Hayden looked rather confused and still a little annoyed, whether that was at me or something else I don’t know.

“What do you mean?” He was puzzled, I tried to read the room to be 100% sure no one was listening. “He’s not the most loyal of mates and has caused me more trouble than anything, that is the safest way to put it.” My eyes went wide as I realised my mistake, ‘Safest way to put it! Well that doesn’t sound suspicious!’ Iris quipped. “What do you mean ‘safest way’? Are you okay? He’s not hurting you, is he?” He fired question after question, I could feel myself getting flustered. I spotted Mason’s face very quickly, his face plastered with a certain emotion. Then, I saw his plum eyes. He was furious. “This was a mistake. I shouldn’t have said anything.” I swiftly stood up and tried to escape, but a large electric sensation cascaded through my arm. “Wait.” He commanded but I quickly muttered ‘Sorry Your majesty.’ and ripped his hand off me while I sprinted through the crowd. I could feel Mason stalking behind me as I made it to the door, I met his plum eyes at a distance before I disappeared through the door. “Iris help me shift!” She nodded happily. I could hear my beautiful dress rip into tiny pieces and my protection necklace break as my body transformed into my beastly form, I zig zagged through the corridors searching for the front door.

Outside the house were dotted wolves and soldiers talking amongst themselves, I ignored them completely as I made my way towards the pitch black forest. I could feel myself begin to feel free as the wind played with my mixed fur and the mud cling to my paws. I howled happily as I went further and further into the forest. ‘Were free...WERE FREE! We out ran him!’ Iris bellowed as she danced gleefully. “We may be free now but we still need to be vigilant.” I ran and ran till we were back in town again. I navigated around until I found my old house, the lights were all off and the house had no sign of human life since I left. “I left some things in the attic of the house, just in case I was to ever run away from the ‘babysitter.’ I updated it every christmas.” I spoke as I jumped over the back fence. Landing with a loud thump, I changed back into my naked human form. I shivered as the cold nibbled at my bare skin. Quickly, I found my hidden back door key and made it inside. The house felt so empty and lonely, even with Iris manifested next to me. We walked upstairs and found the attic hatch, and pulled the cord. Once the ladder was sorted I darted up to the back of the attic and grabbed a large suitcase. I dropped it down from the attic hatch and watched as it split open, scattering clothes everywhere. I dressed in a pair of jogging bottoms, a baggy hoodie and a pair of random sneakers. I went back up into the attic and found a random backpack, stuffing it with enough clothes to last me about a few months. In the side pocket of the suitcase, I had saved up about $2,000. “This should get us through until I can get a job.” I hummed as I stuffed it in the bottom of the bag.

‘You ready?’ Iris asked as she stared at me, I nodded slowly as I walked past her. “Let’s just go before I change my mind.” I demanded to which she nodded quickly. We jogged through the house and out the back door, I took one last look before I locked everything back up. I climbed back over the fence and began walking further into town. ‘Why are you not shifting?’ Iris questioned. I brought myself out of my thoughts and looked at her, “Because they will be able to spot me easier, plus I smell a lot more in wolf form.” She made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth as she walked beside me. ‘Where are we going to go? You have no phone or a place to stay. What is the plan here?’ She seemed a little annoyed or panicked. “Don’t worry Iris. There is a homeless shelter just at the edge of town. Then, in the morning I’m going to go to the nearest phone shop and get a phone, and number. It will be okay.” I reassured her as we continued walking. “Do your kind sleep? Maybe you should just go to sleep.” She nodded with a little sad smile as she disappeared. After about 15 minutes, I could hear faint snoring following me, I was confused for a few seconds before I knew it was Iris. It was like she was sleeping in my head.


The next morning, I woke up in the local homeless shelter on a bunk bed that I shared with an elderly woman. She was so nice to me, she even gave me some of her breakfast. She really reminded me of my mother. I didn’t want to spend too long at the Shelter after that, so I said my appreciation and left. I made my way into town and found a second hand phone shop, like a real ebay. “Good Morning! How may I help you?” The worker chirped. I looked at him hesitantly before coming up to the counter, ‘Who is this happy on a Thursday morning?’ Iris whined.

“Hello, what is your cheapest Phone and plan?” I asked as I kept my eye on the glass front. “I have just the phone for you!” He pulled out a little touch screen phone, it was perfect for something temporary. “That’s perfect. And your plans?” I questioned as I looked at the sim cards behind him.”Well the phone already has a pay as you go sims inside, but unless you want one of our perm-” I cut him off as I slammed $100 on the counter. “Perfect.” I slammed the phone into my bag and off I went. ‘You were being a little aggressive in that store.’ Iris put out, I just rolled my eyes and continued without word. I heard her sigh a little and go quiet. “Iris we just needed to go in and out, no fussing about. Anyways, it’s too late to apologise now.” I stated as I passed through the crowds of people. She sighed again and agreed I was right. ‘Where are we going now?’ She asked clueless, just like me. “To be honest, I don’t know yet. I need to go somewhere he won’t find me. But, I also need to get hold of my mother somehow.” I quietly groaned as I wanted to punch myself. “I knew I should have brought the tent and sleeping bag from the attic.” Iris looked at me confused and lightly laughed. ‘You can just go back. Duh!’ I physically slapped my face and realised how stupid divine beings can be. “Iris, how in the world do you expect I do that? Huh. He probably has that place watched by now just in case I go back there. I’m surprised I have even made it this far.” Iris dropped her head in shame at her stupidity, but then her eyes went wide. ‘How could I forget?!’ I felt myself get confused and slightly annoyed as Iris got more and more excited. ‘Go to the temple/shrine thing. There is a lady that can help you.’ I gave her an ‘are you sure?’ look. She nodded happily and began giving me directions.

We walked for a while but not too long either, we had walked up and down hill after hill not taking a single break. By the time I made it up the last hill I was a sweaty mess, I was so worried I smelt more than my beast form. ‘Here we are.’ Standing strong was the temple/shrine, it had ivy hugging it from all angles. ‘We don’t have time to just gawk at the structure, go behind it.’ Iris growled as she pushed onward but there was nothing behind it. “Seriously Iris! There’s nothing here but trees and rubble! You led me to nothing!” I scolded, I was hungry, tired, in pain. I did not need this right then. ‘Oi, you impatient child!’ With that she manifested in front of me and touched the air as if it was a wall. Her hand began to glow as she whispered, ‘Supresium Virenim.’ I was speechless. This little english cottage appeared like, well, magic! ‘Come on.’ Iris skipped into the garden.

The garden had many different types of flowers such as daisies, roses, lilies, tulips etc. It was filled to the brim with different habitats for many creatures, both mythical and non. I was left astonished as butterflies and fairies flew around me, and a little mouse even scuttled around my feet a few times. It was straight from a fairytale. “Hello my dear.” I looked towards the voice and found Merrill, I ran into her arms quicker than she could snap her fingers. “It was only a matter of time before you found out.”

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